IEEE UIC/ATC/ICA3PP-2013 Conference

December 18-20, 2013

Vietri sul Mare, Italy

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


09:00-09:30    Welcome Address



09:30-10:30    Session 1

 Vincenzo Piuri - Dependable Cloud Computing (Department of Computer Science, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy)

                       (Session Chair: Beniamino Di Martino)



10:30-11:00    Coffee Break



11:00-13:00    Session 2

                        ICA3PP2013  (Session Chair: Joanna Kolodziej)                                                                          (ROOM F)


ICA3PP2013-102 - PDB: A Reliability-Driven Data Reconstruction Strategy Based on Popular Data Backup for RAID4 SSD Arrays
Authors : Feng Liu, Wen Pan, Tao Xie, Yanyan Gao, Yiming Ouyang

Speaker : Tao Xie (San Diego State University)


ICA3PP2013-109 - Load and Thermal-aware VM Scheduling on the Cloud
Authors : Yousri Mhedheb, Foued Jrad, Jie Tao, Jiaqi Zhao, Achim Streit

Speaker : Yousri Mhedheb(karlsruhe institute of technology)


ICA3PP2013-119 - Lightweight identification of captured memory for Software Transactional Memory
Authors : Fernando Miguel Carvalho, João Cachopo

Speaker : Fernando Miguel Carvalho  (ISEL)


ICA3PP2013-118 - Shedder: a Metadata Sharing Management Method across Multi-Clusters
Authors : Qinfen Hao, Qianqian Zhong, Li Ruan, Zhenzhong Zhang, Limin Xiao

Speaker : Qianqian Zhong  (Beihang University)


11:00-13:00   ATC2013  (Session Chair: Jason Cohen)                                                                                         (ROOM B-C)


ATC2013-138 - A Logic Framework for Flexible and Security-Aware Service Composition
Authors : Massimiliano Albanese, Sushil Jajodia, Cristian Molinaro

Speaker : Massimiliano Albanese  (George Mason University)


ATC2013-128 - Can We Trust This User? Predicting Insider's Attitude Via Youtube Usage Profiling
Authors : Miltiadis Kandias, Vasilis Stavrou, Nick Bozovic, Lilian Mitrou, Dimitris Gritzalis

Speaker : Miltiadis Kandias  (AUEB)


ATC2013-118 - It's all in the Cloud : Reviewing Cloud Security
Authors : Nikolaos Pitropakis, Eleni Darra, Nikos Vrakas, Costas Lambrinoudakis

Speaker : Nikolaos Pitropakis  (University of Piraeus Department of Digital systems)


ATC2013-151 - A Model for Multi-levels SLA Monitoring in Federated Cloud Environment
Authors : Asma Al Falasi, Mohamed Adel Serhani, Rachida Dssouli

Speaker : Asma Al Falasi  (UAEU)


11:00-13:00   UIC2013 (Session Chair: Giuseppina Cretella)                                                                                 (ROOM E)


UIC2013-223 - DE2: Localization with the Rotating RSS using a Single Beacon
Authors : Liqing Ren, Xiaojiang Chen, Junjie Huang, Tianzhang Xing, Weike Nie, Chen Liu, Dingyi Fang

Speaker : Liqing Ren (Northwest University)


UIC2013-252 - Hybrid Localization for Ubiquitous Services
Authors : Massimo Ficco, Rocco Aversa

Speaker : Rocco Aversa  (Seconda Università di Napoli)


UIC2013-188 - User Travelling Pattern Prediction via Indistinct Celluar Data Mining
Authors : Jingwei Wang, Neil Y. Yen, Bin Guo, Runhe Huang, Jianhua Ma, Tao Ban and Hong Zhao

Speaker : Runhe Huang (Hosei University)


UIC2013-142 - BodyGuards: A Clairvoyant Location Predictor using Frequent Neighbors and Markov Model
Authors : Roland Assam, Thomas Seidl

Speaker : Roland Assam  (RWTH University Aachen)


UIC2013-251 - Privacy Preserving Path Recommendation for Moving User on Location Based Service
Authors : Yuqing Sun, Haoran Xu, Reynold C.K. Cheung

Speaker : Sun Yuqing  (Shandong University)


UIC2013-268 - Constructing Adaptive Indoor Radio Maps for Dynamic Wireless Environments
Authors : Xiaodong Cai, Ling Chen, Gencai Chen

Speaker : Xiaodong Cai (Zhejiang University)


11:00-13:00   UIAS (Session Chair: Salvatore Venticinque)                                                                           (ROOM D)


UIAS2013-170 - A Browser-Based Experimental Platform for Visual Search Study in Augmented Reality System

Authors : Dan Feng, Weiquan Lu, Chenchen Sun, Dongdong Weng, Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Speaker : Dan Feng                 (Beijing Institute of Technology)


                         UIAS2013-232 - A Low-cost and Light-weight Motion Tracking Suit
                         Authors : Sarvenaz Salehi, Gabriele Bleser, Norbert Schmitz, Didier Stricker

                         Speaker : Sarvenaz Salehi (DFKI)


UIAS2013-260- Energy Management in the Smart Home
Authors : Aqeel H. Kazmi, Michael J. O'Grady, Gregory M.P. O'Hare

Speaker : Aqeel Haider Kazmi (University College Dublin)


                         UIAS2013-212 - Human Sensing using Computer Vision for Personalized Smart Spaces
                         Authors : Dipak Surie, Saeed Partonia, Helena Lindgren

                         Speaker : Dipak Surie (Umea University, Sweden)


                         UIAS2013-241 - ARTHE: experiencing projected Augmented Reality with THings of the Everyday
                         Authors :
Antoine Ferreira, Ana M. Bernardos, Luca Bergesio and José R. Casar

                         Speaker : Luca Bergesio (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)


                         UIAS2013-228 - Time Machine: A Mobile Augmented Reality System for Tourism Based on Coded-Aperture Camera

                         Authors : Dan Feng, Dandan Meng, Yupeng Zhang, Dongdong Weng

                         Speaker : Dan Feng                 (Beijing Institute of Technology)


11:00-13:00   ITUS2013 (Session Chair: Luca Tasquier)                                                                             (ROOM A)


                      ITUS2013-165 - A Mobile Object-based Secret Key Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
                      Authors :  Pardeep Kumar, Pawani Porambage, Mika Ylianttila, Andrei Gurtov

        Speaker : Pardeep Kumar (University of Oulu)


        ITUS2013-132 - Analysis of Threshold-Based Event Detection Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks by Fault Injection

                      Authors :  Karima Hein, Leander Hörmann, Reinhold Weiss

                      Speaker : Leander Bernd Hoermann (Graz University of Technology)


ITUS2013-255 - Vehicle type recognition in WSN based on ITESP Algorithm

Authors : Yan Wang, Jiliu Zhou

                       Speaker : Yan Wang (Sichuan University)


ITUS2013-146 - On the Impact of Fractal Organization on the Performance of Socio-technical Systems
               Authors :  Vincenzo De Florio, Hong Sun, Jonas Buys, Chris Blondia

         Speaker : Jonas Buys (PATS/Universiteit Antwerpen, PATS/iMinds)


 ITUS2013-211 - Monitoring Community Clouds: The Lightweight Network Management Protocol.
 Authors : Taariq Mullins, Antoine Bagula

 Speaker : Bigomokero Antoine Bagula  (UCT)


 ITUS2013-150 - Automatic Face Annotation System Used Pyramid Database Architecture for Online Social Networks
 Authors : Yu-Hsiang Jian, Ming-Kai Jiau, Shih-Chia Huang

 Speaker : Shih-Chia Huang  (National Taipei University of Technology)



13:00-14:00   Lunch


14:00-16:00   Session 3

                       ICA3PP2013 (Session Chair: Tao Xie)                                                                                              (ROOM F)


ICA3PP2013-107 - Coordinate Task and Memory Management for Improving Power Efficiency
Authors : Gangyong Jia, Xi Li, Jian Wan, Chao Wang, Dong Dai

Speaker : Jia Gangyong (Hangzhou Dianzi University)


ICA3PP2013-137 - Cache Optimizations of Distributed Storage for Software Streaming Services
Authors : Youhui Zhang, Peng Qu, Weimin Zheng

Speaker : Youhui Zhang (Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University. China)


ICA3PP2013-140 - Improving Continuation-Powered Method-Level Speculation for JVM Applications
Authors : Ivo Anjo, João Cachopo

Speaker : Ivo Anjo (INESC-ID Lisboa / Instituto Superior Técnico, UL)


ICA3PP2013-148 - PastryGridCP: A Decentralized Rollback-Recovery Protocol for Desktop Grid Systems
Authors : Heithem Abbes, Thouraya Louati

Speaker : Heithem Abbes (LaTICE (Tunisia))



14:00-16:00   ATC2013 (Session Chair: Flavio Lombardi)                                                                                (ROOM B-C)


ATC2013-113 - Linguistic Abstractions for Programming and Policing Autonomic Computing Systems
 Authors : Andrea Margheri, Rosario Pugliese, Francesco Tiezzi

Speaker : Andrea Margheri (Universita di Firenze)


ATC2013-133 - Autonomic agents for real time UAV mission planning
Authors : Salvatore Venticinque, Domenico Pascarella, Rocco Aversa

Speaker : Salvatore Venticinque (Second University of Naples)


ATC2013-140 - A Smart Diagnostic Model for an Autonomic Service Bus Based on a Probabilistic Reasoning Approach
Authors : Roberto Koh-Dzul, Mariano Vargas-Santiago, Codé Diop, Ernesto Exposito, Francisco Moo-Mena

Speaker : Codé Diop (LAAS-CNRS University of Toulouse)


ATC2013-106 - An Autonomic Trust Management Framework For Secure Dynamic Coalition Cooperation
Authors : Samane Abdi

Speaker : Samane Abdi (Cork Constraint Computation Center (4C))


ATC2013-155 - Trustful Data Forwarding in Social Opportunistic Networks
Authors : Claudia Becker, Sven Schlinga, Stefan Fischer

Speaker : Claudia Becker  (University of Lübeck)


ATC2013-120 - Towards Efficient Collaborative Behavioural Monitoring in a System-of-Systems
Authors : Nathan Shone, Qi Shi, Madjid Merabti, Kashif Kifayat

Speaker : Nathan Shone (Liverpool John Moores University)


14:00-16:00   UIC2013 (Session Chair: Zhiwen Yu)                                                                                               (ROOM E)


UIC2013-138 - Android Platform based on Vehicle Embedded Data Stream Processing
Authors : Yukikazu Nakamoto, Masanori Okamoto,
Mohanmed Bhuiya, Akihiro Yamaguchi, Kenya Sato, Shinya Honda, Hiroaki Takada

Speaker : Yukikazu Nakamoto (University of Hyogo)


UIC2013-271 - Exploring a New Dimension in Code Mobility for Ubiquitous Embedded Systems
Authors : Alessandro Cilardo, Nicola Mazzocca, Paolo Prinetto

Speaker : Alessandro Cilardo (University of Naples Federico II)


UIC2013-173 - PathSim: A Tool for Finding Minimal Energy Device Operation Sequence for Reaching a Target Context in Smart-Home
Authors : Teruhiro Mizumoto, Khaled El-Fakih, Keiichi Yasumoto

Speaker : Teruhiro Mizumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)


UIC2013-247 - Using Virtualization and Guacamole/VNC to Provide Adaptive User Interfaces to Disabled People in Cloud Computing
Authors : Davide Mulfari, Antonio Celesti, Massimo Villari, Antonio Puliafito

Speaker : Davide Mulfari  (University of Messina)


UIC2013-151 - Towards Physical Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Sensors
Authors : Muhammad Shoaib, Hans Scholten, Paul Havinga

Speaker : Muhammad Shoaib (University of Twente)


UIC2013-126 - uOS : A resource rerouting middleware for ubiquitous games
Authors : Fabricio Buzeto, Miriam Capretz, Carla Castanho, Ricardo Jacobi

Speaker : Fabricio Buzeto (UnB)


14:00-16:00   UIC2013 (Session Chair: Bin Guo)                                                                                 (ROOM POSITANO)


UIC2013-177 - Eye-Tracking Experiment Design for Extraction of Viewing Patterns in Social Media
Authors : Guangyu PIAO, Xiaokang ZHOU, Qun JIN, Shoji NISHIMURA, Kanoksak Wattanachote, Timothy K. Shih
and Neil Y.YEN

Speaker : Guangyu Piao (Waseda University)


UIC2013-134 - Developing Social Applications in SAPERE
Authors : Gabriella Castelli, Marco Mamei, Alberto Rosi, Franco Zambonelli

Speaker : Franco Zambonelli (Università  di Modena e Reggio Emilia)


UIC2013-300 - A New Adaptive Anti-collision Algorithm for RFID Systems
Authors : Hongguo Li, Xiaokang Wang, Fei Hao, Man Lin, Changqing Luo, Laurence T. Yang, Bob Apduhan

Speaker : Laurence T. Yang (St. Francis Xavier University)


UIC2013-109 - A Linked Data Approach to Electromagnetic Pollution Monitoring
Authors : Alessandra Esposito, Luciano Tarricone, Marco Zappatore

Speaker : Marco Zappatore (University of Salento)


UIC2013-182 - Supporting Personizable Virtual Internet of Things
Authors : Jia Zhang, Zhipeng Li, Oscar Sandoval, Norman Xin, Yuan Ren, Bob Iannucci, Martin Griss, Steven Rosernberg, Rodney A. Martin, Jordan Cao, Anthony Rowe

Speaker : Jia Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley)


14:00-16:00   UIAS2013 (Session Chair: Domenico Pascarella)                                                                       (ROOM D)


UIAS2013-196 - Novel Hybrid Approach to Content Recommendation based on Predicted Profiles
Authors : Maria Andrade, Fábio Almeida

Speaker : maria andrade (University of Porto / INESC Porto)


UIAS2013-287 - Distributed Semantic Service Discovery for MANET
Authors : Jong Chang Park, Min Seok Choi, Byoung Joon Lee, Kyung Tae Kim, and Hee Yong Youn

Speaker : Jong Chang Park (Sungkyunkwan University)


UIAS2013-192 - CrowdSMILE: A Crowdsourcing-based Social and Mobile Integrated System for Learning by Exploration
Authors :
Dennis Mohan Punjabi, Li-Ping Tung, Bao-Shuh Paul Lin

Speaker : Li-Ping Tung (National Chiao Tung University)


UIAS2013-240 - Agents based Monitoring of Heterogeneous Cloud Infrastructures
Authors : Rocco Aversa, Luca Tasquier, Salvatore Venticinque

Speaker : Luca Tasquier (Second University of Naples)


UIAS2013-226 - An Autonomous Fall Detection and Alerting System Based on Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Authors : Jian He, Chen Hu, Yang Li

Speaker : Jian He (Beijing University of Technology)


14:00-16:00   ITUS2013 (Session Chair: Massimo Ficco)                                                                                                  (ROOM A)


ITUS2013-272 - A Run Time Executable Task Model For Ambient Intelligent Environments
Authors : Asma Gharsellaoui, Yacine Bellik, Christophe Jacquet

Speaker : Asma Gharsellaoui (LIMSI-CNRS & SUPELEC Paris11)


ADPC2013-123 - Adaptive Resource Allocation for Reliable Performance in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems
Authors : Masnida Hussin, Azizol Abdullah, Shamala K. Subramaniam

Speaker : Masnida Hussin  (Univ. Putra Malaysia)


UIAS2013-239 - A Non-invasive and Autonomous Physical Activity Measurement System for the Elderly
Authors : Juan Luis Carús Candás, Víctor Peláez, Sonia García, Miguel Ángel Fernández, Gabriel Díaz, Eduardo Álvarez

Speaker : Juan Luis Carús Candás (Fundación CTIC - Technology Center)


UIC2013-118 - A Control and Decision System for Smart Buildings
Authors : Claudio Farias, Henrique Soares, Luci Pirmez, Flávia Delicato, Igor Santos, Luiz Carmo

Speaker : Claudio Farias (UFRJ)


16:00-16:30   Coffee Break


16:30-18:30   Session 4   

                       ICA3PP2013 (Session Chair: Christian Engelmann)                                                     (ROOM F)


ICA3PP2013-126 - Sequential and parallelized FPGA implementation of spectrum sensing detector based on Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
Authors : Roman Marsalek, Martin Pospisil, Tomas Fryza, Martin Simandl

Speaker : Roman Marsalek (Brno University of Technology)


ICA3PP2013-112 - Synchronization-Reducing Variants of the Biconjugate Gradient and the Quasi-Minimal Residual Methods
Authors : Stefan Feuerriegel, H. Martin Bücker

Speaker : Stefan Feuerriegel (University of Freiburg)


ICA3PP2013-114 - A Message Logging Protocol Based on User Level Failure Mitigation
Authors : Xunyun liu, Xinhai Xu, Xiaoguang Ren, Yuhua Tang, Ziqing Dai

Speaker : Xunyun Liu (National University of Defense Technology)


ICA3PP2013-115 - M&C: A Software Solution to Reduce Errors Caused by Incoherent Cache on GPUs in Unstructured Graphic Algorithm
Authors : Kun Wang, Rui Wang, Depei Qian

Speaker : Rui Wang (Beihang University)


ICA3PP2013-120 - Candidate set parallelization strategies for Ant Colony Optimization on the GPU
Authors : Laurence Dawson, Iain Stewart

Speaker : Dawson Laurence  (Durham University)


ICA3PP2013-165 - A DNA computing system of modular-multiplication over finite field GF(2n)
Authors : Yongnan Li, Limin Xiao, Li Ruan
Speaker : Yongnan Li (Beihang University)


16:30-18:30   ATC2013 (Session Chair: Sara Foresti)                                                                                         (ROOM B-C)


ATC2013-139 - Improving Trustworthiness of the Apache Hadoop Storage Platform: Design Considerations of Trusted Computing Based Threat Mitigations and Performance Metrics of an AES Based Encryption Scheme with TPM Rooted Key Protection
Authors : Jason Cohen, Subatra Acharya

Speaker : Jason Cohen (Towson University / Hewlett Packard)


ATC2013-134 - Security-Aware Scheduling of Mission Tasks under Temporal Constraints
Authors : Sepideh Deliri, Massimiliano Albanese

Speaker : Massimiliano Albanese (George Mason University)


ATC2013-124 - Formal Analysis of Security Metrics with Defensive Actions
Authors : Leanid Krautsevich, Fabio Martinelli, Artsiom Yautsiukhin

Speaker : Flavio Lombardi (University of Rome, Italy)


16:30-18:30   UIC2013 (Session Chair: Qun Jin)                                                                                                  (ROOM  E)


UIC2013-169 - Fully Distributed Self Certified Key Management for Large-Scale MANETs
Authors : Zahra Moradlu, Mohammad ALi Doostari, Mohammed Gharib, Ali Movaghar

Speaker : Zahra Moradlou  (Shahed University)


UIC2013-141 - Social Activity Recognition and Recommendation based on Mobile Sound Sensing
Authors : yao yang, bin guo, zhiwen yu, huilei he

Speaker : Zhiwen Yu  (Northwestern Polytechnical University)


UIC2013-189 - Tagpref: User Preference Modeling by Social Tagging
Authors : Wei Hu, Yaoxue Zhang, Yuezhi Zhou

Speaker : Wei Hu (Deparment of Computer Science,Tsinghua University)


UIC2013-179 - Integrating Things and the smart mobile phone capabilities through the wireless Web of Things
Authors : Marino Linaje, Luis Miguel Dominguez

Speaker : Marino Linaje (Universidad de Extremadura)


UIC2013-159 - Understand Group Travel Behaviors in An Urban Area Using Mobility Pattern Mining
Authors : Bowen DU, Yang YANG, Weifeng Lv

Speaker : Bowen DU (Beihang University)

UIC2013-289 - Private Map Matching: Realistic Private Route Cognition on Road Networks
Authors : Roland Assam, Thomas Seidl

Speaker : Roland Assam (RWTH University Aachen)


16:30-18:30   UIC2013 (Session Chair: Luca Tasquier)                                                                     (ROOM POSITANO)


UIC2013-143 - The Right Thing To Do: Automating Support for Assisted Living with Dynamic Decision Networks
Authors : Nayyab Zia Naqvi, Davy Preuveneers, Wannes Meert, Yolande Berbers

Speaker : Nayyab Zia Naqvi (iMinds-DistriNet KU Leuven)


UIC2013-130 - A loosely coupled and distributed Bayesian framework for multi-context recognition in dynamic ubiquitous environments
Authors : Arun kishore Ramakrishnan, Davy Preuveneers, Yolande Berbers

Speaker : Arun Kishore Ramakrishnan (iMinds-DistriNet, KU Leuven)


UIC2013-201 - An Ontology-based Model for Context Information Management in Smart Spaces
Authors : Ana Helena Ozaki Rivera Castillo, Fabricio Nogueira Buzeto, Carla Denise Castanho, Ricardo Pezzuol Jacobi

Speaker : Ana Helena Ozaki Rivera Castillo (University of Brasilia)


UIC2013-276 - Context-driven Control Algorithms for Scalable Simulation of Human Activities in Smart Homes
Authors : Jae Woong Lee, Abdelsalam Helal, Yunsick Sung, Kyungeun Cho

Speaker : Abdelsalam Helal (University of Florida)


UIC2013-279 - Dynamic Parameter Filling for Semantic Exceptions in Context-Aware Systems
Authors : Eun-Sun Cho, Joong-Hyun Choi, Sumi Helal

Speaker : Joong-Hyun Choi (Chungnam National University)


UIC2013-140 - STRIPS Planning with Modular Behavior Selection Networks for Smart Home Agents
Authors : Kyon-Mo Yang, Sung-Bea Cho

Speaker : Sung-Bea Cho (Dept. of Computer Science, Yonsei University)


16:30-18:30   UIAS2013 (Session Chair: Giuseppina Cretella)                                                                          (ROOM D)


UIAS2013-244 - CitiSafe: Adaptive Spatial Pattern Knowledge Using Fp-growth Algorithm for Crime Situation Recognition
Authors : Omowunmi Isafiade, Antoine Bagula

Speaker : Bigomokero Antoine Bagula  (UCT)


UIAS2013-115 - Trust-based Context Contract Models for the Internet of Things
Authors : Samer Machara, Sophie Chabridon, Chantal Taconet

Speaker : Sophie Chabridon  (Institut Mines-Télécom - Télécom SudParis)


UIAS2013-102 - TrustedSIM: Towards Unified Mobile Security
Authors : Alessandro Cilardo, Luigi Coppolino, Nicola Mazzocca

Speaker : Alessandro Cilardo (University of Naples Federico II)


UIAS2013-129 - Privacy-Preserving Data Publication for Taxi Trajectory Against Parking Point Attacks
Authors : Peipei Sui, Tianyu Wo, Xianxian Li, Zhangle Wen

Speaker : Peipei Sui (Beihang university)


UIAS2013-125 - Enhancing the Security of Mobile Applications by using TEE and (U)SIM
Authors : Zaheer Ahmad, Lishoy Francis, Tansir Ahmed, Dev Audsin, Christopher Lobodzinski, Peng Jiang

Speaker : Tahir Mahmood (Orange Labs UK)


UIAS2013-106 - The Forensics Edge Management System: A Concept and Design
Authors : Edewede Oriwoh

Speaker : Edewede Oriwoh (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom)



19:30   Welcome Reception



Thursday, December 19, 2013


09:00-10:00   Session 1

                       Stephen S. Yau - Human Factors in Trustworthy Intelligent Service-based Systems (Information Assurance Center, and School of Computing, Informatics,

         and Decision Systems Engineering, Arizona State University USA)

                       (Session Chair: Laurence T.Yang )



10:00-11:00   Session 1

                      Sigfried Benkner - Programming Support for Heterogeneous Many-core Architectures (Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna, Austria)

                      (Session Chair: Beniamino Di Martino)



11:00-13:00  Coffee Break



11:30-13:30   Session 2

                       ICA3PP2013 (Session Chair: Domenico Talia)                                                                   (ROOM F)


ICA3PP2013-103 - Optimistic Concurrency Control for Energy E fficiency in the Wireless Environment
Authors :
Kamal Solamain, Matthew Brook, Gary Ushaw, Graham Morgan

Speaker : Gary Ushaw  (Newcastle University)


ICA3PP2013-139 - Deadline-Constrained Workflow Scheduling in Volunteer Computing Systems
Authors : Toktam Ghafarian, Bahman Javadi

Speaker : Toktam Ghafarian (Khayam Institute of Higher Education)


ICA3PP2013-157 - POIGEM: A Programming-Oriented Instruction Level GPU Energy Model for CUDA Program
Authors : Qi Zhao, Hailong Yang, Zhongzhi Luan, Depei Qian

Speaker : Hailong Yang (Beihang University)


11:30-13:30   BDC2013 (Session Chair: Parimala Thulasirman)                                                                                       (ROOM A)


BDC2013-302 - A Practical Approach for Finding Small {Independent, Distance} Dominating Sets in Large-Scale Graphs
Authors : Liang Zhao, Hiroshi Kadowaki, and Dorothea Wagner

Speaker : Liang Zhao (Kyoto University (Japan) & KIT (Germany))


BDC2013-303 - PSIS : Parallel Semantic Indexing System - preliminary experiments
Authors : Flora Amato, Francesco Gargiulo, Vincenzo Moscato, Fabio Persia, Antonio Picariello

Speaker : Antonio Picariello (University of Naples Federico II)


BDC2013-304 - Towards automatic generation of Hardware Classifiers
Authors : Flora Amato, Mario Barbareschi, Valentina Casola, Antonino Mazzeo, Sara Romano

Speaker : Flora Amato (Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II)


BDC2013-305 - Network Trafic Analysis using Android on a Hybrid Computing Architecture
Authors : Mario Barbareschi, Antonino Mazzeo, Antonino Vespoli

Speaker : Mario Barbareschi (University of Naples "Federico II", DIETI)


BDC2013-306 - Online Data Analysis of Fetal Growth Curves
Authors : Mario Bochicchio, Lucia Vaira, Antonella Longo and Sergio Ramazzina

Speaker : Lucia Vaira (Dept. of Engineering - University of Salento)


11:30-13:30   ATC2013 (Session Chair: Massimiliano Albanese)                                                                                      (ROOM B-C)


ATC2013-131 - AntiCheetah: an Autonomic Multi-round Approach for Reliable Computing
Authors : Roberto Di Pietro, Flavio Lombardi, Fabio Martinelli, Daniele Sgandurra

Speaker : Flavio Lombardi (University of Rome, Italy)


ATC2013-136 - Model-driven estimation of distributed vulnerability in complex railway networks
Authors : Annarita Drago, Stefano Marrone, Nicola Mazzocca, Annarita Tedesco, Valeria Vittorini

Speaker : Annarita Drago (University of Naples Federico II)


ATC2013-100 - Ranking of Direct Trust, Con?dence, and Reputation in an Abstract System with Unreliable Components
Authors : Rolf Kiefhaber, Ralf Jahr, Nizar Msadek, Theo Ungerer

Speaker : Rolf Kiefhaber (University of Augsburg)


ATC2013-135 - Trusted Computing vs. Advanced Persistent Threats: Can a defender win this game?
Authors : Nick Virvilis, Dimitris Gritzalis

Speaker : Nikos Virvilis  (Athens University of Economics & Business)


11:30-13:30   UIC2013 (Session Chair: Bin Guo)                                                                                   (ROOM E)


UIC2013-175 - Socially-Aware Venue Recommendation for Conference Participants
Authors : Feng Xia, Nana Yaw Asabere, Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues, Filippo Basso, Nakema Deonauth, Wei Wang

Speaker : Joel Rodrigues (Instituto de Telecomunicações, University of Beira Interior)


UIC2013-282 - Using the Model of Markets with Intermediaries as an Incentive Scheme for Opportunistic Social Networks
Authors : Shenlong Huangfu, Bin Guo, Zhiwen Yu, Dongsheng Li

Speaker : Bin Guo (Northwestern Polytechnical University)


UIC2013-153 - A Mobile Social Network-based Group Touring Scheme with FEC Packet Loss Recovery
Authors : Chung-Ming Huang, Chao-Hsien Lee, Hsin-Yi Lai, Chia-Ching Yang

Speaker : Chung-Ming Huang (Dept of CSIE National Cheng Kung University Taiwan)


UIC2013-208 - Where is the Largest Market: Ranking Areas by Popularity from Location Based Social Networks
Authors : Zhiyong Yu, Daqing Zhang, Dingqi Yang

Speaker : Zhiyong Yu (Fuzhou University)


UIC2013-149 - An Automatic Face Annotation System Featuring High Accuracy for Online Social Networks
Authors : Chih-An Hsu, Ming-Kai Jiau, Shih-Chia Huang

Speaker : Shih-Chia Huang (National Taipei University of Technology)


UIC2013-112 - Relationship between Physical Behaviors of Students and Their Scholastic Performance
Authors : Jun-ichiro Watanabe, Kazuo Yano, Saki Matsuda

Speaker : Jun-ichiro Watanabe (Hitachi, Ltd., Central Research Laboratory)


11:30-13:30   UIAS2013 (Session Chair: Luca Tasquier)                                                                                      (ROOM D)


UIAS2013-155 - Improving Decision-Making for Fuzzy Logic-based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Ehsan Ahvar, Antonio M. Ortiz, Noel Crespi

Speaker : Ehsan Ahvar (Telecom sudParis)


UIAS2013-124 - On Neuro-Inspired Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Ferdinand Peper, Naoki Wakamiya, Akifumi Kasamatsu, Shukichi Tanaka, Kenji Leibnitz, Junnosuke Teramae, Katsuyuki Kasai, Akira Otomo

Speaker : Ferdinand Peper (NICT)


UIAS2013-158 - Proposal and Evaluation of Attractor Selection-based Adaptive Routing in Layered Networks
Authors : Erina Takeshita, Naoki Wakamiya

Speaker : Naoki Wakamiya (Osaka University)


UIAS2013-154 - Support Vector Regression Technique for Multimedia Quality Control in Multicast Networks
Authors : Qihua Yang, Biao Jiang, Tarek Saadawi, Ahmed Abdelal, Mitesh Patel

Speaker : Tarek Saadawi (City University of New York, City College)


UIAS2013-127 - The Analysis of Route Availability and Route Stability in Mobile Ad-hoc Wireless Networks
Authors : Beongku An, Le The Dung

Speaker : Beongku An (Hongik University)


UIAS2013-174 - On Constant-Time-Identification and Privacy-Preserving RFID Protocols: Trade-Off between Time and Memory
Authors : Jen-Chun Chang, Hsin-Lung Wu

Speaker : Hsin-Lung Wu (National Taipei University)


13:30-14:30   Lunch



14:30-evening Excursion and Gala Dinner



Friday, December 20, 2013


09:00-11:00   Session 1

ICA3PP2013 (Session Chair: Valentin Cristea)                                                                             (ROOM F)


ICA3PP2013-128 - Layer-based Scheduling of Parallel Tasks for Heterogeneous Cluster Platforms
Authors : Jörg Dümmler, Gudula Rünger

Speaker : Jörg Dümmler (Technische Universität Chemnitz)


ICA3PP2013-152 - Dynamic Resource Management in a HPC and Cloud Hybrid Environment
Authors : Miao Chen, Fang Dong, Junzhou Luo

Speaker : Chen Miao (Southeast University)


ICA3PP2013-156 - Interference-aware Program Scheduling for Multicore Processors
Authors : Lin Wang, Rui Wang, Cuijiao Fu, Depei Qian

Speaker : Rui Wang (Beihang University)


ICA3PP2013-162 - Applicability of the (m,k)-firm Approach for the QoS Enhancement in Distributed RTDBMS
Authors : Malek Ben Salem, Fehima Achour, Emna Bouazizi, Rafik Bouaziz, Claude Duvallet

Speaker : Claude Duvallet (MIRACL)


ICA3PP2013-184 - Clustering and change detection of multiple streaming time series
Authors : Antonio Balzanella, Rosanna Verde

Speaker : Antonio Balzanella  (Second University of Naples)



09:00-11:00   ICA3PP2013 (Session Chair: Joanna Kolodziej)                                                          (ROOM POSITANO)


ICA3PP2013-187 - A Buffering Method for Parallelized Loop with Non-Uniform Dependencies in High-Level Synthesis

Authors : Akihiro Suda, Hideki Takase, Kazuyoshi Takagi, Naofumi Takagi

Speaker : Akihiro Suda (Kyoto University)


ICA3PP2013-164 - AzureITS: A New Cloud Computing Intelligent Transportation System
Authors : Siamak Najjar Karimi

Speaker : Siamak Najjar Karimi

(Islamic Azad University)



Multi-Objective Parallel Machines Scheduling for Fault-Tolerant Cloud Systems
Authors : Jakub Gasior, Franciszek Seredynski

Speaker : Jakub Gasior (Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences)


ICA3PP2013-193 - A Parallel Distributed System for Gene Expression Profiling Based on Clustering Ensemble and Distributed Optimization
Authors : Zakaria Benmounah, Mohamed Batouche

Speaker : Zakaria Benmounah (Constantine University 2)


ICA3PP2013-195 - A Novel Architecture for Financial Investment Services on a Private Cloud
Authors : Ranjan Saha, Bhanu Sharma, Ruppa Thulasiram, Parimala Thulasiraman

Speaker : Ranjan Saha (University of Manitoba)


09:00-11:00   ADPC2013 (Session Chair: Giuseppina Cretella)                                                                                         (ROOM B-C)


ADPC2013-117 - Adaptive Task Size Control on High Level Programming for GPU/CPU Work Sharing
Authors : Tetsuya Odajima, Taisuke Boku, Mitsuhisa Sato, Toshihiro Hanawa, Yuetsu Kodama, Raymond Namyst, Samuel Thibault, Olivier Aumage

Speaker : TETSUYA ODAJIMA (University of Tsukuba)


ADPC2013-202 - Quality Control of Massive Data for Crowdsourcing in Location-Based Services
Authors : Gang Zhang, Haopeng Chen

Speaker : Gang Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


ADPC2013-127 - Optimization of tasks scheduling by an efficacy data placement and replication in Cloud Computing
Authors : Esma Insaf Djebbar, Ghalem Belalem, Meriem Benadda

Speaker : Djebbar Esma Insaf  (University of Oran)


ADPC2013-134 - Efficient Hybrid Breadth-First Search on GPUs
Authors : Takaaki Hiragushi, Daisuke Takahashi

Speaker : Takaaki Hiragushi  (University of Tsukuba)


ADPC2013-179 - Scheduling Algorithm based on Agreement Protocol for Cloud Systems
Authors : Radu-Ioan Tutueanu, Florin Pop, Mihaela-Andreea Vasile, Valentin Cristea

Speaker : Valentin CRISTEA (University Politehnica of Bucharest)


ADPC2013-198 - Robust Scheduling of Dynamic Real-Time Tasks with Low Overhead for Multi-Core Systems
Authors : Sangsoo Park

Speaker : Sangsoo Park (EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY)


09:00-11:00   TIBD2013 (Session Chair: Flora Amato)                                                                                        (ROOM A)


TIBD2013-504 - Trusted Information and Security in Smart Mobility Scenarios: the case of S2-move project
Authors : Davide De Pasquale, Pietro Marchetta, Eduard Natale, Alessandro Salvi, Antonio Tirri and Manuela Tufo

Speaker : Eduard Natale (University of Napoli - Federico II)


TIBD2013-502 - A secure OsiriX plug-in for detecting suspicious lesions in breast DCE-MRI
Authors : Gabriele Piantadosi, Stefano Marrone, Mario Sansone and Carlo Sansone

Speaker : Gabriele Piantadosi (University of Naples Federico II)


TIBD2013-501 - An ontological framework for representing Clinical Knowledge in Decision Support Systems
Authors : Marco Iannaccone, Massimo Esposito

Speaker : Marco Iannaccone  (Icar-cnr)


TIBD2013-508 - A Patient Centric Approach for Modeling Access Control in EHR System
Authors : Mario Sicuranza and Angelo Esposito

Speaker : Angelo Esposito (ICAR-CNR)


TIBD2013-507 - Heterogeneous Computing vs. Big Data: the case of Cryptanalytical Applications
Authors : Alessandro Cilardo

Speaker : Alessandro Cilardo (University of Naples Federico II)


09:00-11:00   UIC2013 (Session Chair: Feng Xia)                                                                                                 (ROOM E)


UIC2013-160 - FCT4U – When private mobile displays meet public situated displays to enhance the user experience
Authors : Pedro Albuquerque, Rui Neves Madeira, Nuno Correia

Speaker : Pedro Albuquerque (CITI/DI/FCT/Nova University of Lisboa)


UIC2013-197 - The Case For Mobile Edge-Clouds
Authors : Utsav Drolia, Rolando Martins, Jiaqi Tan, Ankit Chheda, Monil Sanghavi, Rajeev Gandhi, Priya Narasimhan

Speaker : Utsav Drolia (Carnegie Mellon University)


UIC2013-249 - Improving Thermal Comfort in Residential Buildings Using Artificial Immune System
Authors : Jiawei Zhu, Fabrice Lauri, Abderrafiaa Koukam, Vincent Hilaire, Marcelo Godoy Simoes

Speaker : Jiawei ZHU (IRTES-Set)


UIC2013-258 - RoRo-LT: Social Routing with Next-place Prediction from Self-assessment of Spatiotemporal Routines
Authors : Okan Turkes, Hans Scholten, Paul Havinga

Speaker : Okan Turkes (University of Twente)


09:00-11:00   UIAS2013 (Session Chair: Salvatore Venticinque)                                                                          (ROOM D)


UIAS2013-245 - Towards Context Consistency in a Rule-Based Activity Recognition Architecture
Authors : Tuan Anh Nguyen, Viktoriya Degeler, Rosario Contarino, Alexander Lazovik, Doina Bucur, Marco Aiello

Speaker : Ilche Georgievski  (University of Groningen)


UIAS2013-202 - Understanding User’s Emotional Engagement to the Contents on a Smartphone Display : Psychiatric Prospective
Authors : Kunal Mankodiya, Vinod Sharma, Ishan Pande, Rolando Martins, Neal Ryan, Rajeev Gandhi

Speaker : Rajeev Gandhi (Carnegie Mellon University)


UIAS2013-281 - Using Adaptive Feedback for Promoting Awareness About Physical Activeness in Adults
Authors : Hamid Mukhtar, Djamel Belaid

Speaker : Hamid Mukhtar  (National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST))


UIAS2013-267 - Smart end-to-end Infrastructural Solution for Monitoring Patients with Neurological Disorders
Authors : Mohamed Adel Serhani, N. Sertac Artan, H. Jonathan Chao

Speaker : Mohamed Adel Serhani (UAE University)


UIAS2013-221 - Supporting Localized Interactions among Heterogeneous Smart Things with ThingWare
Authors : Junjun Kong, Yao Guo, Xiangqun Chen, Weizhong Shao

Speaker : Junjun Kong (Peking University)


11:00-11:30   Coffee Break


11:30-13:30   Session 2

        ICA3PP2013 (Session Chair: Youhui Zhang )                                                          (ROOM F)


ICA3PP2013-163 - A Reconfigurable Ray-Tracing Multi-Processor SoC with Hardware Replication-Aware Instruction Set Extension
Speaker : Alexandre Nery

Authors : Alexandre Nery, Nadia Nedjah, Felipe França, Rosilde Corvino, Lech Jozwiak, Henk Corporaal

(Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)


ICA3PP2013-176 - H-DB: Yet Another Big Data Hybrid System of Hadoop and DBMS
Authors : Tao Luo, Yunquan Zhang, Guoliang Chen

Speaker : Luo Tao (University of Science and Technology of China)


ICA3PP2013-178 - WABRM: A Work-load Aware Balancing and Resource Management Framework for Swift on Cloud
Authors : Zhenhua Wang, Haopeng Chen, Yunmeng Ban

Speaker : Zhenhua Wang (School of Software, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


ICA3PP2013-180- Hardware-assisted Intrusion Detection by Preserving Reference Information Integrity
Authors : Junghee Lee, Chrysostomos Nicopoulos, Gi Hwan Oh, Sang-Won Lee, Jongman Kim

Speaker : Jongman Kim (Georgia Institute of Technology)


ICA3PP2013-185 - Demand-based scheduling priorities for performance optimisation of stream programs on parallel platforms
Authors : Vu Thien Nga Nguyen, Raimund Kirner

Speaker : Raimund Kirner (University of Hertfordshire)


ICA3PP2013-194 - HySARC2: Hybrid Scheduling Algorithm based on Resource Clustering in Cloud Environments
Authors : Mihaela-Andreea Vasile, Florin Pop, Radu-Ioan Tutueanu, Valentin Cristea

Speaker : Pop Florin (University Politehnica of Bucharest)


11:30-13:30   ICA3PP2013 (Session Chair: Massimiliano Albanese)                                              (ROOM POSITANO)


ICA3PP2013-199 - Building Platform as a Service for High Performance Computing over Opportunistic Cloud Computing
Authors : German Sotelo, Cesar Diaz, Mario Villamizar, Harold Castro, Johnatan Pecero, Pascal Bouvry

Speaker : German Sotelo (Universidad de Los Andes)


ICA3PP2013-200 - Character of Graph Analysis Workloads and Recommended Solutions on Future Parallel Systems
Authors : Noboru Tanabe, Sonoko Tomimori, Masami Takata, Kazuki Joe

Speaker : Noboru Tanabe  (Toshiba Corporation)


ICA3PP2013-147 - Unimodular loop transformations with source-to-source translation for GPUs
Authors : Pasquale Cantiello, Beniamino Di Martino, Francesco Piccolo

Speaker : Beniamino Di Martino (Second University of Naples)


ICA3PP2013-132 - Deconvolution of huge 3-D images: Parallelization strategies on a multi-GPU system
Authors : Pavel Karas, Michal Kuderjavy, David Svoboda

Speaker : Karas Pavel (CBIA, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno CZ)


ICA3PP2013-136 - Memory Efficient Multi-Swarm PSO Algorithm in OpenCL on APU
Authors : Wayne Franz, Parimala Thulasiraman, Ruppa Thulasiram

Speaker : Parimala Thulasiraman  (University of Manitoba)

ICA3PP2013-145 - Dealing With Reduction Operations Using Transactional Memory

Authors : Miguel A. Gonzalez-Mesa, Ricardo Quislant, Eladio Gutierrez, Oscar Plata

Speaker : Oscar Plata (University of Malaga)


11:30-13:30   ADPC2013 (Session Chair: Joanna Kolodziej)                                                                                            (ROOM B-C)


ADPC2013-113 - A Normalization Scheme for the Non-Symmetric s-Step Lanczos Algorithm
Authors : Stefan Feuerriegel, H. Martin Bücker

Speaker : Stefan Feuerriegel  (University of Freiburg)


ADPC2013-131 - Parallel Social Influence Model with Levy Flight Pattern Introduced for Large-Graph Mining on
Authors : Benbin Wu, Jing Yang, Liang He

Speaker : Benbin Wu (Department of Computer Science and Technology, ECNU, China)


ADPC2013-133 - Semidistributed Virtual Network Mapping Algorithms Based On Minimum Node Stress Priority
Authors : Yi Tong, Zhenmin Zhao, Zhaoming Lu, Haijun Zhang, Gang Wang

Speaker : Zhaoming Lu (Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications)


ADPC2013-146 - Torus-connected cycles: an implementation-friendly topology for interconnection networks of massively parallel systems
Authors : Antoine Bossard, Keiichi Kaneko

Speaker : Keiichi Kaneko  (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)


ADPC2013-177 - On the Impact of Optimization on the Time-Power-Energy Balance of Dense Linear Algebra Factorizations
Authors : Peter Benner, Pablo Ezzatti, Enrique Quintana-Ortí, Alfredo Remón

Speaker : Alfredo Remon (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Syste)


ADPC2013-191 - A Routing Strategy for Inductive-Coupling Based Wireless 3-D NoCs by Maximizing Topological Regularity
Authors : Daisuke Sasaki, Hao Zhang, Hiroki Matsutani, Michihiro Koibuchi, Hideharu Amano

Speaker : Hao Zhang (Keio University)


11:30-13:30   CCPS2013 (Session Chair: Giancarlo Fortino)                                                                                          (ROOM D)


CCPS2013-401 - QL-MAC: a Q-Learning based MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Stefano Galzarano,  Giancarlo Fortino, Antonio Liotta

Speaker : antonio liotta  (Eindhoven University of Technology)


CCPS2013-402 - TuCSoN on Cloud: An Event-driven Architecture for Embodied / Disembodied Coordination
Authors : Stefano Mariani, Andrea Omicini

Speaker : Andrea Omicini (Università  di Bologna)


CCPS2013-404 - Predicting Battery Depletion of Neighboring Wireless Sensor Nodes
Authors : Roshan Kotian, Georgios Exarchakos, Antonio Liotta

Speaker : Antonio Liotta (Eindhoven University of Technology)


CCPS2013-405 - RFID Based Real-Time Manufacturing Information Perception and Processing
Authors : Wei Song, Wenfeng Li, Xiuwen Fu, Yulian Cao, Lin Yang

Speaker : Fu Xiuwen (Wuhan University of Technology)


CCPS2013-406 - Agent-based Decision Aid for Smart Market
Authors : Alba Amato, Beniamino Di Martino, Salvatore Venticinque

Speaker : Alba Amato (Second University of Naples)


CCPS2013-407 -Integrating Cloud Services in Behaviour Programming for Autonomous Robots
Authors : Fabrizio Messina, Giuseppe Pappalardo, Corrado Santoro

Speaker : fabrizio messina  (University of Catania - DMI)


11:30-13:30   TIBD2013 (Session Chair: Flora Amato)                                                                                       (ROOM A)


TIBD2013-174 - Robust Fingerprinting Codes for Database
Authors : Thach V. Bui,  Binh Q. Nguyen, Thuc D. Nguyen, Noboru Sonehara

Isao Echizen

Speaker : Nguyen Hoang Son Quoc (National Institue of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan)


TIBD2013-509 - A linguistic-based method for automatic extraction of spatial relations from texts
Authors : Annibale Elia, Daniela Guglielmo, Alessandro Maisto, Serena Pelosi

Speaker : Annibale Elia (University of Salerno)


TIBD2013-505 - IDES project a new effective tool for safety and security in the environment
Authors : F. Gargiulo, G. Persechino, M. Lega, A. Errico

Speaker : Francesco Gargiulo (Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali)


TIBD2013-511 -  Impact of Biometric Data Quality on Rank-level and Score-level Fusion Schemes

Authors : Emanuela Marasco, Ayman Abaza, Luca Lugini and Bojan Cukic

Speaker : Emanuela Marasco (West Virginia University)


11:30-13:30   UIC2013 (Session Chair: Alba Amato)                                                                                            (ROOM E)


UIC2013-116 -Endless Flyer: A Continuous Flying Drone with Automatic Battery Replacement
Authors : Katsuya Fujii, Keita Higuchi, Jun Rekimoto

Speaker : Katsuya Fujii (The University of Tokyo)


UIC2013-164 - WeCare: An Intelligent Badge for Elderly Danger Detection and Alert
Authors : Hongwei Xie, Xianping Tao, Haibo Ye, Jian Lu

Speaker : Hongwei Xie (Nanjing University)


UIC2013-237 - An Intelligent Monitoring System for Cognitive Impaired People
Authors : Antonio Coronato, Giovanni Paragliola

Speaker : Giovanni Paragliola (ICAR-CNR)


UIC2013-235 - Combining Activity Recognition and AI Planning for Energy-Saving Of?ces
Authors : Ilche Georgievski, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Marco Aiello

Speaker : Ilche Georgievski  (University of Groningen)


UIC2013-236 - Dynamicity to Save Energy in Microrobots Reconfiguration
Authors : Hicham Lakhlef, Hakim Mabed, Julien Bourgeois

Speaker : Hicham Lakhlef (University of Franche-Comté)


13:30-14:30   Lunch



           14:30   Closing