Technical Program Highlights

  • 382 submissions to UIC-06 from 25 countries and regions

  • 208 submissions to ATC-06 from 18 countries and regions

  • 590 submissions in total from 28 countries and regions

  • 30% excellent papers have been accepted

  • 3 distinguished keynote speakers from US, Germany and China

  • 6 parallel sessions, 3 day technical program on cruise

Social Program Highlights

  • Sept. 2, Welcome Reception at Wuhan in the evening

  • Sept. 3, Visit Three Gorges Dam, the biggest water control project in the world

  • Sept. 4, Boat Excursion on Shennong Stream, an unique and memorable excursion up this Yangtze tributary
                   -- completing with trackers to pull the boat 

    • Pass along Xiling Gorge, Wuxia Gorge and Qutang Gorge

  • Sept. 5, Pass along Shibaozhai Temple, a beautiful red cliff side pagoda located on the Yangtze's right bank

  • Sept. 6, Farewell Banquet at Chongqing in the noon