The 7th IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC-09)
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1 EUC09-122 Grouping-based Dynamic Power Management for Multi-threaded Programs in Chip-Multiprocessors Mu-Kai Huang,  Wei-Mei Chen,  J. Morris Chang Y Y Y
2 EUC09-124 Extended Dempster-Shafer Theory in Context Reasoning for Ubiquitous Computing Environments Daqiang Zhang,  Jiannong Cao,  Jingyu Zhou,  Minyi Guo,  Nicole Kwoh Y Y Y
3 EUC09-126 Better than optimal: fast identification of custom instruction candidates Joseph Reddington,  Gregory Gutin,  Anders Yeo,  Adrian Johnstone,  Elizabeth Scott Y Y Y
4 EUC09-129 Reducing Leakage Power of JPEG Image on Asymmetric SRAM Yu-Hsun Lin,  Xuan-Yi Lin,  Yeh-Ching Chung Y Y Y
5 EUC09-131 A K-Stage Pipelined Bloom Filter for Packet Classification Mahmood Ahmadi Y Y Y
6 EUC09-137 mBrace: Action-based Performance Monitoring of Multi-Tier Web Applications Andrej van der Zee,  Alexandre Courbot,  Tatsuo Nakajima Y Y Y
7 EUC09-138 2T-DHT: A Two Tier DHT for Implementing Publish/Subscribe Mayank Pandey,  Syed Mushtaq,  Banshi Dhar Chaudhary Y Y Y
8 EUC09-142 Evaluating the Performance of a chaos genetic algorithm for solving the Network on Chip Mapping Problem Fahime Moein-darbari, Ahmad Khademzadeh, Golnar Gharooni-fard Y Y B
9 EUC09-144 Optimizing Embedded Virtual Machines Joel Koshy,  Raju Pandey,  Ingwar Wirjawan Y Y Y
10 EUC09-145 OUCE: Crossing the Chasm in Ubiquitous Computing Technology Adoption Yong Liu,  Kay Connelly withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
11 EUC09-148 A Recommendation Framework towards Personalized Services in Intelligent Museum Shandan Zhou,  Xingshe Zhou,  Zhiwen Yu,  Kaibo Wang,  Haipeng Wang,  Hongbo Ni Y Y Y
12 EUC09-151 Support of Paged Register Files for Improving Context Switching on Embedded Processors Jenq-Kuen Lee,  Chung-Wen Huang,  Kun-Yuan Hsieh,  Jia-Jhe Li Y Y Y
13 EUC09-153 On the Design of a Suitable Hardware Platform for Protocol Stack Processing in LTE Terminals Sebastian Hessel,  David Szczesny,  Shadi Traboulsi,  Attila Bilgic,  Josef Hausner Y Y Y
14 EUC09-155 Improving Hybrid Flash-Disk Storage by Incorporating Sequential Pattern Mining into Fully-Associative Sector Translation Un-Keun Yoon,  Han-joon Kim Y Y Y
15 EUC09-157 Rotation Scheduling and Voltage Assignment to Minimize Energy For SoC Meikang Qiu,  Laurence Yang,  Edwin Sha,  Jiande Wu Y Y Y
16 EUC09-161 Coordinated Runtime Adaptations in Cooperative Open Real-Time Systems Luis Nogueira,  Luis Miguel Pinho,  Jorge Coelho Y Y Y
17 EUC09-162 Adaptive and Intelligent Route Learning for Mobile Assets using Geo-Tracking and Context Profiles Dineshbalu Balakrishnan, Amiya Nayak, Pulak Dhar Y Y Y
18 EUC09-163 Dynamic Reconfigurable Shaders with Load Balancing for Embedded Graphics Processing Yi-Chi Chen,  Hui-Chin Yang,  Chung-Ping Chung,  Wei-Ting Wang Y Y Y
19 EUC09-165 Real Time Multiple Object Tracking Using Tracking Matrix Fei HAO,  Zhenjiang MIAO Y Y Y
20 EUC09-168 Design and Implementation of WLAN-based Automatic Vehicle Identification System Hyun-Sung Park, Seung-Chur Yang, Doo-Hwan Oh,  Jong-Deok Kim Y Y Y
21 EUC09-170 Design of an RFID Air Protocol Filtering Technique Hyun-Sung Park,  Jong-Deok Kim Y Y Y
22 EUC09-172 Real Time Rectification for Stereo Correspondence Khurram Jawed,  John Morris,  Tariq Khan,  Georgy Gimel'farb Y Y Y
23 EUC09-173 A Middleware for Controlling the Execution of Composite Servic Xinfeng Ye, Yi Chen Y Y Y
24 EUC09-174 Reducing Code Size by Graph Coloring Register Allocation and Assignment Algorithm for Mixed-width ISA Processor Jyh-Shian Wang,  I-Wei Wu,  Yu-Sheng Chen,  Jyh-Jiun Shann Y Y Y
25 EUC09-176 A Region-based Allocation Approach for Page-based Scratch-Pad Memory in Embedded Systems Sheng-Wei Huang,  Yung-Chang Chiu,  Zhong-Ho Chen,  Ce-Kuen Shieh,  Alvin Wen-Yu Su,  Tyng-Yeu Liang Y Y Y
26 EUC09-177 Comparison of Bank Change Mechanisms for Banked Reduced Encoding Architectures Je-Hyung Lee,  Soo-Mook Moon,  Hyung-Kyu Choi Y Y Y
27 EUC09-178 Avoiding Delay Jitter in Cyber-Physical Systems Using One Way Delay Variations Model Huthaifa Al-Omari,  Francis Wolff,  Christos Papachristou,  David McIntyre Y Y Y
28 EUC09-183 Architectural Support for Automated Software Attack Detection, Recovery, and Prevention
Jesse Sathre,  Alex Baumgarten,  Joseph Zambreno Y Y Y
29 EUC09-184 Leveraging Computation Sharing and Parallel Processing in Location-Based Services Jonathan Cazalas,  Kien Hua Y Y Y
30 EUC09-185 Finding The Needle: Suppression of False Alarms in Large Intrusion Detection Data Sets James Treinen,  Ramakrishna Thurimella Y Y Y
31 EUC09-186 The More Relay Node, The More Energy Efficient? Ying Zhu,  Qi Han Y Y Y
32 EUC09-187 MALADY: A Machine Learning-based Autonomous Decision-Making System for Sensor Networks Sudha Krishnamurthy,  Geethapriya Thamilarasu Y Y Y
33 EUC09-188 Optimizations of Component Connection for Embedded Component System Takuya Azumi,  Hiroshi Oyama,  Hiroaki Takada Y Y Y
34 EUC09-189 Implementation of Rate Control in Distributed Wireless Multicast by Neural Network Prediction Naixue Xiong,  Laurence T. Yang Y Y Y
35 EUC09-194 A Two-stage Bootloader to Support Multi-application Deployment and Switching in Wireless Sensor Networks Alan Marchiori,  Qi Han Y Y Y
36 EUC09-199 Completely distributed low duty cycle communication for long-living sensor networks Marcin Brzozowski,  Hendrik Salomon,  Peter Langendoerfer Y Y Y
37 EUC09-206 GUPSS: A Gateway-based Ubiquitous Platform for Smart Spaces Kawashima Tomomi,  Jianhua Ma,  Runhe Huang,  Bernady O. Apduhan Y Y Y
38 EUC09-208 Residual Time Aware Forwarding for Randomly Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks Long Cheng, Canfeng Chen, Jian Ma, Lei Shu, Hongyang Chen, Laurence T. Yang Y Y Y
39 EUC09-211 Analysing BitTorrent¡¯s Seeding Strategies Xinuo Chen,  Stephen Jarvis Y Y Y
40 EUC09-213 WCET Analysis of the uC/OS-II Real-Time Kernel Mingsong Lv,  Nan Guan,  Yi Zhang,  Rui Chen,  Qingxu Deng,  Ge Yu,  Wang Yi Y Y Y
41 EUC09-214 Dynamic Scratch-pad Memory Management with Data Pipelining for Embedded Systems Yanqin Yang,  Meng Wang,  Zili Shao,  Minyi Guo Y Y Y
42 EUC09-217 Self-adaptation of Fault Tolerance Requirements using Contracts Andr¨¦ Luiz B. Rodrigues,  Leila Negris Bezerra,  Alexandre Sztajnberg,  Orlando Loques Y Y Y
43 EUC09-218 Distributed Agents network for ubiquitous monitoring and services exploitation Rocco Aversa,  Beniamino Di Martino,  Salvatore Venticinque Y Y Y
44 EUC09-219 A Tree-structured Intelligence Entity Pool and Its Sharing among Ubiquitous objects Runhe Huang,  Jianhua Ma Y Y Y
45 EUC09-229 A Lightweight Architecture for Secure Two-Party Mobile Payment Yunpu Zhu,  Jacqueline E. Rice Y Y Y
46 EUC09-235  Swift mode changes in memory constrained real-time systems Mike Holenderski,  Reinder Bril,  Johan Lukkien Y Y Y
47 EUC09-238 Control-channel-Reuse-based Multiple-channel MAC (CRM-MAC) for Ad-Hoc Networks Divya Sardana,  Qing-An Zeng Y Y Y
48 EUC09-241 Performance analysis of an HMM-based gesture recognition using a wristwatch device Roman Amstutz, Oliver Amft, Asim Smailagic, Dan Siewiorek, Gerhard Tr{"o}ster Y Y Y
49 EUC09-249 Visible and IR Data Fusion Technique Using the Contourlet Transform Soad Ibrahim,  Michael Wirth Y Y Y
50 EUC09-256 Fast Inter Mode Decision Algorithm Based on the MB Activity for MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC Transcoding Xingang Liu, Wei Zhu, Kook-Yeol Yoo Y Y Y
Total 50       49 49 49
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