The 2011 International Workshop on Embedded Multi-Core Computing and Applications (EMCA 2011)
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1 EMCA2011-1 GPU Accelerated Microarray Data Analysis Using Random Matrix Theory Joey Ingram, Mengxia Zhu Y Y Y
2 EMCA2011-3  Parallelizing TUNAMI-N1 using GPGPU Manoj Gaur, Harsh Gidra, Israrul Haque, Nitin Kumar, Vijay Laxmi, Sargurunathan M. Y Y Y
3 EMCA2011-5 Heterogeneous Multi-core SoC Implementation with System-Level Design Methodology  Jen-Chieh Yeh, Kung-Ming Ji, Shing-Wu Tung, Shau-Yin Tseng Y Y Y
4 EMCA2011-8 CUDA-FRESCO: Frequency-based RE-Sequencing tool based on CO-clustering segmentation by GPU Chun Yuan Lin, Sheng-Ta Li, Che-Lun Hung, Chuan Yi Tang Y Y Y
5 EMCA2011-9  Enable OpenCL Compiler with Open64 Infrastructures Yu-Te Lin, Shao-Chung Wang, Wen-Li Shih, Brian Kun-Yuan Hsieh, Jenq-Kuen Lee Y S Y
6 EMCA2011-159  Energy-efficient Visual Eyes System for Wildlife Chia-Pang Chen, Chi-Hung Lin, Ta-Wei Lai Lai, Cheng-Long Chuang, Hsiao-Wei Yuan, Chyi-Rong Chiou, Joe-Air Jiang Y Y Y
7 EMCA2011-123 Design of an energy consumption scheduler based on genetic algorithms in the smart grid Junghoon Lee withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
8 EMCA2011-124 Constraint-based charge scheduler design for electric vehicles Junghoon Lee withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
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