Accepted Paper List (in alphabetical order of Title)
The 2013 International Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Ubiquitous Systems (ITUS-2013)
Serial Paper ID Title Authors
1 ITUS2013-165 A Mobile Object-based Secret Key Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Pardeep Kumar, Pawani Porambage, Mika Ylianttila, Andrei Gurtov
2 ITUS2013-272 A Run Time Executable Task Model For Ambient Intelligent Environments Asma Gharsellaoui, Yacine Bellik, Christophe Jacquet
3 ITUS2013-274 An Energy-Efficient Context Management Framework for Ubiquitous Systems Vinicius Bezerra, Misael C. Junior, Olga Valeria, Constantino Neto, Liliam Leal, Marcus Lemos, Carlos Carvalho, Jose Bringel Filho
4 ITUS2013-132 Analysis of Threshold-Based Event Detection Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks by Fault Injection Karima Hein, Leander Hörmann, Reinhold Weiss
5 ITUS2013-150 Automatic Face Annotation System Used Pyramid Database Architecture for Online Social Networks Yu-Hsiang Jian, Ming-Kai Jiau, Shih-Chia Huang
6 ITUS2013-211 Monitoring Community Clouds: The Lightweight Network Management Protocol. Taariq Mullins, Antoine Bagula
7 ITUS2013-146 On the Impact of Fractal Organization on the Performance of Socio-technical Systems Vincenzo De Florio, Hong Sun, Jonas Buys, Chris Blondia
8 ITUS2013-255 Vehicle type recognition in WSN based on ITESP Algorithm Yan Wang, Jiliu Zhou