Workshop on Security and Privacy in Online Social Networking (SPOSN09) 
Serial Paper-ID Title Authors E-mail Uploaded Registration Payment
1 SPOSN09-100 All Friends are NOT Created Equal: An Interaction Intensity based Approach to Privacy in Online Social Networks Lerone Banks, Shyhtsun Felix Wu Y Y Y
2 SPOSN09-101 Privacy in Online Social Networking at Workplace Yang Wang, Alfred Kobsa Y Y Y
3 SPOSN09-102 Towards Enabling Web 2.0 Content Sharing Beyond Walled Gardens San-Tsai Sun, Kirstie Hawkey,  Konstantin Beznosov Y Y Y
4 SPOSN09-103 Visible Flows: Contextual Integrity and the Design of Privacy Mechanisms on Social Network Sites Heather Richter Lipford, Gordon Hull, Celine Latulipe, Andrew Besmer, Jason Watson Y Y Y
5 SPOSN09-104 Examining the Shifting Nature of Privacy, Identities, and Impression Management with Web 2.0 Kirstie Hawkey Y Y Y
6 SPOSN09-106 Trust Inference in Complex Trust-oriented Social Networks Guanfeng Liu,  Yan Wang Y Y Y
7 SPOSN09-107 Security and Trust through Electronic Social Network-based Interactions Patrik Bichsel,  Samuel Muller,  Franz-Stefan Preiss,  Dieter Sommer,  Mario Verdicchio Y Y Y
8 SPOSN09-108 Witness-based Collusion and Trust-aware Societies Amirali Salehi-Abari,  Tony White Y Y Y
9 SPOSN09-109 Enabling Privacy As a Fundamental Construct for Social Networks E. Michael Maximilien, Tyrone Grandison, Tony Sun, Dwayne Richardson, Sherry Guo, Kun Liu Y Y Y
Total         9 9 9
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