International Workshop on Social Networks Mining and Analysis for Business Applications (SNMABA-09) 
Serial Paper-ID Title Authors E-mail Uploaded Registration Payment
1 SNMABA09-100 Ego-centric Network Sampling in Viral Marketing Applications Harry Ma, Steven Gustafson, Abha Moitra, David Bracewell Y Y Y
2 SNMABA09-102 Integration of User Expierences to Advancement of B2B-Software-On-Demand-Systems Eva-Maria Schwartz Y Y Y
3 SNMABA09-103 Application of new Apriori algorithm MDNC to Exchange Traded Fund Huang Chiung-Fen, Tsai Wen-Chih, Chen An-Pin Y Y Y
4 SNMABA09-104 Enhancing airline customer relationship management data by inferring ties between passengers Michael Farrugia, Aaron Quigley Y Y Y
5 SNMABA09-106 The Benefits of Synchronized Genuine Smiles in Face-to-Face Service Encounters Kyunghee Kim, Micah Eckhardt, Nandi Bugg, Rosalind W. Picard khkim@MIT.EDU Y Y Y
6 SNMABA09-107 Discovering User Interests by Support Vector Machine and Decision Tree on Document Classification Loc Nguyen Y Y Y
7 SNMABA09-108 Analyzing Multi-Source Social Data for Extracting and Mining Social Networks Hui-Ju Wu, I-Hsien Ting, Pei-Shan Chang Y Y Y
8 SNMABA09-109 A Study of Co-relational Personalities of the Social Network in Organization Wei-Lun Chang and Sian-Ting Lin Y Y Y
9 SNMABA09-110 Information Retrieval in Wikis using an Ontology Carlos Miguel Tobar, Alessandro Santos Germer, and Juan Manuel Adan-Coello Y Y Y
10 SNMABA09-111 The effect of Network Position and relationship quality on organizational performance- The case of ABW Family Ting-Lin Lee and Chih-Wei Lin Y Y Y
Total         10 10 10
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