International Symposium on Secure Computing (SecureCom09) 
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1 SecureCom09-207 A Low-Cost Green IT Design and Application of VHSP based on Virtualization Technology Chih-Hung Chang Y Y Y Y
2 SecureCom09-217 Improving Host Profiling with Bidirectional Flows Pavel Minarik, Jan Vykopal, Vojtech Krmicek Y Y Y Y
3 SecureCom09-220 Nearby-Friend Discovery Protocol for Multiple Users Shashwat Raizada, Goutam Paul, Vineet Pandey Y Y Y Y
4 SecureCom09-222 Integrity Verification of Outsourced XML Databases Ruilin Liu, Hui (Wendy) Wang Y Y Y Y
5 SecureCom09-226 Anonymity properties of stored or transmitted data taken from Bluetooth scans David Evans, Robert Warren Y Y Y Y
6 SecureCom09-234 The Insider Threat Security Architecture Ghassan Jabbour, Daniel Menasce Y Y Y Y
7 SecureCom09-237 Guarantee-Based Access Control Mohammed Hussain, David Skillicorn Y Y Y Y
8 SecureCom09-248 Reputation-Based Ontology Alignment for Autonomy and Interoperability in Distributed Access Control Daniel Trivellato, Fred Spiessens, Nicola Zannone, Sandro Etalle Y Y Y Y
9 SecureCom09-250 How to overcome the 'Trusted Node Model' in Quantum Cryptography Peter Schartner, Stefan Rass Y Y Y Y
10 SecureCom09-253 Privacy Requirements in Vehicular Communication Systems Florian Schaub, Zhendong Ma, Frank Kargl fdsa Y Y Y Y
11 SecureCom09-255 The Influence of Personalities upon the Dynamics of Trust and Reputation Mark Hoogendoorn, Waqar Jaffry Y Y Y Y
12 SecureCom09-256 A framework to balance privacy and data usability using data degradation Harold van Heerde, Maarten Fokkinga, Nicolas Anciaux Y Y Y Y
13 SecureCom09-257 A Lattice-based Privacy Aware Access Control Model Kambiz Ghazinour, Maryam Majedi, Ken Barker Y Y Y Y
14 SecureCom09-258 Large Online Social Footprints - An Emerging Threat Danesh Irani, Steve Webb, Kang Li, Calton Pu Y Y Y Y
15 SecureCom09-260 Goal-Oriented Software Security Engineering: The Electronic Smart Card Case Study Riham Hassan, Mohamed Eltoweissy, Shawn Bohner, Sherif El-Kassas Y Y Y B
16 SecureCom09-261 A Unified Approach to Intra-Domain Security Craig Shue, Andrew Kalafut, Minaxi Gupta cshue at cs dot indiana dot edu Y Y Y Y
17 SecureCom09-268 Modelling of Pseudonymity under Probabilistic Linkability Attacks Martin Neubauer Y Y Y Y
18 SecureCom09-271 A Case Study of Individual Trust Development in Computer Mediated Collaboration Teams xusen cheng, Alexandros Zarifis Y Y Y Y
19 SecureCom09-273 On the Feasibility of Remote Attestation for Web Services John Lyle, Andrew Martin Y Y Y Y
20 SecureCom09-285 Verifying the interplay of authorization policies and workflow in service-oriented architectures Michele Barletta, Silvio Ranise, Luca Vigano Y Y Y Y
21 SecureCom09-292 Privacy-preserving Integrity-assured Data Aggregation in Sensor Networks Gelareh Taban, Virgil Gligor Y Y Y Y
22 SecureCom09-294 A Framework for Enforcing Constrained RBAC Policies Jason Crampton, Hemanth Khambhammettu Y Y Y Y
23 SecureCom09-295 ProActive Caching: Generating Caching Heuristics for Business Process Environments Mathias Kohler, Achim D. Brucker, Andreas Schaad, Daniel Trivellato, Fred Spiessens, Nicola Zannone, Sandro Etalle Y Y Y Y
24 SecureCom09-298 User-centric Privacy Framework: Integrating Legal, Technological and Human Aspects into User-Adapting Systems Victor Manuel Garcia-Barrios Y Y Y Y
25 SecureCom09-299 An Empirical Study on Privacy and Secure Multi-party Computation using Exponentiation I-Cheng Wang, Chih-Hao Shen, Kung Chen, Tsan-sheng Hsu, Churn-Jung Liau, Da-Wei Wang Y Y Y Y
26 SecureCom09-314 A Hybrid Enforcement Model for Group-Centric Secure Information Sharing Ram Krishnan, Ravi Sandhu Y Y Y Y
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