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Welcome to the job application webpage for Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at St. Francis Xavier Univeristy

Please choose the appropriate role from the three types of roles below and follow instructions carefully.

  1. Applicants: As an applicant, you can upload your application for the job that you intend to apply for. You must first use the registration interface to register. Ensure that you enter your complete data at the registration interface correctly since you will not be able to make any changes once you successfully submit the form. The system will provide you with a username (application id) and a password on your computer screen and by e-mail. YOU MUST SUCCESSFULLY REGISTER ONLY ONCE. If you experience any problems, you may contact me at +1 902 867 5274 or at japaloo at After you have successfully registered, you may proceed to access the application upload interface to upload your complete application as a SINGLE electronic file in pdf or WORD format. You may obtain this file by scanning all your application documents as a pdf file. If you wish to complete your application, you must request your referees to submit their reference letters. To do so you must click on the "Referee" link and type the e-mail address of your first referee correctly and click on the "send me my password" button. You should see a note on the screen saying that password has been sent. You must repeat this process for each referee that you supplied at the registration interface.
  2. Referees: As a referee, you can access the referee interface , verify the candidate for whom you are writing a reference letter and upload your reference letter as a single ACROBAT (.pdf) or WORD (.doc, .docx) or text (.txt) file. You need a username (your e-mail address as supplied by the applicant) and a password which you would have received in your invitation from this submission system for you to submit your reference letter. If you have lost or forgotten your password please type your e-mail address at the referee interface and click on "send me my password" button. To check if your reference letter has been loaded correctly, logout of the submission system, and login again to view your reference letter.
  3. Administrator: Using the administrator interface , you can configure the system, create new referees, send mails to everybody, etc.

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