Paper ID Title Authors First author email Type Uploaded Registration Payment
1570535510 Gated Recurrent Neural Networks Empirical Utilization for Time Series Classification Nelly Elsayed; Anthony Maida; Magdy Bayoumi Regular
1570536949 Deep Learning for Asphyxiated Infant Cry Classification Based on Acoustic Features and Weighted Prosodic Features Chunyan Ji; Xueli Xiao; Sunitha Basodi; Yi Pan Regular
1570537235 Content-Based Image Retrieval Based on Improved Rotation Invariant LBP Descriptor Shuai Wang; Yingying Zhang Regular
1570544136 Edge-Assisted Image Processing with Joint Optimization of Responding and Placement Strategy Anil Acharya; Yantian Hou; Ying Mao; Jiawei Yuan Regular
1570544685 PDF-DS: Privacy-Preserving Data Filtering for Distributed Data Streams in Cloud Yifan Tian; Jiawei Yuan; Yantian Hou Regular
1570545859 Fast Deep Learning Training Through Intelligently Freezing Layers Xueli Xiao; Thosini Bamunu Mudiyanselage; Chunyan Ji; Jie Hu; Yi Pan Regular
1570548966 A Novel Method for Traditional Medicine Prescription Generation: A Case Study Liu Zhi; Zeyu Zheng; Dianzheng Fu; Jun Gui; JingYa Dongg Regular
1570554396 Extracting Sensing Data from PLCs in Smart Manufacturing Machines Bunrong Leang; Sokchomrern Ean; Rock-Won Kim; Su-Young Chi; Kwan-Hee Yoo Regular: BDAS
1570554399 An Adaptive Selection Scheme for OpenGL SC Shader Binary Programs Nakhoon Baek Regular: BDAS
1570554438 Estimation of Process Performance using Statistic Process Control, Process Capability and Trajectory Outlier Pheng Tola; Rockown Kim; Kwan-Hee Yoo; Ga Ae Ryu Regular: BDAS
1570554539 A Relation Analysis Using Sound and Posture for Preventing PRMDs So-Hyun Park; Sun-Young Ihm; Young-Ho Park Regular: BDAS
1570554580 Flexible POI Recommendation based on User Situation Sein Jang; Jeong-Hun Kim; Young-Ho Park; Aziz Nasridinov Regular: BDAS
1570554631 Big data analytics and services for smart data Carson Leung; Bryan Wodi Regular: BDAS