The 11th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC-09) 
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1 HPCC09-209 Automated Design of Logic Circuits with a Increasable evolution approach Guoliang HE, Naixue Xiong, Laurence T. Yang, Yuanxiang LI Y Y Y,S
2 HPCC09-212 Dynamically Filtering Thread-Local Variables in Lazy-Lazy Hardware Transactional Memory Sutirtha Sanyal, Adrian Cristal, Osman Unsal, Mateo Valero, Sourav Roy Y Y Y,S
3 HPCC09-216 Evaluation of Coordinated Grid Scheduling Strategies Ivan Rodero, Francesc Guim, Julita Corbalan Y Y Y
4 HPCC09-220 A Mixed Software Rejuvenation Policy for Multiple Degradations Software System Xiaozhi Du, Yong Qi, Di Hou Y Y B,S
5 HPCC09-228 Adaptive Voice Spam Control With User Behavior Analysis Yan Bai,  Xiao Su,  Bharat Bhargava Y Y Y
6 HPCC09-229 A Game Theory based Load-Balancing Routing with Cooperation Stimulation for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks fan jiang Y Y Y
7 HPCC09-233 A Highly-efficient Approach of Parallel Access to Routing Table on TBGP Lei Gao       Withdraw Withdraw Withdraw
8 HPCC09-234 Fast Parallel Expectation Maximization for Gaussian Mixture Models on GPUs using CUDA Phani Kumar Nyshadham, Sanjiv Satoor, Ian Buck       Y Y Y
9 HPCC09-237 A Framework for Effective Memory Optimization of High Performance Computing Applications Pingjing Lu, Yonggang Che, Zhenghua Wang       Y Y Y,S
10 HPCC09-239 Decoupling As a Foundation for Large Scale Parallel Computing Justin Y. Shi       Y Y Y
11 HPCC09-249 A New Grid-Based Cloaking Algorithm for Privacy Protection in Location-Based Services Jungho Um, Hyeongil Kim, Youngho Choi, Jaewoo Chang       Y Y Y,S
12 HPCC09-265 A Compensation-based Reliable Data Delivery for Instant Wireless Sensor Network Yi-Ying Zhang, Xi Luo, Myong-Soon PARK, Laurence T Yang, Lei Shu, Weiwei Fang       Y Y Y,S
13 HPCC09-273 Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Moving Beacon with a Directional Antenna Yao-Hung Wu, Wei-Mei Chen       Y Y Y,S
14 HPCC09-276 Efficient Mining of Weighted Frequent Patterns Over Data Streams Chowdhury Farhan Ahmed,Syed Khairuzzaman Tanbeer, Byeong-Soo Jeong, Young-Koo Lee       Y Y Y,S
15 HPCC09-278 Design of Structure-Free and Energy-Balanced Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks Chih-Min Chao, Tzu-Ying Hsiao       Y Y Y
16 HPCC09-279 Reliability Optimization of Reconfigurable Computing Based Fault-Tolerant System Mi Zhou, Li Hong Shang, Yu Hu       Y Y Y
17 HPCC09-281 A Cost Efficient Framework for Managing Distributed Resources in a Cluster Environment Amril Nazir, Hao Liu, Søren-Aksel Sørensen       Y Y Y,S
18 HPCC09-286 A Massively Parallel Approach to Affine Transformation in Medical Image Registration Huynh Luong, Jong Myon Kim       Y Y Y,S
19 HPCC09-294 Online Metatask Scheduling Heuristics for a Bidding-based Distributed System Chien-Min Wang, Hsi-Min Chen, Chun-Chen Hsu       Y Y Y
20 HPCC09-297 A Flexible Two-Layer Buffer Caching Scheme for Shared Storage Server meng xiaoxuan, si chengxiang, na wenwu, xu lu       Y Y Y,S
21 HPCC09-307 Performance of Triplet based Interconnection Strategy for Multi-Core On-Chip Processors Haroon-Ur-Rashid Khan, Shi Feng, Ji Weixing       Y Y Y,S
22 HPCC09-309 A Potential Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Dai-Young Kwon, Jae-Hwa Chung, Kyeong Hur, Won-Gyu Lee       Y Y Y
23 HPCC09-310 Matrix Inversion on the Cell/B.E. Processor Shodai Yokoyama, Kazuya Matsumoto, Stanislav Sedukhin       Y Y Y
24 HPCC09-311 Kahn process networks are a flexible alternative to MapReduce Zeljko Vrba, Paal Halvorsen, Carsten Griwodz, Paul Beskow       Y Y Y,S
25 HPCC09-312 On Instruction-Level Method for Reducing Cache Penalties in Embedded VLIW Processors Samir Ammenouche, Sid Ahmed Ali Touati, William Jalby       Y Y Y,S
26 HPCC09-313 Dynamic Communication-Efficient Parallel Sorting on SMPs Tipraporn Thanakulwarapas, Jeeraporn Werapun       Y Y Y
27 HPCC09-319 Parallel and Distributed Frequent Pattern Mining in Large Databases Syed Khairuzzaman Tanbeer, Chowdhury Farhan Ahmed, Byeong-Soo Jeong       Y Y Y,S
28 HPCC09-325 Link Quality Aware Route Discovery for Robust Routing and High Performance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Sangman Moh       Y Y Y
29 HPCC09-326 A Streaming Intrusion Detection System for Grid Computing Environments Matthew Smith, Fabian Schwarzer, Marian Harbach, Thomas Noll, Bernd Freisleben       Y Y Y
30 HPCC09-334 Evaluating Providerí»s Risk Assessment Reliability in Grid Resource Brokering Iain Gourlay, Karim Djemame, James Padgett       Y Y Y
31 HPCC09-335 Balancing Data Locality and Parallelism on Shared-cache Multi-core Systems Michael Jason Cade, Apan Qasem       Y Y Y
32 HPCC09-336 Graph-based task replication for workflow applications Raul Sirvent, Rosa M. Badia, Jesus Labarta       Y Y Y
33 HPCC09-340 Adaptive Multi-Channel Utilization Scheme for Coexistence of IEEE802.15.4 LR-WPAN with Other Interfering Systems Kwang-il Hwang       Y Y Y
34 HPCC09-362 A Pattern-Based General Security Framework : An eBusiness Case Study Azzedine Benameur, Smriti K.Sinha, Ayda Saidane       Y Y Y
35 HPCC09-365 On Achieving the Maximum Internet Capacity in Wireless Mesh Networks Bin Xie, Haitong Wang, Dharma Agrawal       Y Y Y
36 HPCC09-367 Dynamic Routing Layer for Data Query in Wireless Sensor Networks zusheng zhang, fengqi yu, liang chen       Y Y Y,S
37 HPCC09-368 A Hybrid System with Hidden Markov Models and Gaussian Mixture Models for Myocardial Infarction Classification with 12-Lead ECGs Pei-Chann Chang, Jui-Chien Hsieh, Jyun-Jie Lin, Yen-Hung Chou       Y Y Y,S
38 HPCC09-369 A High Energy Efficient Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Directional Antenna baoli zhang, fengqi yu       Y Y Y,S
39 HPCC09-374 Fast Live Cloning of Virtual Machine Based on Xen Yifeng Sun, Yingwei Luo, Xiaolin Wang, Zhenlin Wang, Binbin Zhang, Haogang Chen, Xiaoming Li       Y Y Y
40 HPCC09-375 Frame-based Architecture with Shared Buffers for Slotted Optical Packet Switching Guan-Hong Jhou, Woei Lin       Y Y Y,S
41 HPCC09-377 Mobile Agent Optimization Analysis of Least Time Approach Versus V-Agent Faiz Al-Shrouf       Withdraw Withdraw Withdraw
42 HPCC09-382 Neighbors Investment Geographic Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network Jianxin Wang, Huiyu Liu, Xiangning Zhao       Y Y Y
43 HPCC09-392 Grid Network Dimensioning by Modeling the Deadline Constrained Bulk Data Transfers Kashif Munir, Pascale Primet, Michael Welzl       Y Y Y,S
44 HPCC09-393 A Simple Performance Model for Multithreaded Applications Executing on Non-Uniform Memory Access Computers Rui Yang, Joseph Antony, Alistair Rendell       Y Y Y
45 HPCC09-394 Efficient Geo-Tracking and Adaptive Routing of Mobile Assets Dineshbalu Balakrishnan, Amiya Nayak, Pulak Dhar, Shailesh Kaul       Y Y Y,S
46 HPCC09-395 Polymorphic Worm Detection Using Signatures Based on Jie Wang, Jianxin Wang, Jianer Chen       Y Y  
47 HPCC09-405 A Priority-based Hybrid Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks Hsu-Jung Liu, Mei-Wen Huang, Wen-Shyong Hsieh, Chenhuan Jack Jan       Y Y Y,S
48 HPCC09-420 Parallel Dense Gauss-Seidel Algorithm on Many-Core Processors Hadrien Courtecuisse, Jeremie Allard       Y Y Y
49 HPCC09-423 Cache-aware load balancing vs cooperative caching for distributed search engines David Dominguez-Sal, Marta Perez-Casany, Josep Lluis Larriba-Pey       Y Y Y
50 HPCC09-424 Efficient Java Communication Libraries over InfiniBand Guillermo L. Taboada, Juan Tourino, Ramon Doallo, Yao Lin, Jizhong Han       Y Y Y,S
51 HPCC09-425 Performance Evaluation of Unified Parallel C Collective Communications Guillermo L. Taboada, Carlos Teijeiro, Juan Tourino, Basilio B. Fraguela, Ramon Doallo, Jose Carlos Mourino, Damian A. Mallon, Andres Gomez       Y Y Y
52 HPCC09-427 Resource Leasing and the Art of Suspending Virtual Machines Borja Sotomayor, Ruben S. Montero, Ignacio M. Llorente, Ian Foster       Y Y Y,S
53 HPCC09-429 N-Level Diskless Checkpointing Doug Hakkarinen, Zizhong Chen       Y Y Y
54 HPCC09-431 6LoWPAN-SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol for 6LoWPAN Haksoo Choi, Nakyoung Kim, Hojung Cha       Y Y Y
55 HPCC09-438 On the Performance of Commit-Time-Locking Based Software Transactional Memory Zhengyu He, Bo Hong       Y Y Y,S
56 HPCC09-439 Natural Instruction Level Parallelism-aware Compiler for High-Performance QueueCore Processor Architecture Ben A. Abderazek, Masashi Masuda, Arquimedes Canedo       Withdraw Withdraw Withdraw
57 HPCC09-440 Load Scheduling Strategies for Parallel DNA Sequencing Applications
Sudha Gunturu, Xiaolin Li, Laurence Yang       Y Y Y
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