The 2011 International Workshop on Substainable HPC Cloud Computing (SHPCC-2011)
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1 SHPCC2011-003 Migration from SaaS to SOA Services Ali Bou Nassif withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
2 SHPCC2011-010 Strategic Decision framework for Cloud Computing adoption Dhrupad Mathur withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
3 SHPCC2011-127 Cost-Conscious Scheduling for Large Graph Processing in the Cloud Jian Li, Sen Su, Xiang Cheng, Qingjia Huang, Zhongbao Zhang Y S Y Y
4 SHPCC2011-132 A decentralized model for controlling selfish use for desktop grid systems Christophe Cérin, Heithem Abbes, Bassem Oueghlani Y Y Y Y
5 SHPCC2011-190 Incremental Checkpointing to Improve Performance for CAPE Viet Hai Ha, Eric Renault Y S Y Y
6 SHPCC2011-216 Distributed Resource allocation games in horizontal dynamic cloud federation platform Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, Biao Song, Eui-Nam Huh Y Y Y Y
7 SHPCC2011-224 Resource Planning for Parallel Processing in the Cloud Justin Shi, Moussa Taifi, Abdallah Khreishah Y Y Y Y
8 SHPCC2011-234 Performance Modeling of a Consolidated Java Application Server Hitoshi Oi, Kazuaki Takahashi Y Y Y Y
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