Accepted Paper List
The 2013 International Workshop on Trusted Information in Big Data (TIBiDa 2013)
Serial  Paper ID Title Authors
1 TIBD2013-501 An ontological framework for representing Clinical Knowledge in Decision Support Systems Marco Iannaccone, Massimo Esposito
2 TIBD2013-502 A secure OsiriX plug-in for detecting suspicious lesions in breast DCE-MRI Gabriele Piantadosi, Stefano Marrone, Mario Sansone and Carlo Sansone
3 TIBD2013-174 Robust Fingerprinting Codes for Database Thach V. Bui,  Binh Q. Nguyen,
Thuc D. Nguyen, Noboru Sonehara
Isao Echizen
4 TIBD2013-504 Trusted Information and Security in Smart Mobility Scenarios: the case of S2-move project Davide De Pasquale, Pietro Marchetta, Eduard Natale, Alessandro Salvi, Antonio Tirri and Manuela Tufo
5 TIBD2013-505 IDES project a new effective tool for safety and security in the environment F. Gargiulo, G. Persechino, M. Lega, A. Errico
6 TIBD2013-101 A Privacy Preserving Matchmaking Scheme for Multiple Mobile Social Networks Yong WANG, Hong-zong Li, Ting-Ting ZHANG, Shao-quan JIANG, Jie HOU
7 TIBD2013-507 Heterogeneous Computing vs. Big Data: the case of Cryptanalytical Applications Alessandro Cilardo
8 TIBD2013-508 A Patient Centric Approach for Modeling Access Control in EHR System Mario Sicuranza and Angelo Esposito
9 TIBD2013-509 A linguistic-based method for automatic extraction of spatial relations from texts Annibale Elia, Daniela Guglielmo, Alessandro Maisto, Serena Pelosi
10 TIBD2013-511 Impact of Biometric Data Quality on Rank-level and Score-level Fusion Schemes Emanuela Marasco, Ayman Abaza, Luca Lugini and Bojan Cukic