The 2009 International Symposium on Scientific and Engineering Computing  (SEC-09)      
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1 SEC09-103 Multiple Granularity Control Scheme For System Utility Maximization For In Grid Computing Chunlin Li withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
2 SEC09-104 An Evaluating Model for Anti-virus Ability Based on AHP Ming Liu,  Lansheng Han,  Mengsong Zou,  Qiwen Liu Y Y Y Y      
3 SEC09-108 Combining XML Keyword Search with Recursive Querying Kamal Taha,  Ramez Elmasri Y Y Y Y      
4 SEC09-118 A P2P Hierarchical Metascheduler to obtain QoS in a Grid Economy Services Maycon Peixoto,  Marcos Santana,  Regina Santana Y Y Y Y      
5 SEC09-121 Implementation and Evaluation of Modular Neural Networks in a Multiple 
Processor System on Chip to Classify Electric Disturbance
Danniel Lopes,  Rafael Magalhães,  Jorge Melo,  Adrião Neto Y Y Y Y      
6 SEC09-133 An Effective Data Gathering Scheme in Heterogeneous Energy Wireless Sensor Networks Yingchi Mao,  Lili Zhang,  Yi Liang Y Y Y Y      
7 SEC09-138 An Efficient High-Dimensional Indexing Scheme using a Clustering Technique for Content-based Retrieval Hyun-Jo Lee,  Hyeong-Il Kim,  Jae-Woo Chang Y Y Y Y      
8 SEC09-142 TMN-tree: New Trajectory Index Structure for Moving Objects in Spatial Networks Jae-Woo Chang,  Kyoung-Jin Jo,  Jung-Ho Um withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
9 SEC09-147 Development of Integrated Retrieval Methods for OpenAPIs and Mashup Capable Services Seung-Jun Cha,  Kyu-Chul Lee Y Y Y Y      
10 SEC09-149 A Study on 3D Annotation in Virtual Space for Collaboration Eun-Joo Sin,  Yoon-Chul Choy,  Soon-Bum Lim Y Y Y Y      
11 SEC09-150 Efficient   Robust  Minimax  Equalization   for  Wireless  MIMO  Communications Tan-Jan Ho,  Bor-Sen Chen withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
12 SEC09-156 CA-MAC: Context Adaptive MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Kyung Tae Kim,  Won Jun Choi,  Hee Yong Youn Y Y Y Y      
13 SEC09-159 Analysis of 2-State, 3-Neighborhood Cellular Automata Rules for Cryptographic Pseudorandom Number Generation Sang-Ho Shin,  Kee-Young Yoo Y Y Y Y      
14 SEC09-160 SVM based Hybrid Moment Features for Natural Scene Categorization Devendran V,  Hemalatha Thiagarajan,  A K Santra,  Amitabh Wahi Y Y Y Y      
15 SEC09-162 A fast backlight module luminance inspection method Wu-Ja Lin,  Chih-Wei Ho Y Y Y Y      
16 SEC09-165 Parallel processing on Block-based Gauss-Jordan Algorithm for Desktop Grid ling shang,  serge petiton withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
17 SEC09-166 IMBT - A Binary Tree for Efficient Support Counting of Incremental Data Mining Chia-Han Yang,  Don-Lin Yang Y Y Y Y      
18 SEC09-167 QoS-Based Fast Handover Scheme for Improving Service Continuity in MIPv6 Shin-Jer Yang,  Sao-Uen Chen withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
19 SEC09-169 Computer Simulation of the Anisotropy of Fluorescence in Ring Molecular Systems: Influence of disorder and ellipticity Pavel Herman,  David Zapletal,  Ivan Barvik Y Y Y Y      
20 SEC09-170 Minesweeper for Sensor Networks - Making Event Detection in Sensor Networks Dependable  Karima Hein,  Reinhold Weiss Y Y Y Y      
21 SEC09-173 Performance Comparison of Four-Socket Servers Architecture on HPC Workload Henry Kasim,  Verdi March,  Simon See Y Y Y Y      
22 SEC09-175 Detection and Mitigation of DDoS Attacks In Trustworthy Grids using KL Divergence Varalakshmi P,  Thamarai Selvi S,  Karthik Ragunath B,  Praveen S,  Vinodhraj T withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
23 SEC09-186 An Architecture for Integrating Databases with Replication Support Based on the OGSA-DAI Middleware Mathias Brito,  Fernando Kakugawa,  Liria Sato,  Pedro Correa,  Luciano Ogiboski,  Rogerio Leis Y Y Y Y      
24 SEC09-189 Optimization of Distributed SPARQL Queries Using Edmonds' Algorithm and Prim's Algorithm Ben P Vandervalk,  E Luke McCarthy,  Mark D Wilkinson Y Y Y Y      
25 SEC09-196 A New Hierarchical Network Coordinate Algorithm Based on Community Structure Detection Zilong Ye,  Yabing Liu Y Y Y Y      
26 SEC09-199 Dramatique : A Data-Parallel Library for Dynamic Parallelism Dong-In Kang,  Mikyung Kang, Seungwon Lee withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
27 SEC09-201 SOM-based Hedge Ratio Estimation with Hierarchical Cluster Resampling Yu-Chia Hsu,  An-Pin Chen Y Y Y Y      
28 SEC09-204 Distributed Agent-based PSO for High Dimensional Applications Jalal A. Nasiri,  Amin Milani Fard,  Mahmoud Naghibzadeh withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
29 SEC09-205 The Effects of Traffic Patterns on  Power Consumption of Torus-Connected NoCs with Faults Farshad Safaei,  Amirhosein Shantia,  Mehdi Modaressi,  Ahmad Khonsari withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
31 SEC09-210 Variable Dimension Space Audio Watermarking Pre-process Algorithm Li Huan,  Qin Zheng,  Wang Xu,  Shao Liping withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
32 SEC09-214 Home Grid: A Two-Tier Overlay Network in P2P Systems Ssu-Hsuan Lu,  Kuan-Ching Li,  Yeh-Ching Chung withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
33 SEC09-215 Research on Software Behavior Analyzing and Predicting Junfeng Man withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
34 SEC09-218 Study of Computing Consolidation Techniques in Computational Protein Loop Structure Modeling Yaohang Li,  Douglas Wardell withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
35 SEC09-222 Energy Consumption of Residential and Professional Switches Helmut Hlavacs,  Georges Da Costa,  Jean-Marc Pierson withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
36 SEC09-224 An Efficient Storage Structure for Mobile Objects Kami Makki withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
37 SEC09-225 Power Efficient Large Matrices Multiplication by Load Scheduling on Multicore and GPU platform with CUDA DaQi Ren,  Reiji Suda Y Y Y Y      
38 SEC09-232 A Design Methodology for Self-Management in Distributed Environments Ahmad Al-Shishtawy,  Vladimir Vlassov,  Per Brand,  Seif Haridi Y Y Y Y      
39 SEC09-241 Spiral Grid Routing for Load Balance in Wireless Sensor Networks Chiu-Kuo Liang,  Chih-Shiuan Li Y Y Y Y      
40 SEC09-249 A new Security Mechanism to Perform Traffic  Anonymity with Dummy Traffic Synthesis Wazen Shbair,  Ahmed Bashandy,  Samir Sheheen Y Y Y Y      
41 SEC09-254 A Time Stamped Clustering Method for Anomaly Detection Kuo Zhao,  Nurbol H.,  Lin Lin,  Hongtu Li,  Liang Hu withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal      
42 SEC09-258 Supply Chain Design Model Based on Multi-Supply-Hubs Jizi Li, Naixue Xiong, Linfu Sun, Aping Yuan, Jingyi Chen, Ming Cao Y Y Y Y      
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