The 8th International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing (ATC-2011)
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1 ATC2011-107 A Method for Constructing Fault Trees from AADL Models Yue Li, Yi-an Zhu, Chun-yan Ma, Meng Xu Y S Y
2 ATC2011-108 A study of the AADL mode based on Timed Automata Yunfeng Zhang, Yunwei Dong, Yu Zhang, Weichao Zhou withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
3 ATC2011-111 Defensive Steganography: A Novel Way against Steganalysis Wanqi Li Y S Y
4 ATC2011-112 Research on Modeling and Analysis of CPS Zhang Yu, Dong Yunwei, Zhang Yunfeng Y Y Y
5 ATC2011-113 A Survey of Security Issues in Trust and Reputation Systems Stefan Spitz, York Tüchelmann Y S Y
6 ATC2011-114 Debit: A Diversity-Based Method for Implicit Role Transition in RBAC Deployments Shanshan LI, Xiangke LIAO withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
7 ATC2011-116 Concept of a Reflex Manager to Enhance the Planner Component of an Autonomic/Organic System Julia Schmitt, Michael Roth, Rolf Kiefhaber, Florian Kluge, Theo Ungerer Y S Y
8 ATC2011-118 Safe Runtime Validation of Behavioral Adaptations in Autonomic Software Tariq King, Andrew Allen, Rodolfo Cruz, Peter Clarke Y Y Y
9 ATC2011-119 An Enviroment Simulation Tool for Embedded System Yuying Wang, Xingshe Zhou, Yunwei Dong, Sha Liu Y Y Y
10 ATC2011-120 An Adaptive Management Mechanism for Resource Scheduling in Multiple Virtual Machine System Jian Wan, Laurence T Yang, Yunfa Li, Xianghua Xu, Neal N. Xiong Y Y Y
11 ATC2011-123 Facilitating the use of TPM Technologies using the Serenity Framework Antonio Muñoz, Antonio Maña Y Y Y
12 ATC2011-126 Autonomous Online Expansion Technology for Wireless Sensor Network Based Manufacturing System Md. Emdadul Haque, Fan Wei, Takehiro Gouda, Xiaodong Lu, Kinji Mori Y S Y
13 ATC2011-127 Self-organized Message Scheduling for Asynchronous Distributed Embedded Systems Tobias Ziermann, Zoran Salcic, Jürgen Teich Y S Y
14 ATC2011-129 Hierarchical-CPK-Based Trusted Computing Cryptography Scheme Fajiang Yu, Tong Li, Huanguo Zhang Y Y Y
15 ATC2011-130 Virtualization with Automated Services Catalog for Providing Integrated Information Technology Infrastructure Robson de Oliveira Albuquerque, Luis Javier García Villalba, Osmar Ribeiro Torres, Flavio Elias Gomes de Deus Y Y Y
16 ATC2011-131 Spam Detection on Twitter Using Traditional Classifiers Michael McCord, Mooi Choo Chuah Y S Y
17 ATC2011-133 True Trustworthy Elections: Remote Electronic Voting Using Trusted Computing Matt Smart, Eike Ritter Y S Y
18 ATC2011-134 Copyright Protection in P2P Networks by False Pieces Pollution Chun-Hsin Wang, Chuang-Yang Chiu Y Y Y
19 ATC2011-136 Detection and Classification of Different Botnet C&C Channels Gregory Fedynyshyn, Mooi Chuah, Gang Tan Y S Y
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