The 10th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive, Intelligence and Computing (PiCom 2012)
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1 PiCom-107 Towards Ontology-driven Development of Ubiquitous interactive TV Applications Muhammad Mohsin Saleemi, Natalia Diaz, Johan Lilius  S Y
2 PiCom-112 Lattice discretization model for intensive RFID reader deployment Shijie Zhou, Jiaqing Luo    
3 PiCom-119 Trajectory Based Activity Monitoring and HealthCare Provisioning Muhammad Aamir Saleem, Iram Fatima, Kifayat Ullah Khan, Young-Koo Lee S Y
4 PiCom-122 A Study on Consistency of Cross-site Online Reviews Ningning Wu, Fan Liu, Jing Zhang S Y
6 PiCom-131 An Effective Network Traffic Intelligence Extracting Method to Accurately Detect Malicious and Stealthy Scan before the Attacks Yanzhen Qu, Qikai Lu S Y
7 PiCom-134 An Implementation of Interactive Evidence-based Medical e-learning System Meng-Chin Hsu, Yu-Fang Huang, Shang-Liang Chen, Tin-Wei Hou, Su-Chen Wang S Y
8 PiCom-135 Aggregated-proof Based Hierarchical Authentication Scheme for the Internet of Things Huansheng Ning, Hong Liu, Laurence T. Yang S Y
9 PiCom-136 An Optimized Formulation of Decision Tree Classifier Fahim Alam, Fateha Bappee, Md. Reza Rabbani, Md. Mohaiminul Islam    
10 PiCom-137 Effective Connectivity Analysis of fMRI Data Based on Network Motifs Zhuqing Jiao, Ling Zou, Nong Qian, Zhenghua Ma Y Y
11 PiCom-138 FMC: A fast convergent live migration of virtual machine with CPU scheduling Liang Hu, Jia Zhao, Gaochao Xu, Kuo Zhao    
12 PiCom-140 System Development and Automatic Analysis of Bio-Signals for u-Healthcare Services Dongmin Shin, Hyunjun Lee, Dongil Shin, Dongkyoo Shin    
13 PiCom-142 Pervasive Computing for 3D Image Rendering Muhammad Mobeen Movania, Wei Ming Chiew, Feng Lin Y Y
14 PiCom-152 A Novel Approach for Semantic Image Storage and Retrieval GUO Kehua, MA Jianhua, DUAN Guihua Y Y
15 PiCom-180 A Framework for Context Automatic Integration in Ubiquitous Computing Feiyu Lin, Lidetu Sahile Neshnega, Bikash Subba, and Vladimir Tarasov Y Y
16 PiCom-200 Context-based Ontology-driven Recommendation Strategies for Tourism in Ubiquitous Computing Lin Shi, Feiyu Lin, Tianchu Yang, Jun Qi, Zhenghua Ma, Wei Ma and Shoukun Xu Y Y
17 PiCom-210 Design of a Fuzzy Controller Based on Genetic Algorithm for a Robot-Assisted Recovery System  Lei Shi, Qiang Wang, Zhen Liu     
18 PiCom-220 The Analysis and Visualization on HPLC Fingerprints of Szechwan Lovage Rhizome  Huang Chun-yi, Shi Sheng-feng, Liu Zhen, and Huang Wei-ping Y Y
19 MCCSN-6 Grid-Based Mobile Data Query Processing With Parallel Computing Yi Guo, Changqing Ji, Chuanwei Xu, Peng Xiao Y Y
20 MCCSN-15 Design and Implementation of the HDFS-based Cloud Storage Encryption Access Network Xiaoyang Tang, Qiaoyan Wen, Hua Zhang Y Y
21 MCCSN-20 Ontology Based Heterogeneous Data Integration Framework Facing Mobile Environment Chuanwei Xu, Shumin Yang, Changqing Ji, Riyun Liu, Zhongyi Zheng Y Y
22 IWAE-103 Research of Control Software of Acoustic Emission about Environmentally Hazardous Objects Hongwu Qin, V. N. Ovcharuk Y Y
23 IWAE-107 The Research and Application of Surface EMG
Signal ( sEMG ) in Rolling Massage Assessment
Ping Feng, Lirong Wang, Liye Ren, Xiao Wang, Yajuan Song, Liye Ren Y Y
24 IWAE-112 Speech Emotion Recognition Based on improved MFCC for Rehabilitation Training Wanli Zhang, Guoxin Li, Lirong Wang Y Y
25 IWAE-113 Segmentation of Chinese Handwritten Text Based on Genetic Algorithm Xinyan Cao, Xin Wang Y Y
26 IWAE-116 The Analysis of Massage Technique Parameter Based on Pressure Distribution Hua Jiang, Yajuan Song, Lirong Wang, Dexin Zhu Y Y
27 IWAE-119 Face Feature Extraction Based on
Constrained Local Model
Lirong Wang, Jianlei Wang, Yajuan Song Y Y
28 IWAE-120 Establishment of the Rehabilitation Model of Lower Limbs Rehabilitative Robot Using Fuzzy Evaluation Qiang Wang, Zhen Liu Y Y
29 IWAE-124 The Analysis of Surface Electromyography Signal in Massage Technique Based on Chaos Theory Xiao Wang, Lirong Wang, Yajuan Wang Y Y
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