Accepted Papers

PICom 2017 - Accepted Papers

Full Research Papers:

1. Deep Spectral-Spatial Feature Extraction Based on DCGAN for Hyperspectral Image Retrieval, Lu Chen*; Jing Zhang; Xi Liang; Jiafeng Li; Zhuo Li
2. A Weighted MHOF and Sparse Representation based Crowd Anomaly Detection Algorithm, Yujie Chen*, Wang Suyu
3. Real-Time Incident Clearance Time Prediction Using Traffic Data from Internet of Mobility Sensors, Hamzah Al-Najada*, Imad Mahgoub
4. VANET Adaptive Beaconing Based on Fuzzy Logic, Mohammed Alhameed*, Imad Mahgoub
5. Investigating the Impact of Adaptive Beaconing on GEOADV Performance, Joanne Skiles*, Imad Mahgoub
6. EVINCED: Integrity Verification Scheme for Embedded Systems based on time and clock cycles, Cristiano Castro*, Sérgio Câmara, Davidson Rodrigo Boccardo, Luiz Fernando Costa Carmo
7. Achieving Green Security in Pervasive Computing using the HADAS toolkit, Daniel-Jesus Munoz Guerra*, Jose Antonio Montenegro Montes, Monica Pinto, Lidia Fuentes
8. A Multisensor Data Fusion Technique for Multiapplication Wireless Sensor Networks based on Overlapping Intervals, Claudio M. Farias*, Luci Pirmez
9. Intelligent Subevent Detection Based on Social Network Data, Diogo Nolasco*, Jonice Oliveira
10. Robust Radial Distortion Correction from a Single Image, Le Li*, Weibin Liu, Weiwei Xing
11. Image Enhancement based on Spatial Multi-scale Homomorphic Filtering and Local Entropy Guided Image Filtering, Sisi Han*, Weibin Liu, Weiwei Xing
12. A Novel Method for Human Motion Capture Data Segmentation, Ziyi Wu*, Weibin Liu, Weiwei Xing
13. Self-Adaptive Energy-Efficient Applications: The HADAS Developing Approach, Nadia Gamez*, José-Miguel Horcas, Monica Pinto, Lidia Fuentes
14. Optimizing MapReduce partitioner Using Naive Bayes Classifier, Lei Chen*, Wei Lu, Liqiang Wang, Ergude Bao, Weiwei Xing, Yong Yang
15. A Dimension Reduction Model and Classifier for Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection in Internet of Things, Shengchu Zhao*, Wei Li, Tanveer A Zia, Charles Sturt, Albert Zomaya
16. A multiscale approach for a distributed event-based Internet of Things, Denis Conan*, Léon Lim, Chantal Taconet, Sophie Chabridon, Claire Lecocq
17. Quantifying Cloud Elasticity on Pervasive Devices with Container-based Autoscaling: Xuxin Tang*, Fan Zhang, Xiu Li, Samee U. Khan

Short Papers:

1. An Empirical Study of Power Consumption of Web-based Communications in Mobile Phones, Inmaculada Ayala Viñas, Mercedes Amor Pinilla, Lidia Fuentes, and Daniel-Jesus Munoz Guerra
2. Online Deceptive Product Review Detection Leveraging Word Embedding, Xiu Li, Lulu Xie, Fan Zhang, and Huimin Wang
3. On Feature Selection for the Prediction of Phishing Websites, Wesam Fadheel
4. Ring - Should I Interrupt or Not? - A Mobile Interruption Management System, Praveen Madiraju
5. A Deep-learning-based Floor Detection System for the Visually Impaired, Yueng Delahoz and Miguel Labrador


1. Curation of physical objects in botany: Architecture and development of a linked open data-based application, Marcela Mayumi Mauricio Yagui*, Luís Fernando Monsores Passos Maia, Jonice Oliveira, Adriana Vivacqua
2. A Deep Convolutional Network Demodulator for Mixed Signals with Different Modulation Types, Xuming Lin*, Ruifang Liu, Wenmei Hu, Yameng Li
3. Threat Evaluation of Aerial Targets in an Air Defence System Using Bayesian Networks, José Fernando Basso Brancalion*, Karl H Kienitz

Supporting Journals:


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