Workshop on Social Mobile Web (SMW-09) 
Serial Paper-ID Title Authors E-mail Uploaded Registration Payment
1 SMW09-100 Automated Murmurs - the Social Mobile Tourist Application Jill Freyne, Adam Brennan, Barry Smyth, Daragh Byrne, Alan F. Smeaton, Gareth J.F. Jones Y Y Y
2 SMW09-101 The Circles of Latitude - Adoption and Usage of Location Tracking in Online Social Networking Xinru Page and Alfred Kobsa Y Y Y
3 SMW09-102 Quantifying Reciprocity in Social Networks Huiqi Zhang, Ram Dantu and Joao Cangussu Y Y Y
4 SMW09-103 Solutions to Security and Privacy Issues in Mobile Social Networking Aaron Beach, Mike Gartrell and Richard Han Y Y Y
5 SMW09-104 Where Information Searches for you the Visible Past Ubiquitous knowledge Environment for digital humanities Sorin Adam Matei, Eric Wernert and Travis Faas Y Y Y
6 SMW09-105 Has anyone seen my Goose? Social Network Services in Developing Regions Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, Pan Hui, Jon Crowcroft Y Y Y
7 SMW09-106 Information Technology Capabilities for Digital Social Networks Camille Grange, Izak Benbasat Y Y Y
8 SMW09-107 Social Tagging in Query Expansion: a new Way for Personalized Web Search Claudio Biancalana,  Alessandro Micarelli Y Y Y
9 SMW09-108 Time Critical Content Delivery using Predictable Patterns in Mobile Social Networks Fawad Nazir, Jianhua Ma, Aruna Seneviratne Y Y Y
10 SMW09-109 Information Flow and Search in Unstructured Keyword based Social Networks Ankush Garg, Prantik Bhattacharyya, Charles U. Martel, S. Felix Wu Y Y Y
11 SMW09-111 Ubiquitous Monitoring and Human Behaviour in Intelligent Pervasive Spaces Stuart Moran, Keiichi Nakata Y Y Y
12 SMW09-112 The Geolocation of Web Logs From Textual Clues Clayton Fink, Christine Piatko, James Mayfield, Danielle Chou, Tim Finin, Justin Martineau Y Y Y
Total         12 12 12
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