Workshop on Social Behavior in Music (SBM09) 
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1 SBM09-100 Concept, technology, and assessment of the social music game 'Sync-in Team' Marc Leman, Michiel Demey, Micheline Lesaffre, Leon van Noorden, and Dirk Moelants Y Y Y
2 SBM09-101 Toward a Real time Automated Measure of Empathy and Dominance Giovanna Varni, Antonio Camurri, Paolo Coletta, and Gualtiero Volpe Y Y Y
3 SBM09-102 Reinforcement Learning of Listener Response for Mood Classification of Audio Jack Stockholm and Philippe Pasquier Y Y Y
4 SBM09-103 Dynamic Social Interaction in a Collective Mobile Music Performance Koray M. Tahiroglu Y Y Y
5 SBM09-104 NeatBeat and Neat4Tet-Networked Performance Instruments for Electroacustic Music Students  Arne Eigenfeldt Y Y Y
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