The International Workshop on Ubiquitous Network Computing 2009 (UNC09) 
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1 UNC09-102 Temporal Segmentation Based on Video Coding Weiping Luo, withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
2 UNC09-103 Study on Information Management System of Rapier Loom Xiao Weibing, Mei Shunqi withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
3 UNC09-104 An Improved Chinese Segmentation Algorithm Based on New Dictionary Construction Niu Yan, Li Lala, Y Y Y
4 UNC09-105 Research on Routing in 802.11-based Wireless Mesh Networks Hao zimian, Wei Xiong,, Y Y Y
5 UNC09-110 Network Bandwidth Allocation Based on QoS in iSCSI OSD Storage System Yong Su Y Y Y
6 UNC09-111 Implementation of Unlimited Integer Kong Weiguang, Wang Yuan Y Y Y
7 UNC09-114 A Videoconference System On the Campus Networks Based on H.323 Protocol Yean Yin, WenBing Lu, Ke zhang Y Y Y
8 UNC09-117 A Research on the Self-applicable Network Virtual Storage Data Distribution Arithmetic Wei Xiong, Xu Xianbin, Xiao jing Y Y Y
9 UNC09-118 Mobile Agent-Based Data Gathering for Web Image Retrieval Ruhan He, Yong Zhu Y Y Y
10 UNC09-120 Application of Support Vector Machine in Coal and Gas Outburst Area Prediction Yongbao Wang, Naixue Xiong, Yong Zhao, withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
11 UNC09-121 Wireless ECG Monitoring System Based on OMAP Jing Liang, Yinqin Wu, Y Y Y
12 UNC09-122 Edge Detection based on Fast Adaptive Mean Shift Algorithm Yong Zhu, Ruhan He, Zhiguang Zhang Y Y Y
13 UNC09-124 An improved SPECK algorithm with bit plane lifting and the optimal single value prediction Xubing Zhang, Yong Zhu, Jianhong Fu Y Y Y
14 UNC09-127 Ride Comfort Simulation Based on the Vibration Characteristics of the Two-mass System of Vehicle Body and Wheels H. X. Yang, F. M. Chen, Y Y Y
15 UNC09-128 An Analysis and Hierarchical Decomposition for HAMs Du Xiaoqin, Li Qinghua , Han Jianjun,, Y Y Y
16 UNC09-130 Computer Calculation and Plotting on Dynamical Phase Diagrams of Carbon Steel Zou Qing-hua, Chen Li, Zou Sheng-zhong, Wang Chuan-bing, Y Y Y
17 UNC09-137 A Survey on Fault-tolerance in Distributed Network Systems Neal Xiong, et al. Y Y Y
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