11th IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering


Contact: cse_08@googlegroups.com

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Please take alternatively the role of the three main types of actors:

  1. Authors: As an author, you can submit an abstract for a paper that you intend to submit, unsing the abstract submission interface. . The system will provide you with an id and a password. You can then access the paper submission interface to upload the file of your complete paper.
  2. Reviewers: As a reviewer, you can access the reviewing interface, download your papers, submit and update your reviews.
  3. Administrator: This is the most important role. Using the administrator interface to configure the system.
If you have further inquiry, please contact with the following conference organizers:
1. Conference Secretary: Tony Li Xu St. Francis Xavier University, Canada, Email: tonylixu@gmail.com
2. General Chair: Professor Rodrigo Fernandes de Mello University of São Paulo, Brazil, Email: mello@icmc.usp.br


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