Workshop on Social Intelligence in Applied Gaming (SIAG09)
Serial Paper-ID Title Authros Email Uploaded Registration Payment
1 SIAG09-100 Satisficing the masses: Applying game theory to large-scale, democratic decision problems Kshanti Greene, Joseph Kniss, George Luger, Carl Stern Y Y Y
2 SIAG09-101 Macro-Scale Experimental Environments: Constructing a Virtual World for the Study of Common-Pool Resources. Travis Ross Y Y Y
3 SIAG09-102 Application and Evaluation of Analytic Gaming Roderick Riensche, Jean, Lou Martucci, Mark Whiting Y Y Y
4 SIAG09-104 Avatar’s as Player Proxies in Analytical Gaming Andrew Cowell Y Y Y
5 SIAG09-105 ASC: a proposed architecture for computing a social capital gaming metric Colleen Phillips, Norman Geddes, Brock Stitts Y Y Y
6 SIAG09-106 Validation of Sociocultural Models Via Serious Games Colleen Phillips, Norman Geddes, Brock Stitts Y Y Y
7 SIAG09-107 Gaming to Predict Human Responses to Mass Casualty Events Robert Brigantic Y Y Y
8 SIAG09-108 Inferring Player Rating from Performance Data in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) Kyong Jin Shim, Muhammad Aurangzeb, Nishith Pathak, Jaideep Srivastava Y Y Y
9 SIAG09-109 Mathematical Modeling of Social Games Kam Tong Chan, Irwin King, Man-Ching Yuen Y Y Y
Total         9 9 9
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