Workshop on Social Computing with Mobile Phones & Sensors: Modeling, Sensing and Sharing (SCMPS09)
Serial Paper-ID Title Authors E-mail Uploaded Registration Payment
1 SCMPS09-100 Ambulation: A Tool for monitoring mobile patterns over time using mobile phones Jason Ryder, Brent Longstaff, Sasank Reddy and Deborah Estrin Y Y Y
2 SCMPS09-101 Impact of Human Mobility Patterns on Spatial Disease Dynamics V.V. Belik, T. Geisel and D. Brockmann Y Y Y
3 SCMPS09-102 Scaling Behaviors in the Communication Network Between cities Gautier Krings, Francesco Calabrese, Carlo Ratti and Vincent Blondel Y Y Y
4 SCMPS09-103 The Importance of Data Collection for Modeling Contact Networks Eiko Yoneki Y Y Y
5 SCMPS09-104 Investigating Bimodal Clustering in Human Mobility  James Bagrow and Tal Koren Y Y Y
6 SCMPS09-105 Mining Mobility Patterns from Trajectory Data Fosca Gianotti, Mirco Nanni, Dino Pedreski, Chiara Renso, Roberto Trasarti Y Y Y
7 SCMPS09-106 Decentralized Detection of Group Formations from Wearable Acceleration Sensors Martin Wirz, Daniel Roggen, Gerhard Troster Y Y Y
8 SCMPS09-107 Touch Me wE@r: Getting Physical with Social Networks Aaron Beach, Baishakhi Ray, Leah Buechley Y Y Y
9 SCMPS09-108 Sensor-Based Feedback Systems in Organizational Computing Taemie Kim, Daniel Olguin Olguin, Benjamin Waber, Alex (Sandy) Pentland Y Y Y
Total         9 9 9
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