The 13th International Workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems (FTDCS-2011)
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1 FTDCS2011-3 Striking the Balance between Content Diversity and Content Importance in Swarm-Based P2P Streaming Chun-Yun Chan, Cheng-Fu Chou,
Ming-Hung Chen Y Y Y
2 FTDCS2011-4 A Cyber-Physical System for Public Environment Perception and Emergency Handling Wei Meng, Quan Liu, Wenjun Xu, Zude Zhou Y S Y
3 FTDCS2011-9 Connecting Two Worlds: Physical Models and Graph Models of Wireless Network Topologies Andras Farago, Stefano Basagni Y Y Y
4 FTDCS2011-10 The limitation of L2 prefetcher on pointer-chasing applications Yan Huang, Hui-dong Zhu, Zhi-min Gu, Min Cai, Jianxun Zhang, Ninghan Zheng withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
5 FTDCS2011-12 An Efficient Anonymous Key Agreement Protocol based on Chaotic Maps Huei-Ru Tseng, Emery Jou Y Y Y
6 FTDCS2011-13 Web Service Discovery Based on User Requirements Lei Xu, Lianjie Chen, Baowen Xu, Hongji Yang Y Y Y
7 FTDCS2011-14 Providing Network Performance Isolation in VDE-based Cloud Computing Systems Vijeta Rathore, Jonghun Yoo, Jaesoo Lee, Seongsoo Hong Y Y Y
8 FTDCS2011-15 OWL model to support business process and web services in SOA Environments JoonSeok Park, Taewoo Nam, Keunhyuk Yeom Y S Y
9 FTDCS2011-16 Autonomous Community Cooperation Technology for Real-Time Transmission of Emergency Information Fan Wei, Md.Emadadul Haque, Kohei Ishii, Takehiro Gouda, Xiaodong Lu, Kinji Mori Y S Y
10 FTDCS2011-17 Implementation of a Green Power Management Algorithm for Virtual Machines on Cloud Computing Chao-Tung Yang, Kuan-Chieh Wang, Hsiang-Yao Cheng, Cheng-Ta Kuo, Willaim Cheng-Chung Chu Y Y Y
11 FTDCS2011-19 Circuit Emulation Services over EPON based on Preemptive Priority Medium Access Control Wen-Kang Jia Y S Y
13 FTDCS2011-21 Enhancing Interoperability in Cross-Platform Enterprise Mashups through Data Aggregation and Extraction Max Tritschler, Robert Kleinfeld, Stephan Steglich Y Y Y
14 FTDCS2011-22 Towards Privacy and Integrity Preservation through Fine-Grained Policies in Client-Side Web Mashups Martin Lasak, Louay Bassbouss, Stephan Steglich withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
15 FTDCS2011-24 Leveraging Fragmental Semantic Data to Enhance Services Discovery Jian Wang, Jia Zhang, Jianxiao Liu, Zheng Li, Keqing He Y Y Y
16 FTDCS2011-26 A Dilemma in Assessing Stability of Feature Selection Algorithms Salem Alelyani, Zheng Zhao, Huan Liu Y ? Y
17 FTDCS2011-28 A Pre-authentication Scheme on WiMAX for QoS Improvement of Mobile Services Yaw-Chung Chen, Wei-Yun Chang, Chen-Hua Shih Y S Y
18 FTDCS2011-29 Anonymous Service Usage and Payment in Service-based Systems Stephen S. Yau, Ho G. An Y Y Y
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