Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing in Healthcare (UbiHealth09)
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1 UbiHealth09-04 A Hybrid Computational Approach for the Prediction of Small Non-coding RNAs from Genome Sequences Ning Yu, KyuHong Cho, Qiang Cheng, Rafael A Tesorero Y Y Y
2 UbiHealth09-08 A New Computational Tool for the Post Session Analysis of
the Prepulse Inhibition Test in Neuralscience
Hongju Yang, Hongbo Zhou, Haiyun Xu, Qiang Cheng Y Y Y
3 UbiHealth09-12 WiFi-Based Telemedicine System: Signal Accuracy and Security Huyu Qu Y Y Y
4 UbiHealth09-14 Fast Fusion of Medical Images Based on Bayesian Risk Minimization and Pixon Map Hongbo Zhou, Qiang Cheng Y Y Y
5 UbiHealth09-22 Using Discovery and Monitoring Services to Support Context-Aware Remote Assisted Living Application Andr Luiz B. Rodrigues, Izabela C. Gomes, Leila N. Bezerra, Alexandre Sztajnberg, Srgio T. Carvalho, Alessandro Copetti, Orlando Loques Y Y Y
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