Special Session

Session Title: Dependability, Security, and Privacy (DSP) in VANET


Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) is a highly spatiotemporal ad-hoc network of numerous vehicles. With the emergence of the state-of-the-arts applications of VANET such as a network of self-driving vehicles, the concept of VANET is getting more attention during recent years. However, this promising technology has a number of dependability, security, and privacy (DSP) challenges to overcome in order to deploy VANET into our daily lives. So far, many efforts are made to study each individual DSP issue in VANET.

However, it is not hard to see that DSP issues are highly co-related. For instance, in many scenarios, a number of VANET nodes collect and share private information such as current location with each other. Without proper security measure, such personal information is leaked and can be used to target and harm a particular driver by providing wrong information, which could result in the huge loss of the dependability of the whole system. At the same time, solutions for these problems has to be highly efficient as VANET is a highly spatiotemporal ad-hoc networks of numerous possibly-fast-moving vehicles. However, this important issue did not receive sufficient attention it deserves to get so far.

This special session is intended to provide a prime venue to promote the discussions on the issues in VANET which stem from DSP co-relation from both academia and industry.

Scope and topics for the session:

Topics of particular interests include the following, but are not limited to:
- Protecting privacy (location, identity, etc.) for vehicles in VANET
- Message reliability management in VANET
- Information and system security in VANET
- Cyber-attack, crime and cyber War in VANET
- Viruses, malwares, and abnormal behavior detection techniques for VANET
- Reliable computing and Trusted computing in VANET
- Cloud computing with autonomic and Trusted Environment in VANET
- Fast authentication and/or billing schemes for wireless charging environment
- Dependable automatic control techniques and systems in VANET
- Dependable systems and/or dependability models for the highly spatiotemporal networks in VANET
- Dependability, security, and privacy (DSP) co-relation in VANET
- Dependability, security, privacy (DSP), and their co-relation in a network of self-driving vehicle

Organizer: Dr. Junggab Son, Dr. Donghyun Kim

Affiliations: Dept. of Computer Science, College of Computing and Software Engineering, Kennesaw State University.

Submission & Publication:

Authors are invited to submit their original research work that has not previously been published or under review in any other venue. Papers should be prepared in IEEE CS Proceedings format and submitted via DASC 2017 website: https://edas.info/newPaper.php?c=23308. Please select “SI: Dependability, Security, and Privacy (DSP) in VANET” at the submission page.

Special session papers (6 pages) should explore a specific technology problem and propose a complete solution to it, with experimental results.
- This special session is compliant with the regulations of DASC 2017.
- Once accepted, the paper will be included into the IEEE conference proceedings published by IEEE Computer Society Press (EI indexed).
- At least one of the authors of any accepted paper is required to register and present the paper at the conference.
- Extended versions of selected excellent papers will be considered for fast-track publication in special issues of prestige journals (SCI/EI indexed).

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