• Instructions
    Submitted papers may not have appeared in or be considered for another conference.
    Prepare your paper with free styles no more than 15 pages in PDF file (Adobe format).

Before you submit your paper. you must check it to make sure that it does not contain any non west fonts. Otherwise, it can not be displayed in our system, which will affect farther process of your paper directly (some tips for this check are attached at the end of this page).

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(Any problem in accessing and submitting your paper to the submission system, please send an email to

Tips: How to find non west fonts?
If your PDF file is made from Word (doc) file, you can check the corresponding DOC file to correct the font problem: Use the arrow key to control your cursor moving from head to end of the file. At the same time, notice the change of the font indicated by the toolbar of the Word. By this way, you can find all non west fonts.
In addition, you can use the function of word statistics to judge if there are any non west fonts in your paper.