The 2011 International Symposium on Advances of High Performance Computing and Networking (AHPCN-2011)
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1 AHPCN2011-100 SIMULATION OF DDOS ATTACKS ON P2P NETWORKS Nidal Qwasmi, Fayyaz Ahmed and Ramiro Liscano Y S Y Y
2 AHPCN2011-109 Ed-RCS: An Energy-aware Event-driven Regional Clustering Scheme for WSNs Dongmin Choi, Ilyong Chung Y Y Y Y
3 AHPCN2011-120 A File Level RAID in Blue Whale File System Liu Zhenhan, Meng Xiaoxuan, Xu Lu Y S Y Y
4 AHPCN2011-121 High Performance Computation of Moments for an Accurate Classification of Bone Tissue Images Manuel Jesús Martín-Requena, Manuel Ujaldón Y Y Y Y
5 AHPCN2011-126 PerHPCúDesign and Implement Personal High Performance Computing Platform Using Cloud Computing Technology Hu Song, Jing Li, Ling Li, Weiwei Wang, Hongjun Yin, Bai Zhang, Weiqing Liu, Rui Zhou withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
6 AHPCN2011-133 Using Graphics Processors for a High Performance Normalization of Gene Expressions Andrés Rodríguez, Oswaldo Trelles, Manuel Ujaldón Y Y Y Y
7 AHPCN2011-136 Highly Fault Tolerant Democratic Leader to Detect Radioactive Radiation for Sea-water in Japan Shantanu Sharma, Awadhesh Kumar Singh withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
8 AHPCN2011-138 Paravirtualization for Scientific Computing: Performance Analysis and Prediction Javier Delgado, Anas Salah Eddin, Seyed Masoud Sadjadi, Malek Adjouadi Y S Y Y
9 AHPCN2011-143 A Hybrid P2P System to Support MMORPG Playability Ignasi Barri, Francesc GinȦ, ConcepciȮ Roig Y Y Y Y
10 AHPCN2011-149 Dimensioning HPC architectures to improve performance on heavy-load data applications Alberto Núñez, Javier Fernández, Jesús Carretero, Laura Prada, Mario Blaum Y Y Y
11 AHPCN2011-150 Transparent Communications for Applications Behind NAT/Firewall over Any Transport Protocol Elias Duarte Jr., Kleber Cardoso, Micael Mello, Jo?o Borges withdrawal withdrawal withdarwal withdrawal
12 AHPCN2011-151 Peer Content Groups for Reliable and Transparent Content Access in P2P Networks Ana-Flavia Godoi, Elias Duarte withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
13 AHPCN2011-152 An Analytical Model Proposed for Evaluating Efficiency of Partitioning Code in Hybrid Architectures Based on DSP and FPGA Ericles Sousa Y S Y Y
14 AHPCN2011-153 Design and Implementation of MapReduce using the PGAS Programming Model with UPC Carlos Teijeiro, Guillermo Taboada, Juan Touriño, Ramon Doallo withdrawal withdrawal withdarwal withdrawal
15 AHPCN2011-157 Using Fermi architecture knowledge to improve performance of CUDA and OpenCL programs Yuri Torres, Arturo Gonzalez-Escribano, Diego R. Llanos withdrawal withdrawal withdarwal withdrawal
16 AHPCN2011-160 Parallel Naive Bayes Text Classification using CUDA Nikhil Agrawal, Sudheer Ponnemkunnath, Durga Toshniwal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
17 AHPCN2011-162 A Broadcast Tree-Based Centralized Scheduling Mechanism for IEEE 802.16 Mesh Networks Tzong-An Su, Hsun-Hui Chu Y Y Y Y
18 AHPCN2011-166 A User Authentication for Healthcare Application using Wireless Medical Sensor Networks Pardeep Kumar, Sang-Gon Lee, Hoon-Jae Lee Y S Y Y
19 AHPCN2011-170 Efficient On-Chip Network Platform for Stacked Memory-on-Processor Architectures masoud daneshtalab, masoumeh ebrahimi, juha plosila withdrawal withdrawal withdarwal withdrawal
20 AHPCN2011-173 Java Support Packages and Benchmarks for Multi-Core Processors Vlad Olaru, Anca Hangan, Gheorghe Sebestyen Y Y Y Y
21 AHPCN2011-175 DM-PAS: A Data Mining Prefetching Algorithm for Storage Systems Mais Nijim, Yousef Nijim, Vamshi Reddy Y Y Y Y
22 AHPCN2011-180 Building A Multi-Kernel Embedded System with High Performance IPC Mechanism Jing Chen, Chung-Ping Young, Da-Wei Chang, Guan-Ying Huang, Su-Lin Chu, Chung-Yuan Ke, Shih-Tun Yen, Tsang-Shuo Kuo Y Y Y Y
23 AHPCN2011-186 An Evaluation of the TCP and UDP Processing Requirements Network Interface Design at 100 Gbps mohamed elbeshti, Mike dixon, Terry Koziniec Y S Y Y
24 AHPCN2011-188 Source-to-source code translator: OpenMP C to CUDA Gabriel Noaje, Michael Krajecki, Christophe Jaillet Y S Y Y
25 AHPCN2011-195 Robust and Tuneable Family of Gossiping Algorithms Vincenzo De Florio, Chris Blondia withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
26 AHPCN2011-204 Routing Path Determination Using QoS Metrics and Priority Based Evolutionary Optimization Divya Kumar, Divya Kashyap, K.K. Mishra Y Y Y Y
27 AHPCN2011-207 Some results of the comparison of two interference-aware multi-path routing protocols in Mobile Ad hoc Network Phu Hung Le withdrawal withdrawal withdarwal withdrawal
28 AHPCN2011-210 A Fault-tolerant Workflow Mapping Algorithm under End-to-end Delay Constraint Mengxia Zhu, Fei Cao Y Y Y Y
29 AHPCN2011-212 Chunk Fragmentation Level: An Effective Indicator for Read Performance Degradation in Deduplication Storage Youngjin Nam, Guanlin Lu, Nohhyun Park, Weijun Xiao, David Du Y Y Y Y
30 AHPCN2011-214 An Efficient Parallel SURF Algorithm for Multi-core Processor Liu Zhong, Xing BinChao, Chen YueYue, Chen HaiYan, Gong GuoHui withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
31 AHPCN2011-217 Design and Implementation of Cluster-based Routing Protocol using Message Success Rate in Sensor Networks Min Yoon, Jae-woo Chang Y S Y Y
32 AHPCN2011-221 A Data Parallel Approach to XML Parsing and Query Cheng-Han You, Sheng-De Wang Y Y Y Y
33 AHPCN2011-223 An adaptive scheduler framework for complex workflow jobs on grid systems Siddesh G M, Srinivasa K G Y S Y Y
34 AHPCN2011-225 A New Data Filtering Scheme Based on Statistical Data Analysis for Monitoring Systems in Wireless Sensor Network Seungtae Hong, Jae Woo Chang Y S Y Y
35 AHPCN2011-230 Communication-aware Task Partitioning and Voltage Scaling for Energy Minimization on Heterogeneous Parallel Systems Wang Guibin, Song Wei withdrawal withdrawal withdarwal withdrawal
36 AHPCN2011-231 A Novel Hierarchical Scheme for Route Optimization in Next Generation Mobile Network Tianhan Gao, Nan Guo withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
37 AHPCN2011-247 Index-based admission and routing of firm real-time jobs in multi-clusters: Computation and benchmarking Jose Nino-Mora Y Y Y Y
38 AHPCN2011-257 Secure Remote Access to Smart Energy Home Area Networks Binod Vaidya, Dimitrios Makrakis, Hussein Mouftah withdrawal withdrawal withdarwal withdrawal
39 AHPCN2011-265 Designing APU Oriented Scientific Computing Applications in OpenCL Matthew Doerksen, Steven Solomon, Parimala Thulasiraman Y Y Y Y
40 AHPCN2011-266 Novel data protection model in healthcare cloud Lingfeng Chen, Doan B. Hoang Y S Y Y
41 AHPCN2011-270 Optimizing Energy Consumption under Flow and Stretch Constraints Zhi Zhang, Fei Li withdrawal withdrawal withdarwal withdrawal
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