List of Accepted Papers
The 2014 International Symposium on Ubiquitous Systems and Data Engineering (USDE 2014)
Serial Paper ID Title Authors
1 USDE-06 A wearable Internet of Things Mote with Bare Metal 6LoWPAN Protocol for Pervasive Healthcare Kevin I-Kai Wang, Ashwin Rajamohan, Shivank Dubey, Samuel Adrian Catapang, Zoran Salcic
2 USDE-08 Private Smart Space : Cost-effective ADLs(Activities of Daily Livings) Recognition based on Superset Transformation Xiao-hu Fan, Hao Huang, Chang-sheng Xie, Zhi-yang Tang, Jing Zeng
3 USDE-09 A Proactive Approach for Information Sharing Strategies in an Environment of Multiple Connected Ubiquitous Devices Remus Dobrican, Denis Zampunieris
4 USDE-10 ShadowVoD: Performance Evaluation as a Capability in Production P2P-CDN Hybrid VoD Networks Hanzi  Mao, Chen Tian, Jingdong Sun, Junhua Yan, Weimin Wu, Benxiong Huang
5 USDE-12 Estimate Dynamic Road Travel Time With Mer-Gesh Data Fusion Framework and Based on Uncertainty Feedback Xiao Zhang, Bowen Du, Yufeng Dou, Xuejin Wan
6 USDE-14 Mobiscan3D: A Low Cost Framework for Real Time Dense 3D Reconstruction on Mobile Devices Brojeshwar Bhowmick, Apurbaa Mallik, Arindam Saha
7 USDE-15 Computing Realistic Images for Audience Interaction in Projection-based Multi-view Display System Wei Gai, Lin Lu, Chenglei Yang, Shuo Feng, Tingting Cui, Xiangxu Meng