Accepted Paper List
The 13th International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing (ICA3PP-2013)
Distinguished papers
Serial Paper ID Title Authors
1 ICA3PP2013-103 Optimistic Concurrency Control for Energy Eciency in the Wireless Environment Kamal Solamain, Matthew Brook, Gary Ushaw, Graham Morgan
2 ICA3PP2013-139 Deadline-Constrained Workflow Scheduling in Volunteer Computing Systems Toktam Ghafarian, Bahman Javadi
3 ICA3PP2013-119 Lightweight identification of captured memory for Software Transactional Memory Fernando Miguel Carvalho, João Cachopo
4 ICA3PP2013-143 Is Sensor Deployment using Gaussian Distribution Energy Balanced? Subir Halder, Amrita Ghosal
5 ICA3PP2013-157 POIGEM: A Programming-Oriented Instruction Level GPU Energy Model for CUDA Program Qi Zhao, Hailong Yang, Zhongzhi Luan, Depei Qian
6 ICA3PP2013-184 Clustering and change detection of multiple streaming time series Antonio Balzanella, Rosanna Verde
7 ICA3PP2013-109 Load and Thermal-aware VM Scheduling on the Cloud Yousri Mhedheb, Foued Jrad, Jie Tao, Jiaqi Zhao, Achim Streit
8 ICA3PP2013-128 Layer-based Scheduling of Parallel Tasks for Heterogeneous Cluster Platforms Jörg Dümmler, Gudula Rünger
9 ICA3PP2013-118 Shedder: a Metadata Sharing Management Method across Multi-Clusters Qinfen Hao, Qianqian Zhong, Li Ruan, Zhenzhong Zhang, Limin Xiao
10 ICA3PP2013-102 PDB: A Reliability-Driven Data Reconstruction Strategy Based on Popular Data Backup for RAID4 SSD Arrays Feng Liu, Wen Pan, Tao Xie, Yanyan Gao, Yiming Ouyang
Regular papers
Serial Paper ID Title Authors
11 ICA3PP2013-193 A Parallel Distributed System for Gene Expression Profiling Based on Clustering Ensemble and Distributed Optimization Zakaria Benmounah, Mohamed Batouche
12 ICA3PP2013-163 A Reconfigurable Ray-Tracing Multi-Processor SoC with Hardware Duplication-Aware Instruction Set Extension Alexandre Nery, Nadia Nedjah, Felipe França, Rosilde Corvino, Lech Jozwiak, Henk Corporaal
13 ICA3PP2013-137 Cache Optimizations of Distributed Storage for Software Streaming Services Youhui Zhang, Peng Qu, Weimin Zheng
14 ICA3PP2013-112 Synchronization-Reducing Variants of the Biconjugate Gradient and the Quasi-Minimal Residual Methods Stefan Feuerriegel, H. Martin Bücker 
15 ICA3PP2013-104 HMHS: Hybrid Multistage Heuristic Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous MapReduce System  Heng Chen, Yao Shen, Quan Chen, Minyi Guo
16 ICA3PP2013-132 Deconvolution of huge 3-D images: Parallelization strategies on a multi-GPU system Pavel Karas, Michal Kuderjavy, David Svoboda
17 ICA3PP2013-180 Hardware-assisted Intrusion Detection by Preserving Reference Information Integrity Junghee Lee, Chrysostomos Nicopoulos, Gi Hwan Oh, Sang-Won Lee, Jongman Kim
18 ICA3PP2013-148 PastryGridCP: A Decentralized Rollback-Recovery Protocol for Desktop Grid Systems Heithem Abbes, Thouraya Louati
19 ICA3PP2013-185 Demand-based scheduling priorities for performance optimisation of stream programs on parallel platforms Vu Thien Nga Nguyen, Raimund Kirner
20 ICA3PP2013-189 Multi-Objective Parallel Machines Scheduling for Fault-Tolerant Cloud Systems Jakub Gasior, Franciszek Seredynski 
21 ICA3PP2013-120 Candidate set parallelization strategies for Ant Colony Optimization on the GPU Laurence Dawson, Iain Stewart
22 ICA3PP2013-164 AzureITS: A New Cloud Computing Intelligent Transportation System Siamak Najjar Karimi 
23 ICA3PP2013-165 A DNA computing system of modular-multiplication over finite field GF(2n) Yongnan Li, Limin Xiao, Li Ruan
24 ICA3PP2013-140 Improving Continuation-Powered Method-Level Speculation for JVM Applications Ivo Anjo, João Cachopo
25 ICA3PP2013-199 Building Platform as a Service for High Performance Computing over Opportunistic Cloud Computing German Sotelo, Cesar Diaz, Mario Villamizar, Harold Castro, Johnatan Pecero, Pascal Bouvry
26 ICA3PP2013-107 Coordinate Task and Memory Management for Improving Power Efficiency Gangyong Jia, Xi Li, Jian Wan, Chao Wang, Dong Dai
27 ICA3PP2013-200 Character of Graph Analysis Workloads and Recommended Solutions on Future Parallel Systems Noboru Tanabe, Sonoko Tomimori, Masami Takata, Kazuki Joe
28 ICA3PP2013-195 A Novel Architecture for Financial Investment Services on a Private Cloud Ranjan Saha, Bhanu Sharma, Ruppa Thulasiram, Parimala Thulasiraman
29 ICA3PP2013-114 Message Logging Protocol Based on User Level Failure Mitigation Xunyun liu, Xinhai Xu, Xiaoguang Ren, Yuhua Tang, Ziqing Dai
30 ICA3PP2013-194 HySARC2: Hybrid Scheduling Algorithm based on Resource Clustering in Cloud Environments Mihaela-Andreea Vasile, Florin Pop, Radu-Ioan Tutueanu, Valentin Cristea
31 ICA3PP2013-187 A Buffering Method for Parallelized Loop with Non-Uniform Dependencies in High-Level Synthesis  Akihiro Suda, Hideki Takase, Kazuyoshi Takagi, Naofumi Takagi 
32 ICA3PP2013-126 Sequential and parallelized FPGA implementation of spectrum sensing detector based on Kolmogorov-Smirnov test Roman Marsalek, Martin Pospisil, Tomas Fryza, Martin Simandl
33 ICA3PP2013-156 Interference-aware Program Scheduling for Multicore Processors Lin Wang, Rui Wang, Cuijiao Fu, Depei Qian
34 ICA3PP2013-178 WABRM: A Work-load Aware Balancing and Resource Management Framework for Swift on Cloud Zhenhua Wang, Haopeng Chen, Yunmeng Ban
35 ICA3PP2013-176 H-DB: Yet Another Big Data Hybrid System of Hadoop and DBMS Tao Luo, Yunquan Zhang, Guoliang Chen
36 ICA3PP2013-136 Memory Efficient Multi-Swarm PSO Algorithm in OpenCL on APU Wayne Franz, Parimala Thulasiraman, Ruppa Thulasiram
37 ICA3PP2013-162 Applicability of the (m,k)-firm Approach for the QoS Enhancement in Distributed RTDBMS Malek Ben Salem, Fehima Achour, Emna Bouazizi, Rafik Bouaziz, Claude Duvallet
38 ICA3PP2013-145 Dealing With Reduction Operations Using Transactional Memory Miguel A. Gonzalez-Mesa, Ricardo Quislant, Eladio Gutierrez, Oscar Plata
39 ICA3PP2013-147 Unimodular loop transformations with source-to-source translation for GPUs Pasquale Cantiello, Beniamino Di Martino, Francesco Piccolo
40 ICA3PP2013-152 Dynamic Resource Management in a HPC and Cloud Hybrid Environment Miao Chen, Fang Dong, Junzhou Luo
41 ICA3PP2013-115 M&C: A Software Solution to Reduce Errors Caused by Incoherent Cache on GPU in Unstructured Graphic Algorithm Kun Wang, Rui Wang, Depei Qian