The 3rd International Workshop on Ubiquitous UnderWater Sensor Network 2009 (UUWSN09) 
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1 UUWSN09-03 LNFB: Locate Nodes using Floating Beacons for Underwater Sensor Networks Eunchan Kim, Sangho Lee, ChungsanKim, Kiseon Kim, Gi-Sung Kim withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
2 UUWSN09-07 State-of-the-Art of Medium Access Protocols for Underwater Networks Hemant Kavadia withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
3 UUWSN09-10 Efficient UDD Architecture For Underwater Wireless Acoustic Sensor Network Seung-Joo Lee, Jeong-Il Namgung, Soo-Hyun Park Y Y Y
4 UUWSN09-16 An Underwater Communication Model using TMS320C6416 DSK Tae-Hee Won, Jun-Ho Jeon, Sung-Joon Park Y Y Y
5 UUWSN09-19 Neighbor nodes aware MAC Scheduling Scheme in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Nam-Yeol Yun, Hui-Jin Cho, Soo-Hyun Park Y Y Y
6 UUWSN09-21 Design of OFDM System for High Speed
Underwater Communication
Jeong-woo Han, Se-young Kim, Ki-man Kim, Seung-yong Chun, Kwon Son Y Y Y
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