Symposium on Embedded and Pervasive Systems (EPS-09)      
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1 EPS09-112 Codesign of Embedded Systems with Process/Module Level Real-time Deadlines Gul Khan,  Anika Awwal Y Y Y Y      
2 EPS09-116 Pricing the American Option using Reconfigurable Hardware Christopher Wynnyk,  Malik Magdon-Ismail Y Y Y Y      
3 EPS09-118 HyperCircle: An Efficient Broadcast Protocol for Super Peer P2P Networks Feiyu Lin,  Christopher Henricsson,  Syed Muhammad Abbas,  Kurt Sandkuhl Y Y Y Y      
4 EPS09-119 A Hierarchical Authentication Scheme for the Different Radio Ranges Sensor Networks Ang Gao,  Jizhong Zhao,  Zhixiao Wang Y Y Y Y      
5 EPS09-141 Chosing Service Directory Nodes in a Service Discovery Model for Mobile ad-hoc Networks Shengrong Bu,  Peter Liu,  N/A Y Y Y Y      
6 EPS09-143 QoS-Aware Power Management for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Network Utilizing Reinforcement Learning Cheng-Ting Liu,  Roy Chaoming Hsu,  Wei-Ming Lee,  Kuan-Chieh Wang Y Y Y Y      
7 EPS09-146 A New Energy-Balanced Data Aggregation Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks Rabindra Bista, Yong-Ki Kim,  Young-Ho Choi, Jae-Woo Chang Y Y Y Y      
8 EPS09-147 Processing Approximate Moving Range Queries in Mobile Sensor Environments Antoniya Petkova,  Kien A. Hua,  Alexander Aved Y Y Y Y      
9 EPS09-152 Practical Implementation of A Middleware and Software Component Architecture Supporting Reconfiguration of Real-Time Embedded Systems Mariusz Pelc,  Richard Anthony,  Paul Ward,  James Hawthorne Y Y Y Y      
10 EPS09-156 Efficient and Adapted Component-Based Strategies for Embedded Software Device Drivers Development Juan Navas,  Jean-Philippe Babau Y Y Y Y      
11 EPS09-158 Rehoming decision algorithm: design and empirical evaluation Amine DHRAIEF,  Nicolas MONTAVONT Y Y Y Y      
12 EPS09-160  Prospector: Multiscale Energy Measurement of Networked Embedded Systems with Wideband Power Signals Kenji Yamamoto,  Paul Flikkema Y Y Y Y      
13 EPS09-166 Performance Improvement for Flash Memories using Loop Optimization Joon-Young Paik,  Eun-Sun Cho,  Tae-Sun Chung Y Y Y Y      
14 EPS09-167 Precision Time Synchronization using IEEE 1588 for Wireless Sensor Networks Hyuntae Cho,  Yeonsu Jung,  Bongrae Cho,  Youngwoo Jin,  Seung-Woo Lee,  Yunju Baek Y Y Y Y      
15 EPS09-169 Design of OFDM System for High Speed underwater communication Jeong-woo Han,  Se-young Kim,  Ki-man Kim,  Seung-yong Chun,  Kwon Son withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
16 EPS09-171 An Analysis of Vehicular Roaming through Multiple WLAN APs in a Container Terminal Hyun-Sung Park,  Seung-Ho Han,  Jong-Deok Kim Y Y Y Y      
17 EPS09-180 Accumulating a Personalised Ubiquitous Learning Platform for Enhancing the Third Level Educational Experience Olapeju Latifat Ayoola,  Dr Eleni Mangina Y Y Y Y      
18 EPS09-196 Optimizing the Path-Points Identification for Data Mules in Mobile WSNs Jingdong Xu,  Liang He,  Yuntao Yu,  Boxing Liu withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
19 EPS09-198 A Failure Adapted, Load-balanced Distributed Routing for Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Networks Shahram Nourizadeh,  Y.Q. Song,  J.P. Thomesse Y Y Y Y      
20 EPS09-200 MAW: A Reliable Lightweight Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocol Kunjan Patel,  Jong Chern Lim,  Wim Vanderbauwhede Y Y Y Y      
21 EPS09-201 Dispatch of Mobile Resources in Wireless Sensor Networks Tzung-Shi Chen,  Hua-Wen Tsai,  Chih-Wei Wei Y Y Y Y      
22 EPS09-202 Service-Oriented Adaptation in Ubiquitous Computing Environments Kurt Geihs,  Roland Reichle,  Michael Wagner,  Mohammad Khan Y Y Y Y      
23 EPS09-212 Self-Organized Data-Energy-Aware Clustering and Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks Ehssan Sakhaee,  Naoki Wakamiya,  Masayuki Murata Y Y Y Y      
24 EPS09-216 A Hierarchical primitive lists structure for tile-based rendering Chih-Chieh Hsiao,  Hui-Chin Yang,  Chung-Ping Chung Y Y Y Y      
25 EPS09-221 Blocked-Z Test for Reducing Rasterization, Z Test and Shading Workloads Hong-Wei Chen,  Hui-Chin Yang,  Chung-Ping Chung Y Y Y Y      
26 EPS09-222 Methods for Precise False-Overlap Detection in Tile-based Rendering Hsiu-ching Hsieh,  Hui-Chin Yang,  Chih-Chieh Hsiao,  Jean Jyh-Jiun Shann,  Chung-Ping Chung Y Y Y Y      
27 EPS09-223 H-Buffer: An Efficient History-Based and Overflow Sharing Transparent Fragment Storage Method Tung-Lin Lu,  Hui-Chin Yang,  Chung-Ping Chung Y Y Y Y      
28 EPS09-224 The Software and Hardware Intergration Linker for Reconfigurable Embedded System Jih-Ching Chiu,  Ta-Li Yeh Y Y Y Y      
29 EPS09-225 Delayed Interrupt Processing Technique for Reducing Latency Time of Timer Interrupt in Embedded Linux Dai MaoBing,  Ishikawa Yutaka Y Y Y Y      
30 EPS09-226 On the design of flexible real-time schedulers for embedded systems Hugo Marcondes,  Rafael Cancian,  Marcelo Stemmer,  Antônio Augusto Fröhlich Y Y Y Y      
31 EPS09-227 Localization of shipping containers in ports and terminals using wireless sensor networks Stefano Abbate,  Marco Avvenuti,  Paolo Corsini,  Alessio Vecchio Y Y Y Y      
32 EPS09-231 Evaluation of an Adaptive PI Rate Controller for Congestion Control in Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks Chung-Horng Lung,  Oliver Yang Y Y Y Y      
33 EPS09-236 A Time & Energy Efficient Topology Discovery and Scheduling Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Abdulaziz Barnawi,  Roshdy Hafez Y Y Y Y      
34 EPS09-237 Caching-based Multipath Routing Protocol Vineet Joshi,  Xuefu Zhou,  Qing-An Zeng Y Y Y Y      
35 EPS09-239 A Coordinating Multiple Channel Assignment Scheme and AP Deployment in Wireless Networks Fang Yie,  Yao Tien, Pei-Xun Leu Y Y Y Y      
36 EPS09-240 Are You a Safe Driver Lonnie Langle,  Ram Dantu Y Y Y Y      
37 EPS09-243 Approach of context-aware computing with uncertainty for ubiquitous active service Degan Zhang withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
38 EPS09-251 The Dynamic Allocation Model of Computing Resource Based on MAS Cooperation Mechanism Weijin Jiang withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
39 EPS09-255 Black Bridge: A Scatternet Formation Algorithm for Solving a New Emerging Problem Yanqin Yang,  Minyi Guo,  Feilong Tang,  Gongwei Zhang Y Y Y Y      
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