International Symposium on Privacy and Security Applications (PSA09) 
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1 PSA09-98 Practical Values for Privacy in Services Computing Ben Wasser Y Y Y Y
2 PSA09-206 Phishpin: An Integrated, Identity-Based Anti-Phishing Approach Hicham Tout Y Y Y Y
3 PSA09-215 Emergency Privacy Measures Hendrik Oberholzer, Martin Olivier Y Y Y Y
4 PSA09-239 A Study of the Methods for Improving Internet Usage Policy Compliance Mandeep Saran, Pavol Zavarsky Y Y Y Y
5 PSA09-245 Security Implications of Virtualization: A Literature Study André van Cleeff, Wolter Pieters, Roel Wieringa Y Y Y Y
6 PSA09-249 ViDPSec Visual Device Pairing Security protocol Dimitris Zisiadis, Spyros Kopsidas, Leandros Tassiulas Y Y Y Y
7 PSA09-252 Lightweight IDS based on Features Selection and IDS Classification Scheme Safaa Zaman, Fakhri Karray Y Y Y B
8 PSA09-267 Designing Privacy for Scalable Electronic Healthcare Linkage Anthony Stell, Richard Sinnott, Oluwafemi Ajayi, Jipu Jiang Y Y Y Y
9 PSA09-274 Combining Attribute-Based and Access Systems Behzad Malek, Ali Miri Y Y Y Y
10 PSA09-275 Analysis of GMPLS Control Plane Security Clement Ayonote, Pavol Zavarsky, Dale Lindskog Y Y Y Y
11 PSA09-277 Process-Oriented Approach for Validating Asset Value for Evaluating Information Security Risk Shi-Cho Cha, Li-Ting Liu, Bo-Chen Yu Y Y Y Y
12 PSA09-279 An Efficient Framework for IT Controls of Bill 198 (Canada Sarbanes-Oxley) Compliance by Aligning COBIT 4.1, ITIL v3 and ISO/IEC 27002 Zhitao Huang, Pavol Zavarsky Y Y Y Y
13 PSA09-296 Ceremonies Formal Analysis in PKI’s Context Jean Martina, Tulio Souza, Ricardo Custodio Y Y Y Y
14 PSA09-297 Diversity in Network Attacker Motivation: A Literature Review Mark Rounds, Norman Pendegraft Y Y Y Y
15 PSA09-312 Routing Policy Conflict Detection without Violating ISP's Privacy Ning Hu, Peidong Zhu, Huayang Cao, Kan Chen Y Y Y Y
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