Call for Workshops

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Workshops provide opportunities for focused discussions on selected topics related to Pervasive Intelligence and Computing and are a great addition to the main PICom-2017 conference.

A workshop proposal submission consists of a descriptive proposal that is up to 3 pages in length and contains the following information:

* Full name and acronym of the workshop

* URL of the workshop web site

* A brief technical description of the workshop, identification of specific technical issues, focus, and justification of its timeliness

* A brief description of the review process

* One page CFP of the workshop, including the submission deadline and notification date

* Names and contact information of the organizers, including the URLs to the organizers’ websites

* An indication of a half-day or full-day workshop

Acceptance will be based on an evaluation of the workshop’s topic, its relevance to the main conference, the expected audience, and the proposer’s ability to lead a successful workshop.

The organizers and chairs of the workshop shall have full control on the call for papers, forming of program committees, review and selection of papers as well as planning the workshop program. The review and selection of workshop papers should follow similar approaches used in the main conference. The registration fees for workshops will be determined by the conference organizers and not the workshop organizer. The fees will be paid to the conference, and the conference will provide workshop facilities including the working notes printing, the meeting room, proceedings and conference attendance normal delegation for the workshop’s day.

The proceedings of the PICom-2017 workshops will be published by Conference Publishing Services and included in the proceedings of PICom-2017.

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