The 10th IEEE International Conference on Embedded Computing (EmbeddedCom 2012)  
Serial Paper-ID Title  Authors E-mail Registration Payment Presentation
1 EmbeddedCom-106 A Novel Mobile Architecture for Heterogeneous Bio-sensors Utilizing Machine Learning and General Purpose Graphical Processing Units  Bjorn Johnson, Yanzhen Qu  Y Y Y
2 EmbeddedCom-107 Low Power Implementation of Deflection Routing Algorithm for Networks-on-Chip Jing-Fu Jheng, Chung-Kai Hsu, Shanq-Jang Ruan  Y Y Y
3 EmbeddedCom-108 Towards Distributed Garbage Collection in Distributed Real-Time Java  Pablo Basanta-Val, Marisol Garcia-Valls  Y Y  
4 EmbeddedCom-112 Green Recursive Flow Classification : towards an Energy-efficient Packet Classification Ilyas Snaiki, Hamza Dahmouni, Omar Cherkaoui  Y Y  
5 EmbeddedCom-113 Adaptive Custom Instruction Identification Algorithm based on Two-Step Partitioning of Basic Blocks Guoqiang Liang, Yuchun Ma, Kang Zhao, Jinian Bian  S Y Y
9 EmbeddedCom-121 Robust Stabilization Design for Large-scale Parameterized Nonlinear Switched Systems  Lanping Chen, Zhengzhi Han, Zhenghua Ma  S Y  
10 EmbeddedCom-122 A Domain-Specific Language for Run-time Adaptation for Embedded Systems André Santos, João Cardoso, Pedro Diniz, Diogo Ferreira, Zlatko Petrov  S Y Y
11 EmbeddedCom-126 Embedded Endomicroscopic Computing  Wei Ming Chiew, Feng Lin, Kemao Qian, Hock Soon Seah  Y Y Y
12 EmbeddedCom-127 Energy Efficient Distributed Kalman Filter for Wireless Sensor Networks  Chenyu Wang, Xuemin Chen, Wei Li
Y Y  
13 EmbeddedCom-129 Selective Context-switch for Non-Interfered Execution of Real-time Task in Smartphones Eunji Lee, Youngsun Kim, Hyokyung Bahn  Y Y Y
14 EmbeddedCom-130 SQLITE Journaling with Non-volatile Memory to Improve the Performance of Smart Device Storage  Dohee Kim, Eunji Lee, Hyokyung Bahn  S Y Y
15 EmbeddedCom-150 Fast EIS Measurements Based on Invariance Properties of Demodulation BER Function  Yang Li, Jianhua Lu  S Y Y
16 EmbeddedCom-160 Robust Control and Exponential Stabilization for Large Scale
Impulsive Hybrid Systems with Time-delay 
Lanping Chen, Zhengzhi Han, Zhenghua Ma  S Y  
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S: Student registration, Y: confirmed