List of Accepted Papers
The 14th IEEE International Conference on Scalable Computing  and Communications
Serial Paper ID Title Authors
1 ScalCom-100 Simulation of Inverse Gaussian Compound Gaussian distribution Sea Clutter Based on SIRP Lei Yi, Liang Yan, Ning Han
2 ScalCom-102 Proposal of a Distributed Cooperative M2M System for Flood Disaster Prevention Shiji Kitagami, Yohtaro Miyanishi, Yoshiyori Urano, Norio Shiratori
3 ScalCom-107 Massive Problem Reports Mining and Analysis Based Parallelism for Similar Search Ya Zhou, RuYi Wang
4 ScalCom-110 Trust in Mobile Cloud Computing with LTE-based Deployment Mohammed Hussain, Mohamad Basel Almourad
5 ScalCom-111 A Discrete Time Financial Option Pricing Model for Cloud Services David Allenotor, Ruppa Thulasiram
6 ScalCom-114 CAVE: Hybrid Approach for In-Network Content Caching Khaled Bakhit, SirineTaleb, Ayman Kayssi, Imad Elhajj, Ali Chehab
7 ScalCom-118 Monitoring Hadoop by Using IEEE1888 in Implementing Energy-Aware Thread Scheduling Hiroaki TAKASAKI, Samih MOSTAFA, Shigeru KUSAKABE
8 ScalCom-120 Estimation of Sleep Quality of Residents in Nursing Homes Using an Internet-based Automatic Monitoring System (Invited Paper) Xin Zhu, Xina Zhou, Wenxi Chen, Kei-ichiro Kitamura, and Tetsu Nemoto
9 ScalCom-121 A Fine-Grained Cross-Domain Access Control Mechanism for Social Internet of Things (Invited Paper) Jun Wu, Mianxiong Dong, Kaoru Ota, Jianhua Li, Bei Pei