The 2009 International Conference on Information Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust (PASSAT09) 
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1 PASSAT09-213 Tuning Evidence-Based Trust Models Eugen Staab, Thomas Engel Y Y Y
2 PASSAT09-218 Noise Injection for Search Privacy Protection Shaozhi Ye, Felix Wu, Raju Pandey, Hao Chen Y Y Y
3 PASSAT09-225 t-Plausibility: Semantic Preserving Text Sanitization Wei Jiang, Mummoorthy Murugesan, Chris Clifton, Luo Si Y Y Y
4 PASSAT09-228 Trust Is in the Eye of the Beholder Dimitri DeFigueiredo, Earl Barr, S. Felix Wu Y Y Y
5 PASSAT09-230 Privacy-Preserving Bayesian Network for Horizontally Partitioned Data Saeed Samet, Ali Miri Y Y Y
6 PASSAT09-238 Privacy-Preserving Multi-agent Constraint Satisfaction Thomas Léauté, Boi Faltings Y Y Y
7 PASSAT09-243 FaceCloak: An Architecture for User Privacy on Social Networking Sites Wanying Luo, Qi Xie, Urs Hengartner Y Y Y
8 PASSAT09-247 Adapting Privacy-Preserving Computation to the Service Provider Model Florian Kerschbaum Y Y Y
9 PASSAT09-262 Policy-based Malicious Peer Detection in Ad Hoc Networks Wenjia Li, Anupam Joshi, Tim Finin Y Y Y
10 PASSAT09-266 Anonymity, Privacy, Onymity, and Identity: A Modal Logic Approach Yasuyuki Tsukada, Ken Mano, Hideki Sakurada, Yoshinobu Kawabe Y Y Y
11 PASSAT09-270 Privacy-Enhanced Event Scheduling Benjamin Kellermann, Rainer Böhme Y Y Y
12 PASSAT09-281 Success Likelihood of Ongoing Attacks for Intrusion Detection and Response Systems Wael Kanoun, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia, Frédéric Cuppens, Samuel Dubus, Antony Martin wael dot kanoun at Y Y Y
13 PASSAT09-282 A Trust-based Multiagent System Richard Seymour, Gilbert Peterson Y Y Y
14 PASSAT09-283 Towards Automating Social Engineering Using Social Networking Sites Markus Huber, Stewart Kowalski, Marcus Nohlberg, Simon Troja Y Y Y
15 PASSAT09-288 Social Inference Risk Modeling in Mobile and Social Computing Sara Motahari, Sotirios Ziavras, Mor Naaman, Mohamed Ismail, Quentin Jones Y Y B
16 PASSAT09-310 Privacy Management, The Law and Business Strategies: A Case for Privacy Driven Design Mary-Anne Williams Y Y Y
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