Workshop on Social Computing in Education (WSCE09)
Serial Paper-ID Title Authors E-mail Uploaded Registration Payment
1 WSCE09-100 Sharing Application Sessions for Peer-to-Peer Learning Oscar Ardaiz, Luis Manuel Diaz de Cerio, Jose Andres del Campo, Ruben Mondejar Y Y Y
2 WSCE09-101 Web2.0 Tools to support the Instructional Method "Thinking actively in a Creative Environment" Oscar Ardaiz, Xabier Nicuesa Chacón, Oscar Brene Artazcoz, Maria Luisa Sanz de Acedo Lizarraga, and Maria Teresa Sanz de Acedo Baquedano Y Y Y
3 WSCE09-102 Approach for Name Ambiguity Problem Using A Multiple-Layer Clustering Wenrong Jiang, Jihong Yan, and Cuihong Wu Y Y Y
4 WSCE09-103 Let's Meet: Integrating Social and Learning Worlds Melody Siadaty, Dragan Gasevic, and Marek Hatala Y Y Y
5 WSCE09-104 A Decision Support System for Institutional Research Management in Higher Education: Data Mining to determine Research Focus, Intensity and Synergy Kobus Ehlers, Malan Joubert, Johann Kinghorn, Arnold Van Zyl Y Y Y
6 WSCE09-106 Online Presence in Adaptive Learning on the Social Semantic Web Jelena Jovanovic, Dragan Gasevic, Milan Stankovic, and Zoran Jeremic Y Y Y
7 WSCE09-107 Design of a platform of popular science education based on social computing Fang Wang and Qian Mo Y Y Y
8 WSCE09-108 Spurring Design Thinking  through educational weblogging Justus Bross, Ahmet Acar, Patrick Schilf, and Christoph Meinel Y Y Y
9 WSCE09-109 Designing to Attract Participation In A New Online Community For Women In Science & Engineering Zina Sahib and Julita Vassileva Y Y Y
10 WSCE09-110 SCI: Towards a Social Collaborative Integrated Development Environment Hani Bani-Salameh, Clinton Jeffery, and Jafar Al-Gharaibeh Y Y Y
11 WSCE09-111 An Empirical Study of Research Collaboration Using Social Network Analysis Yu-Ling Luo and Chia-Hao Hsu Y Y Y
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