Distinguished papers accepted in MCCSN 2012, after further extensions, will be published in special issues of the following SCI/SCIE Indexed Journals.

1. International Journal of Scalable Computing (Springer)

2. IEEE Systems Journal (pending)

3. ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems (ACM)

4. ACM/Springer Mobile Networks and Applications (ACM and Springer)

5. Journal of Computer and System Sciences (Elsevier)

6. International Journal of High Performance Computing (SAGE Publs)

7. Journal of Embedded Computing (IOS)

8. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (Wiley)

9. Journal of System Architecture (Elsevier)

10. Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (Springer)

11. International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)

Accepted papers will be included into the IEEE Conference Proceedings published by IEEE Computer Society (indexed by EI).


   Mobile cloud computing & sensor network (MCCSN) have received tremendous attentions from both academic community and industrial field, since they own numerous exciting applications (e.g., mobile commerce, mobile learning, mobile gaming, industrial process control, video surveillance, structural health monitoring), which can fundamentally change the way people interact with the physical world. Recently, integrating mobile cloud computing with sensor network is widely recognized to further enhance the performance of these applications (e.g., transport monitoring, weather forecasting), by utilizing the cloud to share and analyze the real time data gathered by sensors. To eventually achieve these mobile cloud computing & sensor network combined applications, a lot of tough issues need to be solved. For instance, a secure mobile computing model is necessary to protect user privacy and data secrecy. The mobile network bandwidth is still quite limited with the dramatically increasing mobile and cloud users. Intelligent resource management is required to provide users with services in an on-demand and scalable fashion.

   In this workshop, we solicit research papers with respect to all aspects of mobile cloud computing & sensor network. The goal of this workshop is to bring together state-of-the-art research contributions, tutorials, and position papers that address various aspects of analysis, design, optimization, implementation, and application of mobile cloud computing & sensor network.

Topics Of Interest (Not limited to)

1. Mobile-aware cloud computing models, infrastructures, and approaches

2. Mobility modeling, management solutions and measurement techniques

3. Mobile-aware cloud databases, data retrievals

4. Intelligent resource management, provision, and migration

5. Energy-efficient transmission protocols and scheduling algorithms

6. Monitoring solutions and evaluation techniques

7. Security and privacy issues, solutions, and tools

8. Collaboration, management, and administration

9. Mobile cloud data center and storage technology

10. Cloud-based mobile applications and systems

11. Scalable and flexible network architectures, deployments, and heterogeneous applications

12. Protocols for supporting real-time and reliable data streaming

13. Energy-efficient data gathering, transmission, traffic management, and sensor data management

14. Scalability and mobility issues in cross-layer design, and optimization for effective communications

15. Capacity modeling, performance analysis, and theoretical analysis

16. Cooperative transmission for multimedia delivery, and collaborative in-network processing

17. Joint multimedia processing and communication solutions

18. Low-bit rate and energy-efficient multimedia source coding

19. Topology control and synchronization protocols

20. In-network and distributed storage techniques

21. MIMO techniques for multimedia delivery

Important Dates
Submission deadline: Oct 19 2012
Author Notification: 04 Nov 2012
Final Manuscript Due: 15 Dec 2012
Registration Due: 15 Dec 2012

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