List of Accepted Papers
The 11th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing (ATC-2014)
Serial Paper ID Title Authors
1 ATC-101R A Machine Learning Approach for Self-Diagnosing Multiprocessors Systems Under the Generalized Comparison Model Mourad Elhadef
2 ATC-102R Failure Prediction for Cloud Datacenter by Hybrid Message Pattern Learning Yukihiro Watanabe, Hiroshi Otsuka, Yasuhide Matsumoto
3 ATC-104R Self-Adaptive Containers: Interoperability Extensions and Cloud Integration Wei-Chih Huang, William Knottenbelt,
4 ATC-105R Automatically Generating External OS Kernel Integrity Checkers for Detecting Hidden Rootkits Hiromasa Shimada, Tatsuo Nakajima
5 ATC-107R A Privacy-Aware Architecture for Energy Management Systems in Smart Grids Fabian Rigoll, Christian Hirsch, Sebastian Kochanneck, Hartmut Schmeck, Ingo Mauser
6 ATC-109R Awareness and Control of Personal Data Based on the Cyber-I Privacy Model Li Tang, Jianhua Ma, Runhe Huang, Bernady O. Apduhan, He Li, Shaoyin Cheng
7 ATC-111R SW-POR: A Novel POR Scheme using Slepian-Wolf Code for Cloud Storage Thao Tran Phuong, Kho Lee Chin, Lim Azman Osman
8 ATC-114R Distributed routing protocol based on biologically-inspired attractor selection with active stochastic exploration and a short-term memory Tomohiro Nakao, Jun-nosukeTeramae, Naoki Wakamiya
9 ATC-115R Towards a Trust Model for Trust Establishment and Management in Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce Cong Cao, Jun Yan
10 ATC-116R An Efficient Trust-Oriented Trip Planning Method in Road Networks Junqiang Dai, Guanfeng Liu, Jiajie Xu, An Liu, Lei Zhao
11 ATC-117R Trust-E : A Trusted Embedded Operating System Based on the ARM Trustzone Xia Yang, Jing Luo, Bing Zeng, Lan Wei, Wei Xiao
12 ATC-120R An Adaptivity-Enhanced Multipath Routing Method for Secure Dispersed Data Transfer Method in Ad Hoc Networks with Varying Node Density Tetsuya Murakami, Eitaro Kohno, Yoshiaki Kakuda
13 ATC-121R Secure Third Party Auditor (STPA) for Ensuring Data Integrity in Cloud Storage Salah Abbdal, Hai Jin, Deqing Zou, Ali Yassen
14 ATC-126R A Routing Scheme Based on Autonomous Clustering and P2P Overlay Network in MANETs Shoma Nakahara, TomoyukiOhta, Yoshiaki Kakuda
15 ATC-127R Privacy Protection against Query Prediction in Location-Based Services Zhengang Wu
16 ATC-129R Forwarding Impact Aware Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Network QaisarAyub, M SoperiMohdZahid, Sulma Rashid, Abdul Hanan Abdullah
17 ATC-131R An Architecture for Virtualization-Based Trusted Execution Environment on Mobile Devices Young-Woo Jung, Hag-Young Kim, Sang-Wook Kim
18 ATC-134R An autonomic container for the management of component-based applications in pervasive environments Ben Lahmar, Djamel Belaïd
19 ATC-139R An Efficient Algorithm for Deriving Mobility Scenarios from New Mobility Model Representing Spatially and Temporally Biased Change of Node Mobility and Node Density for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Takahiro Shigeta, Eitaro Kohno, Yoshiaki Kakuda
20 ATC-141R Compatibility in Service-Oriented Revision Control Systems Jameel Al Malki, Haifeng Shen
Serial Paper ID Title Authors
1 ATC-103S International Center for Monitoring Cloud Computing Providers (ICMCCP) for Ensuring Trusted Clouds, Mohssen M. Z. E. Mohammed Mohssen M. Z. E. Mohammed, Al-Sakib Khan Pathan
2 ATC-108S Virtual machine migration methods for heterogeneous power consumption Satoru Ohta, Atsushi Sakai,
3 ATC-112S Partial least squares improvement and research principal component regression extraction methods WangpingXiong, Jianqiang Du, Wang Nie
4 ATC-118S A Formal System to Check the Conformity of RBAC-Based Access Control Policies Faouzi JAIDI, Faten LABBENE AYACHI
5 ATC-119S Combined Security Framework for Multi-Cloud Environment Aditya Suresh kumar, KavyaPremkumar, Anitha R, Saswathi Mukherjee
6 ATC-125S Toward data-centric software architecture for automotive systems - Embedded data stream processing approach - YukikazuNakamoto, Akihiro Yamaguchi, Kenya Sato, Shinya Honda, Hiroaki Takada
7 ATC-128S An anonymous remote attestation protocol to prevent masquerading attack Anna Lan, Zhen Han, Dawei Zhang, Yichen Jiang, Tianhua Liu
8 ATC-132S SecPlace: A Security-Aware Placement Model for Multi-tenant SaaS Environments Eyad Saleh, Johannes Sianipar, Ibrahim Takouna, ChristophMeine
9 ATC-133S Analysis of Virtual Machine Monitor as Trusted Dependable Systems GanisZulfaSantoso, Young-Woo Jung, Hag-Young Kim
10 ATC-136S On the Applicability of the Tree-Based Group ID Reassignment Routing Method for MANETs Hiroaki Yagi, Eitaro Kohno, Yoshiaki Kakuda
11 ATC-137S Delay- and Disruption-Tolerant Bluetooth MANET-based Dual-Purpose Systems for Normal and Disaster Situations Yuya Minami, YuyaKitaura, Eitaro Kohno, Shinji Inoue, TomoyukiOhta, Yoshiaki Kakuda
12 ATC-138S A Study on Providing the Reliable and Secure SMS Authentication Service Jaesik Lee, Yongseok Oh
13 ATC-140S Vacuuming XML Curtis Dyreson