List of Accepted Papers
The International Workshop on New Models, Algorithms and Simulation Tools for Cloud Computing, Cloud Brokering, Internet Shopping, and e-Commerce Trading (BusinessClouds 2014)
Serial Paper ID Title Authors
1 BusinessClouds-103 New Methods to Ensure Security to Increase User's Sense of Safety in Cloud Services Yohtaro MIYANISHI, Akira KANAOKA, Fumiaki SATO, Xiaogong HAN, Shinji KITAGAMI, Yoshiyori URANO, Norio SHIRATORI
2 BusinessClouds-112 A Trade Gap Scalability Model for the Forex Market David Oyemade, David Allenotor
3 BusinessClouds-115 Multi-Tenant Oriented Elastic Data-Centric Cloud Service Based on Resource Meta-Model Hongyun yu, Hongming Cai, Cheng Xie, Lihong Jiang
4 BusinessClouds-120 RBAC Framework for Secure Cloud Environment Kashif Munir