The 2009 IEEE/IFIP International Symposium on Trusted Computing and Communications (TrustCom-09)
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1 TrustCom09-29 Identity-based Proxy Signature scheme based on quadratic Hu Xiong, Zhiguang Qin, Fagen Li withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
2 TrustCom09-31 A Novel Intrusion Detection Method from Ideas of Immunology Jie Zeng, Tao Li, Guiyang Li withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
3 TrustCom09-32 Java Fault Emulation and A Preliminary Fault Injection Framework Ang Jin, Jianhui Jiang, Jungang Lou, Jiaxiang Liu withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
4 TrustCom09-33 Reliable Identities using off-the-shelf hardware security in MANETs Nicolai Kuntze, Carsten Rudolph, Andreas Fuchs Y Y Y
5 TrustCom09-37 Obfuscation Mechanism in Conjunction with Tamper-Proof Module Kazuhide Fukushima, Shinsaku Kiyomoto, Toshiaki Tanaka Y Y Y
6 TrustCom09-43 Concurrency control stategy to reduce frequent rollbacks in Mobile Environments Salman Abdul Moiz, Lakshmi Rajamani Y Y Y
7 TrustCom09-50 TSGen: A UML Activity Diagram-based Test Scenario Generation Tool Chang-ai Sun, Baobao Zhang, Jin Li Y Y Y
8 TrustCom09-51 An anonymous property-based attestation protocol from bilinear maps Yu Qin, DengGuo Feng, Zhen Xu Y Y Y
9 TrustCom09-52 An effective RM-based scheduling algorithm for Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Systems wanfu ding, ruifeng guo Y Y Y
10 TrustCom09-53 DAAODV: A Secure Ad-hoc Routing Protocol based on Direct Anonymous Attestation WenChao Huang, Yan Xiong, Depin Chen Y Y Y
11 TrustCom09-54 TBDRM: A TPM-Based Secure DRM Architecture Aimin Yu, Dengguo Feng, Ren Liu Y Y Y
12 TrustCom09-56 Secret Image Sharing Strongly Robust Against Tampering. Ziba Eslami, Seyyed Hossein Razzaghi, Jamal Zarepour Ahmadabadi withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
13 TrustCom09-57 Optimal LFSR-Coding Test Data Compression Based on Test Cube Dividing Huaguo Liang, Maoxiang Yi, Kaihua Zhan, Cuiyun Jiang Y Y Y
14 TrustCom09-59 L-UCON: Towards Layered Access Control with UCON Hao Hu, Hao Li, Dengguo Feng Y Y Y
15 TrustCom09-60 Security Protocol Testing Using Attack Trees Anderson Morais, Eliane Martins, Ana Cavalli, Willy Jimenez Y Y Y
16 TrustCom09-61 Hardware Containers for Software Components: A Trusted Platform for COTS-Based Systems Eugen Leontie, Gedare Bloom, Bhagirath Narahari, Rahul Simha, Joseph Zambreno Y Y Y
17 TrustCom09-62 Distributed Node Selection for Threshold Key Management with Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks F. Richard Yu, Helen Tang, Fei Wang Y Y Y
18 TrustCom09-63 Data deletion with time-aware adversary model Marek Klonowski, Michal Przykucki, Tomasz Struminski Y Y Y
19 TrustCom09-66 Bio-Chaotic Stream Cipher-Based Iris Image Encryption Abdullah Alghamdi, Hanif Ullah, Maqsood Mahmud, Muhammad Khurram Khan Y Y Y
20 TrustCom09-67 HASS: Highly Available, Scalable and Secure Distributed Data Storage Systems Zhiqian Xu, Hai Jiang Y Y Y
21 TrustCom09-68 Multidimensional dynamic trust management for federated services Boursas Latifa, Hommel Wolfgang Y Y Y
22 TrustCom09-69 A New Verifiable Multi-secret Sharing Scheme Based On Bilinear Maps Ziba Eslami, Saideh Kabirirad withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
23 TrustCom09-70 Misbehavior Detection using Implicit Trust Relations in the AODV Routing Protocol Mohamed Ali Ayachi, Christophe Bidan, Tarek Abbes, Adel Bouhoula Y Y Y
24 TrustCom09-73 Fault Tolerance in MANETs Using a Task-to-Resource Reallocation Framework Adrian Lauf, William Robinson Y Y Y
25 TrustCom09-74 A Software Based Approach for Trusted Agent Execution on Malicious Host Sarosh Hashmi, John Brooke Y Y Y
26 TrustCom09-75 On the Definition of Trust for Computer/Network Security Lok Yan withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
27 TrustCom09-76 A Direct Anonymous Attestation Protocol Based on Hierarchical Group Signature YU Rong-wei, WANG Li-na Y Y Y
28 TrustCom09-79 A smart card power analysis simulator Cline Thuillet, Philippe Andouard, Olivier Ly Y Y Y
29 TrustCom09-81 Personal Information Classification for Privacy Negotiation InJoo Jang, HyeongSeon Yoo withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
30 TrustCom09-82 A GEP-based Anomaly Detection Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks Honglei Gao, Guolong Chen, Wenzhong Guo Y Y Y
31 TrustCom09-83 RepCom: Towards Reputation Composition over Peer-To-Peer Communities Gang Yin, Huaimin Wang Y Y Y
32 TrustCom09-84 Quasi-Classical Semantics and Tableau Calculus of Description Logics for Paraconsistent Reasoning in the Semantic Web Hui Hou, Jinzhao Wu Y Y Y
33 TrustCom09-85 Light-weight Hardware Return Address and Stack Frame Tracking to Prevent Function Return Address Attack Wen-Fu Kao, S. Felix Wu Y Y Y
34 TrustCom09-86 A Novel Server-based Application Execution Architecture Chao Chen, Zhiyong Tan, Shuren Liao, Qiuyan Zhang, Yiqi Dai Y Y Y
35 TrustCom09-88 A Multi-Party Contract Signing Protocol and its Implementation via Trusted Computing Zhenyu Wang, Xiangdong Li, Yu Wang, Xuetao Sun, Ruimin Wang Y Y Y
36 TrustCom09-89 Modeling and Analysis of Trust Management for Cognitive Mission-driven Group Communication Systems in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Jin-Hee Cho, Anathram Swami, Ing-Ray Chen Y Y Y
37 TrustCom09-90 Trust-based countermeasures for securing OLSR protocol Asmaa Adnane, Christophe Bidan Y Y Y
38 TrustCom09-92 Design and Validation of PATRICIA for the Mitigation of Network Flooding Attacks Lan Wang, Qishi Wu, Yaoqing Liu Y Y Y
39 TrustCom09-93 Customisation in Trusted P2P Group Interaction Rachid Anane, Steven Marrocco withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
40 TrustCom09-94 HACK: A Health-based Access Control Mechanism for Dynamic Enterprise Environments Chenjia Wang, Kevin Monaghan, Weisong Shi Y Y Y
41 TrustCom09-95 An Efficient Privacy Preserving Keyword Search Scheme in Cloud Computing Qin Liu, Guojun Wang, Jie Wu Y Y Y
42 TrustCom09-96 RBAC-based Secure Interoperation using Constraint Logic Programming Jinwei Hu, Ruixuan Li, Zhengding Lu Y Y Y
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