List of Accepted Papers
The 2014 International Symposium on UbiCom Frontiers - Innovative Research, Systems and Technologies
(UFirst 2014)
Serial Paper ID Title Authors
1 UFirst-1 Intelligent Human Fall Detection for Home Surveillance Hong Lu, Bohong Yang, Pengliang Qu, Rui Zhao, Xiangyang Xue
2 UFirst-4 Survey of Digital Image Watermarking Reza Aghababaeyan, Mohd Shahidan BIN ABDULLAH, Sepideh Khanbeiki, Mahmoud Khanbeiki, Sahar Khanbeiki, Bernadeth Tongli
3 UFirst-6 More Than Meets the Eye In Smart City Information Security: Exploring security issues far beyond privacy concerns Felipe Ferraz, Carlos Ferraz
4 UFirst-7 Smile Recognition Based on Deep Auto-Encoders  Shufen Liang, Xiangqun Liang
5 UFirst-8 Interactive Design and Simulation System for Deploying Wireless Sensor Networks based Centriod Multi-Touch Screen Jingru Wei, Lin Lu, Chenglei Yang, Xu Yin, Xiangxu Meng
6 UFirst-9 Case Study of Constructing Weather Monitoring System in Difficult Environment Masato Yamanouchi, Hideya Ochiai, Y K Reddy, Hiroshi Esaki, Hideki Sunahara
7 UFirst-10 Sensor based Vehicle Information System Kashif Qureshi, Abdul Hanan Abdullah, Raja Anwar, Ghufran Ullah
8 UFirst-14 Vision Based Mapping and Localization in Unknown Environment for Intelligent Mobile Robot Xiaoxin Qiu, Hong Lu, Wenqiang  Zhang, Qianzhong Fu
9 UFirst-17 Anti-copy of 2D Barcode using Multi-encryption Technique Suwilai Phumpho, Poomyos Payakkawan, AnurakJansri, Direk Tongaram, Prasart Sukkaset, Chanachai Punnua, Satree Areejit, Pitikhate Sooraksa
10 UFirst-18 Towards e-Healthcare Deployment in Nigeria: The Open Issues Sanjay Misra, Jumoke Soyemi, O. Nicholas
11 UFirst-19 A Novel Automated Software Test Technology with Cloud Technology ZHENYU LIU, WENJIE CHEN, LIZHI CAI
12 UFirst-21 RESTful Design and Implementation of Smart Appliances for Smart Home Sehoon Kim,  Sung-Hoon Kim,  Jin-Young Hong,  Seil Kim,  Jun-Hyoung Kim,  Jake Chun
13 UFirst-22 The Latent Appreciation Effect of Interactive Design in Internet Communication Ning Wang
14 UFirst-23 The Key Features and Applications of Newmedia Interaction Design Ning Wang
15 UFirst-24 Towards High-speed Intelligent Video Processing Using Storm Pengcheng Duan, Weishan Zhang
16 UFirst-25 iGreenhouse: A Case Study for Connecting Physical Devices into Mobile Social Networks Jiajin Zhang
17 UFirst-126 A SDKey-based Data Protection Solution for Android System Meihong Li, Lun Li, Dawei  Zhang, Ye Du
18 UFirst-127 A Secure and Efficient Electronic Service Book using Smart Cards Hippolyte Djonon Tsague