The 4th International Symposium on Cloud and Convergence Computing (2CCom09) 
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1 2CCOM09-001 Visualization of the Constrained Coverage of Mobile Sensor Networks based on GML Chang-Wu Lee, Sung-Won Kim, Heon-Jong Lee, Youn-Hee Han, Doo-Soon Park, Young-Sik Jeong Y Y Y
2 2CCOM09-002 A Resource Management System for Fault Tolerance in Grid Computing HwaMin Lee, DooSoon Park, Min Hong, SungHoon Kim Y Y Y
3 2CCOM09-003 A Distributed Reservation Protocol for Collision-Free Three-Hop Mobility Support in WiMedia MAC Jin-Woo Kim, Kyeong Hur,  Doo-Seop Eom Y Y Y
4 2CCOM09-005 Distributed Tag Access with Collision-Avoidance among Mobile RFID Readers Kwang-il Hwang, Jong Hyuk Park, Sang-Soo Yeo Y Y Y
5 2CCOM09-006 Reprogrammable Module-Linker for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks Seung-Ku Kim, Jae-Ho Lee, Kwang-il Hwang, Doo-Seop Eom Y Y Y
6 2CCOM09-012 Robust ID-based Remote Mutual Authentication with Key Agreement Scheme for Mobile Devices on ECC Eun-Jun Yoon, Kee-Young Yoo Y Y Y
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