The 12th IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE-09)
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1 CSE09-113 A Weighted-Dissimilarity-Based Anomaly Detection Method for Mobile Wireless Networks Ihn-Han Bae Y Y Y
2 CSE09-124 A Safe RSS Approach for Securely Sharing Mobile SVG Biomedical Images for Web 2.0 Sabah Mohammed,  Lyle Chamarette,  Jinan Fiaidhi,  Sylvia Osborn Y Y Y
3 CSE09-128 DFTT4CWS: A Testing Tool for Composite Web Services Based on Data-Flow jun hou,  lei xu withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
4 CSE09-129 Hardware Supported Multicast in 2-D Mesh InfiniBand Networks Jiazheng Zhou,  Shen-En Liu,  Yeh-Ching Chung Y Y Y
5 CSE09-131 A Cognitive Approach to Achieve Fair Uplink and Downlink Utilities in Wireless Networks Chiapin Wang,  Kueihsiang Liang,  Tsungnan Lin Y Y Y
6 CSE09-139 Mining Frequent Patterns with Gaps and One-off Condition Yong-Ming Huang,  Xindong Wu,  Xue-Gang Hu,  Fei Xie,  Jun Gao,  Gong-Qing Wu Y Y Y
7 CSE09-144 Parameter identifiability and optimal experimental design Elias August Y Y Y
8 CSE09-151 Stable Bayesian Parameter Estimation for Biological Dynamical Systems Alberto Giovanni Busetto,  Joachim Buhmann Y Y Y
9 CSE09-154 Robust translational motion of single-row SPCE by the parallel binocular Gwo-Long Lin Y Y Y
10 CSE09-157 An Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks Kyung Tae Kim,  Bo Yle Jung,  Hee Yong Youn Y Y Y
11 CSE09-161 Scalable APRIORI-Based Frequent Pattern Discovery Sean Chester,  Ian Sandler,  Alex Thomo Y Y Y
12 CSE09-168 Integration of Mobile Agents technology and Globus for assisted design and automated development of Grid Services Rocco Aversa,  Beniamino Di Martino,  Salvatore Venticinque Y Y Y
13 CSE09-172 Balanced and Efficient Data Placement and Replication Strategy for Distributed Backup Storage Systems Renuga K.,  Tan S.S>,  Zhu Y.Q.,  Low T.C.,  Wang Y.H. Y Y Y
14 CSE09-174 Efficient Broadcast on Area of Interest in Voronoi Overlays Michele Albano,  Ranieri Baraglia,  Matteo Mordacchini,  Laura Ricci Y Y Y
15 CSE09-179 High Performance Printing: Increasing Personalized Documents Rendering Through PPML Jobs Profiling and Scheduling Thiago Nunes,  Mateus Raeder,  Mariana Kolberg,  Alexis Cabeda,  Luiz Gustavo Fernandes,  Fabio Giannetti Y Y Y
16 CSE09-190 A software architecture-based framework supporting suggestion of medical surveillance level from classification of electronic patient records Juliana T. Pollettini, Fl¨¢via P. Nicolas, Sylvia G. Panico, Julio C.
Daneluzzi, Renato Tin¨®s, Jos¨¦ Augusto Baranauskas e Alessandra Alaniz
Macedo Y Y Y
17 CSE09-191 A Coarse-Grain Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling with Lot Streaming Fantahun M Defersha,  Mingyuan Chen Y Y Y
18 CSE09-193 Parallel Computation of Nash Equilibria in N-Player Games Jonathan Widger,  Daniel Grosu Y Y Y
19 CSE09-197 An Efficient Dynamic Load Balancing Scheme for Multi-Agent System Reflecting Agent Workload Yong Hee Kim,  Seungwok Han,  Hee Yong Youn Y Y Y
20 CSE09-198 VFT: An Ontology-based Tool for Visualization and Formalization of Web Service Composition Chao Ma,  Yanxiang He,  Naixue Xiong,  Laurence T. Yang Y Y Y
21 CSE09-212 On Performance Enhancement of Circuit Simulation Using Multithreaded Techniques  Ruey-Kuen Perng,  Tien-Hsiung Weng,  Kuan-Ching Li Y Y Y
22 CSE09-213 Solving 0/1 knapsack problem for light communication SLA-based workflow mapping using CUDA Minh Quan Dang,  Laurence T. Yang Y Y Y
23 CSE09-217 An Evolutionary Approach for Multi-objective 3D Differentiated Sensor Network Deployment Chih-Wei Kang,  Jian-Hung Chen Y Y Y
24 CSE09-219 MCD: Mesh Closure Detection for Localized Load Balancing in Scientific Applications Chonglei Mei,  Ruipeng Li,  Hai Jiang,  Jeff Jenness Y Y Y
25 CSE09-221 A comparative study of blocking storage methods for sparse matrices on multicore architectures  Vasileios Karakasis,  Georgios Goumas,  Nectarios Koziris Y Y Y
26 CSE09-223 Performance Modelling and Analysis of Integrated WLANs and Internet-Access Mesh Networks Geyong Min,  Yulei Wu,  Laurence T. Yang Y Y Y
27 CSE09-226 A Novel Resource Management Scheme for Integrated Multiple Traffic Heterogeneous Systems Cheng Zhu,  Qing-An Zeng Y Y Y
28 CSE09-227 Improvement on Scheduling Dependent Tasks for Grid Applications Elaine Cristina Machtans,  Liria Matsomoto Sato Y Y Y
29 CSE09-233 Event-driven Approach for Logic-based Complex Event Processing Darko Anicic,  Paul Fodor,  Roland St¨¹hmer,  Nenad Stojanovic Y Y Y
30 CSE09-235 Incremental Discovery of Sequential Patterns Using a Backward Mining Approach Ming-Yen Lin,  Sue-Chen Hsueh,  Chih-Chin Chan Y Y Y
31 CSE09-236 Self-Tuning the Parameter of Adaptive Non-Linear Sampling Method for Flow Statistics Chengchen Hu,  Bin Liu Y Y Y
32 CSE09-243 Location-Based Adaptive Mobile Leaning Research Framework and Topics Qing Tan,  Kinshuk Kinshuk,  Yen-Hung Kuo,  Yu-Lin Jeng,  Po-Han Wu,  Yueh-Min Huang,  Tzu-Chien Liu,  Maiga Chang Y Y Y
33 CSE09-244 Energy Consumption of Residential and Professional Switches Helmut Hlavacs,  Georges Da Costa,  Jean-Marc Pierson Y Y Y
34 CSE09-251 Data Distribution Methods for Communication Localization in Multi-Clusters with Heterogeneous Network Shih-Chang Chen,  Ching-Hsien Hsu Y Y Y
35 CSE09-252 A Trade-off Approach to Optimal
Resource Allocation Algorithm with Cache Technology in Ubiquitous
Computing Environment
Mianxiong Dong,  Kaoru Ota,  Song Guo,  Minyi Guo,  Li Li Y Y Y
36 CSE09-253 A Volunteer-Computing-Based Grid Environment for Connect6 Applications I-Chen Wu,  Chingping Chen,  Ping-Hung Lin,  Guo-Zhan Huang,  Lung-Ping Chen,  Der-Johng Sun,  Yi-Chih Chan,  Hsin-Yun Tsou Y Y Y
37 CSE09-258 An Analytical Model of Communication Networks in Multi-Cluster Systems in the Presence of Non-Uniform Traffic Hojjat Sharifi,  Mohammad K Akbari,  Bahman Javadi Y Y Y
38 CSE09-260 Fault- Tolerance Scheduling by Using Rough Set based Multi- Checkpointing on Economic Grids Asgarali Bouyer,  Mohd Noor MD SAP,  Abdul Hanan Abdullah Y Y Y
39 CSE09-261 Weighted Hybrid Full Reference Video Quality Measurement for SDTV Service Xingang Liu,  Jun Wu,  Jiantan Liu,  Kook-Yeol Yoo withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
40 CSE09-263 Improvement of Directed Diffusion Protocol based on Data Aggregation Chen Hui,  Shi Yufeng,  Wang Ye,  Yang Laurence T.,  Xiong Naixue Y Y Y
41 CSE09-269 Robust Optimization on Across-chain Inventory Control of Cluster Supply Chains Jizi Li, Naixue Xiong, Chunling Liu, Liufu Sun, Ming Cao, Shaohua Wan Y Y Y
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