List of Accepted Papers
The 2014 International Workshop on Future Trends in Computing System Technologies and Applications
Serial Paper ID Title Authors
1 FUSION-11 Human Computer Interaction Advancement by Usage of Smart Phones for Motion Tracking and Remote Operation Jega Anish Dev
2 FUSION-13 Web Application Framework Architecture Pattern Ngo Huy Bien, Tran Dan Thu
3 FUSION-17 Motion Detection and Evaluation of Chair Exercise Support System with Depth Image Sensor Toshiya Watanabe, Naohiro Ohtsuka, Susumu Shibusawa, Masaru Kamada, Tatsuhiro Yonekura
4 FUSION-18 Wireless Multihop Transmissions for Secret Sharing Communication Tetsuya Kanachi and Hiroaki Higaki
5 FUSION-19 DTN Data Message Transmission by Inter-Vehicle Communication with Help of Road Map and Statistical Traffic Information in VANET Hiroki Hanawa and Hiroaki Higaki
6 FUSION-20 BDMap: A Heuristic Application Mapping Algorithm for the Big Data Era Thomas Canhao Xu,  Jussi Toivonen,  Tapio Pahikkala,  Ville Leppänen