Visa Information

For the authors who are not sure if they need an Italian visa to attend the conference, please visit the webpage of Italy Embassy website at your country for more information. In case you DO need a visa invitation letter, please make the registration first. We only issue the invitation letter after you successfully complete the registration.
If you can not hear from us about your invitation letter within 3 days, please send your inquiry to this email address with conference name, paper ID and paper title.

For VISA information please visit the following link:

Travel Information

The best option for intercontinental travelers is to land at the International Airport of Rome "Leonardo da Vinci" and from there take an High Speed train ("Alta Velocità") to Salerno (2 hours).

If you land to Naples Airport, you can go to Naples train station, and from there take a train to Salerno, or any bus heading from the airport to Salerno.

The High Speed Train Schedule:

  1. Rome to Salerno and return
    • From Rome Airport ("Fiumicino Aeroporto") to Rome main Train Station ("Roma Termini"):
      Trenitalia train "Leonardo Express" leaves each 1/2 hour, from 6:38 to 23:38 (at each **:08 and **:38).
    • From Rome main Train Station ("Roma Termini") to Rome Airport ("Fiumicino Aeroporto"):
      "Leonardo Express" leaves each 1/2 hour, from 5:52 to 22:52 (at each **:22 and **:52).
    • Train service: TRENITALIA (pdf)
    • Train service: ITALO (pdf)

    From Salerno train station, take a bus towards Vietri sul Mare, the hotel "Looyds' Baia" is on the way (ask driver to stop there), Or take a local train from Salerno to Vietri sul Mare center village.
  2. Salerno to Vietri and return (pdf)
[PS: These timetables are valid only till December 10th. We will update the files when the new (winter) timetables will be provided]

For more current train schedule, please also visit their websites:

The Bus Schedule:

  • Alibus: Naples Airport to Naples Station (pdf)
  • Line 119: Naples Airport to Salerno (pdf)
  • Sitasud: Naples Airport to Salerno (pdf)
  • Sitasud: Salerno to Vietri, and from Naples to Vietri (pdf)New
  • LINE 4 from SALERNO STATION to VIETRI (The bus is directed towards POMPEI) New
    STAZIONE FS SALERNO: 6.45 7.20 7.40 8.05 8.50 9.20 9.40 9.45 10.25 11.05 11.55 12.10 12.40 13.25 13.50 14.10 14.30 14.55 15.40 16.25 16.40 17.10 17.55 18.05 18.40 19.20 20.05 20.50 21.30 22.10 23.05
    -- To Hotel SECUNDARY ENTRANCE (you'll have to take a lift that reaches the hotel): Metropolitan buses ("CSTP"), number: 6, 9, 2, 3, 14, 18, 19, 20. Get out at stop "via Ligea" and walk in direction North for 300 meters, till arriving at the secondary entrance, then take the lift and you arrive at Hotel Main Entrance.
    -- To Hotel MAIN ENTRANCE: Regional buses heading to POMPEI, number 4 and 9. Ask the driver the stop in front of the hotel.

More links about information and tickets on public transports:

Warning: Late landings to Rome

The last comfortable connection is:

Leonardo express 19:38 Fiumicino Aeroporto
20:10 Roma Termini
FRECCIAROSSA 9549 20:45 Roma Termini
22:44 Salerno

The second one is the last High speed train, from Rome to Salerno, for Trenitalia company.

The following routing from Trenitalia, arrives to Salerno at 2:00 in the night (it is not High speed).

If you miss the 19:38 train from Airport to Rome termini, then you might try to arrive to Rome termini with Bus. There are plenty of them, i.e.

Looking at the second high speed train company, ITALO,, the last high speed train from Rome to Salerno is:

ITALO 20:57 Roma Tiburtina
22:54 Salerno

But you have to arrive to Rome Tiburtina, and for this you need to use Trenitalia. The fast train from airport to Rome is "Leonardo Express", it leaves at each **:08 and **:38 till 23:08, and arrives to ROME TERMINI 1/2 hour later.

From there, you need to reach Rome Tiburtina, and you can do by metro (Line B to Rebibbia).

If you arrive at 20:00, then the only hope to catch the last high speed trains is to take a taxi (to Rome Termini for Trenitalia, to Rome Tiburtina for Italo), but please consider 20-30 km distance, it is unlikely you can manage.

The best way is to plan for, at least to cope with flight delays, sleeping in Rome, and to leave the day after early to get to Salerno.

Please go to for connections from Rome Airport ("Fiumicino Aeroporto") to Rome.

Arrived to Salerno, to reach the hotel you can, at worst, take a taxi. It is 4-5 km from the station to the hotel.

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