The 10th IEEE International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing (DASC 2012)
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1 DASC-103  A Theoretical Model: Using Logistic Regression for Malware Signature based Detection  Kelly Hughes, Yanzhen Qu S Y
2 DASC-104 Robust Architecture for Distributed Intelligence in an IP-based Mobile Wide-Area Surveillance System Mikko Nieminen, Nikolay Tcholtchev Y Y
3 DASC-106 Ensemble model for CPU load prediction Jiwen Fu, Jian Cao S Y
4 DASC-111 Online Performance Anomaly Prediction in Cloud Environment Yi Qiu, Jian Cao S Y
5 DASC-113 Nonlinear SVMs for Identifying Faults Using the Symmetric Comparison-Based Diagnosis Model Mourad Elhadef     
6 DASC-115 NACS: A Framework for Network Aware Cloud Computing  Sheheryar Malik     
7 DASC-122 Comparing Redundancy Models for High Availability Middleware  Ali Kanso, Maria Toeroe, Ferhat Khendek  Y Y
8 DASC-123 A Hybrid Authentication Protocol based on Signcryption for VANET  Yiliang Han     
9 DASC-128 Unknown Intrusion Detection with Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm  Pawita Jongsuebsook, Naruemon Wattanapongsakorn     
10 DASC-131 Generalized Integer Transform Based Audio Reversible Watermarking Algorithm Ka-Cheng Choi, Chi-Man Pun  Y Y
11 DASC-132 Dynamic Encryption Key Design and Management for Memory Data Encryption in Embedded Systems  Mei Hong, Hui Guo Y Y
12 DASC-137 Proxy Credential Forgery Attack to Two Proxy Signcryption Schemes  Jyh-haw Yeh Y Y
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