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As computer systems become increasingly large and complex, their Dependability, Security and Autonomy play critical role at supporting next-generation science, engineering, and commercial applications. These systems consist of heterogeneous software/hardware/network components of changing capacities, availability, and in varied contexts. They provide computing services to large pools of users and applications, and thus are exposed to a number of dangers such as accidental/deliberate faults, virus infections, malicious attacks, illegal intrusions, natural disasters, etc. As a result, too often computer systems fail, become compromised, or perform poorly and therefore untrustworthy. Thus, it remains a challenge to design, analyse, evaluate, and improve the dependability and security for a trusted computing environment. Trusted computing targets computing and communication systems as well as services that are autonomous, dependable, secure, privacy protect-able, predictable, traceable, controllable, assessable and sustainable.

The organizers and chairs of the workshop shall have full control on the call for papers, forming of program committees, review and selection of papers as well as planning the workshop program. The registration fees for workshops will be determined by the conference (not the workshop itself). The fees will be paid to the conference, and the conference will provide workshop facilities including the working notes printing, the meeting room, coffee break, lunch, proceedings and etc. Any further expense of the workshop same to the main conference or one help month later such as the financial aid to the invited speakers MUST be provided by the workshop itself upon getting some sponsors for their own workshops. The money from workshop sponsors will be received by the workshop itself.

The proceedings of the DASC-2016 workshops will be published by Conference Publishing Services in proceedings of DASC-2016. Prospective workshop organizers should send a proposal containing the following information to DASC-2016 Workshop Chairs.

Full name and acronym of the workshop
URL of the workshop web site
A short description (about 100 words) of the workshop
Objectives, scope, and topics of the workshop
One page CFP of the workshop
Names and contacts of key organizers

Please contact Dr. Ryan Ko (ryan@waikato.ac.nz) for more details.

Workshop proposal due date: 29 February 2016

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