Accepted Papers

Full Research Papers:

1. Finding the Optimal Meeting Point based on Trip Plans in Road Networks, Mohammad Ahmadi
2. Deep Spectral-Spatial Feature Extraction Based on DCGAN for Hyperspectral Image Retrieval, Lu Chen*; Jing Zhang; Xi Liang; Jiafeng Li; Zhuo Li
3. A Weighted MHOF and Sparse Representation based Crowd Anomaly Detection Algorithm, Yujie Chen*, Wang Suyu
4. Real-Time Incident Clearance Time Prediction Using Traffic Data from Internet of Mobility Sensors, Hamzah Al-Najada*, Imad Mahgoub
5. VANET Adaptive Beaconing Based on Fuzzy Logic, Mohammed Alhameed*, Imad Mahgoub
6. Investigating the Impact of Adaptive Beaconing on GEOADV Performance, Joanne Skiles*, Imad Mahgoub
7. EVINCED: Integrity Verification Scheme for Embedded Systems based on time and clock cycles, Cristiano Castro*, Sérgio Câmara, Davidson Rodrigo Boccardo, Luiz Fernando Costa Carmo
8. Achieving Green Security in Pervasive Computing using the HADAS toolkit, Daniel-Jesus Munoz Guerra*, Jose Antonio Montenegro Montes, Monica Pinto, Lidia Fuentes
9. A Multisensor Data Fusion Technique for Multiapplication Wireless Sensor Networks based on Overlapping Intervals, Claudio M. Farias*, Luci Pirmez
10. Intelligent Subevent Detection Based on Social Network Data, Diogo Nolasco*, Jonice Oliveira
11. Robust Radial Distortion Correction from a Single Image, Le Li*, Weibin Liu, Weiwei Xing
12. Image Enhancement based on Spatial Multi-scale Homomorphic Filtering and Local Entropy Guided Image Filtering, Sisi Han*, Weibin Liu, Weiwei Xing
13. A Novel Method for Human Motion Capture Data Segmentation, Ziyi Wu*, Weibin Liu, Weiwei Xing
14. Self-Adaptive Energy-Efficient Applications: The HADAS Developing Approach, Nadia Gamez*, José-Miguel Horcas, Monica Pinto, Lidia Fuentes
15. Optimizing MapReduce partitioner Using Naive Bayes Classifier, Lei Chen*, Wei Lu, Liqiang Wang, Ergude Bao, Weiwei Xing, Yong Yang
16. A Dimension Reduction Model and Classifier for Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection in Internet of Things, Shengchu Zhao*, Wei Li, Tanveer A Zia, Charles Sturt, Albert Zomaya
17. A multiscale approach for a distributed event-based Internet of Things, Denis Conan*, Léon Lim, Chantal Taconet, Sophie Chabridon, Claire Lecocq
18. Quantifying Cloud Elasticity on Pervasive Devices with Container-based Autoscaling: Xuxin Tang*, Fan Zhang, Xiu Li, Samee U. Khan

Short Papers:

1. DMEK: Improving Profile Matching in Opportunistic Collaborations, Jose Guilherme Mayworm*, Fabrıcio Firmino de Faria, Jonice Oliveira
2. An empirical study of power consumption of Web-based communications in mobile phones, Inmaculada Ayala Viñas*; Mercedes Amor Pinilla; Lidia Fuentes; Daniel-Jesus Munoz Guerra
3. Ring - Should I Interrupt or Not? - A Mobile Interruption Management System, Praveen Madiraju
4. A Deep-learning-based Floor Detection System for the Visually Impaired, Yueng Delahoz*, Miguel Labrador
5. On Feature Selection for the Prediction of Phishing Websites, Wesam Fadheel
6. Online Deceptive Product Review Detection Leveraging Word Embedding, Xiu Li*, Lulu Xie, Fan Zhang, Huimin Wang


1. CONVOY: A tool for context-aware navigation for a group of vehicles, Amirton Chagas*, Fábio Melo, Carlos Ferraz
2. Architecture and development of a linked open data-based application for mapping and visualization of physical objects in botany, Marcela Mayumi Mauricio Yagui*, Luís Fernando Monsores Passos Maia, Jonice Oliveira, Adriana Vivacqua
3. A Deep Convolutional Network Demodulator for Mixed Signals with Different Modulation Types, Xuming Lin*, Ruifang Liu, Wenmei Hu, Yameng Li
4. Threat Evaluation of Aerial Targets in an Air Defence System Using Bayesian Networks, José Fernando Basso Brancalion*, Karl H Kienitz
5. A New Distributed Brute-Force Password Cracking Technique, Kanwalinderjit Kaur Gagneja

Supporting Journals:


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