The 2011 International Workshop on Ubiquitous Services, Wireless Applications and Networking (USWAN 2011)
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1 USWAN2011-1 RWND based ARD-CMT SCTP for Wireless Transmission Lin-huang Chang, Po-hsun Huang Y Y Y
2 USWAN2011-2 Adaptive Packet Aggregation for Header Compression in Vehicular
Wireless Networks
Tsan-Pin Wang, Yu-Chun Chen Y Y Y
3 USWAN2011-3 Performance Analysis for Schemes Supporting SIP in the Nested Mobile Network  Ing-Chau Chang, Yang-Yu Chang Y Y Y
4 USWAN2011-4 A Single Mobile Anchor Localization Scheme for Wireless Sensor
Yu-Jhong Fu, Tsung-Han Lee, Lin-Huang Chang Y Y Y
5 USWAN2011-5 Gateway Discovery in VANET Cloud Yen-Wen Lin, Jie-Min Shen, Hao-Chun Weng Y Y Y
6 USWAN2011-6 Energy-Aware Gossip Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Tsung-Chuan Huang, Sheng-Chieh Chen, Lung Tang Y Y Y
7 USWAN2011-7 Design and Implementation of a DSRC Based Vehicular Warning and
Notification System
C. R. DOW, M. H. HO, Y. H. LEE, S. F. HWANG Y Y Y
8 USWAN2011-8 QoS Provisioning Single-channel Opportunistic Spectrum Access Strategy in Cognitive Radio Networks Hang-sheng zhao, Hang Zhang, Fan Wang Y Y Y
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